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Wellington, Somerset



City/Town : Latitude: 50.978564, Longitude: -3.2244989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alway, Maria  Abt 1835Wellington, Somerset I9482
2 Bryant, Edna Mary  Abt Nov 1905Wellington, Somerset I41659
3 Bryant, Herbert John  Abt May 1908Wellington, Somerset I41660
4 Bryant, Howard G  Abt Aug 1911Wellington, Somerset I41661
5 Bryant, Lilian Mary  Abt Nov 1901Wellington, Somerset I41662
6 Bryant, Robert  Abt Feb 1876Wellington, Somerset I41663
7 Bryant, Robert Clifford  Abt May 1903Wellington, Somerset I41664
8 Bryant, Winifred Gladys  Abt May 1904Wellington, Somerset I41665
9 Cottrell, Albina  Abt Aug 1858Wellington, Somerset I71225
10 Dunn, Emily  Abt Nov 1871Wellington, Somerset I41674
11 Glass, Albert James Perrett  Abt Aug 1858Wellington, Somerset I35473
12 House, Arthur  31 Mar 1893Wellington, Somerset I41693
13 House, Bertha  Abt Nov 1890Wellington, Somerset I41699
14 House, Dorothy  Abt Nov 1907Wellington, Somerset I41701
15 House, Edith May  Abt Aug 1905Wellington, Somerset I41703
16 House, Edward Henry  20 Apr 1903Wellington, Somerset I41704
17 House, Emily Ethel  Abt Feb 1894Wellington, Somerset I41711
18 House, Ernest Albert  Abt Nov 1896Wellington, Somerset I41712
19 House, Frederick James  Abt Dec 1900Wellington, Somerset I41720
20 House, Herbert John  Abt Nov 1887Wellington, Somerset I41725
21 House, Jane  Abt 1806Wellington, Somerset I43111
22 House, Joseph  Abt Nov 1885Wellington, Somerset I41737
23 House, Mabel  Abt Aug 1883Wellington, Somerset I41740
24 House, Mary  Abt Aug 1880Wellington, Somerset I41744
25 House, Rosa Jane  Abt Nov 1876Wellington, Somerset I41754
26 House, William James  Abt Jul 1869Wellington, Somerset I41767
27 House, William Robert  Abt Nov 1896Wellington, Somerset I41768
28 Jennings, Annie  Abt Feb 1895Wellington, Somerset I41770
29 Jennings, William  Abt 1899Wellington, Somerset I41773
30 Marks, Albert Morgan  Abt Feb 1879Wellington, Somerset I30775
31 Marks, Bessie Jane  Abt Mar 1881Wellington, Somerset I30776
32 Marks, Frank Thomas  Abt May 1874Wellington, Somerset I30778
33 Marks, George Walter  Abt May 1872Wellington, Somerset I30779
34 Marks, Henry W  Abt 1870Wellington, Somerset I30780
35 Marks, James Manley  Abt Aug 1876Wellington, Somerset I30781
36 Marks, Samuel Adrian  Abt Aug 1868Wellington, Somerset I30783
37 Marks, William H  1870Wellington, Somerset I30784
38 Morgan, Jane Ann  Abt 1842Wellington, Somerset I30800
39 Morgan, Marianna  1831Wellington, Somerset I30801
40 Morgan, Sarah  1833Wellington, Somerset I30802
41 Morgan, Susannah  1835Wellington, Somerset I30803
42 Morgan, Thomas  1840Wellington, Somerset I30805
43 North, William  Abt 1809Wellington, Somerset I43118
44 Prideaux, Albert Edgar Dunkin  30 Apr 1874Wellington, Somerset I13978
45 Wawman, William  Abt May 1841Wellington, Somerset I64636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marks, Charles William  Abt Sep 1868Wellington, Somerset I30777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Edna Mary  Abt 1905Wellington, Somerset I41659
2 Bryant, Herbert John  Abt 1907Wellington, Somerset I41660
3 Bryant, Lilian Mary  Abt 1901Wellington, Somerset I41662
4 Bryant, Robert  Abt 1875Wellington, Somerset I41663
5 Bryant, Robert Clifford  Abt 1902Wellington, Somerset I41664
6 Bryant, Winifred Gladys  Abt 1904Wellington, Somerset I41665
7 Cottrell, Albina  Abt 1859Wellington, Somerset I71225
8 Cottrell, Albina  Abt 1860Wellington, Somerset I71225
9 Drew, Elizabeth  Abt 1827Wellington, Somerset I35460
10 Dunn, Emily  Abt 1871Wellington, Somerset I41674
11 Dunn, Emily  Abt 1872Wellington, Somerset I41674
12 Glass, Albert James Perrett  Abt 1856Wellington, Somerset I35473
13 Glass, Albert James Perrett  Abt 1857Wellington, Somerset I35473
14 Glass, Albert James Perrett  Abt 1858Wellington, Somerset I35473
15 House, Alfonso  Abt 1905Wellington, Somerset I80828
16 House, Arthur  Abt 1892Wellington, Somerset I41693
17 House, Bertha  Abt 1890Wellington, Somerset I41699
18 House, Boaz  Abt 1833Wellington, Somerset I34768
19 House, Dorothy  Abt 1907Wellington, Somerset I41701
20 House, Edith May  Abt 1903Wellington, Somerset I41703
21 House, Edward Henry  Abt 1903Wellington, Somerset I41704
22 House, Elsie Annie W  Abt 1896Wellington, Somerset I41710
23 House, Elzabeth Jane  Abt 1836Wellington, Somerset I43108
24 House, Emily Ethel  Abt 1893Wellington, Somerset I41711
25 House, Ernest Albert  Abt 1896Wellington, Somerset I41712
26 House, Frederick James  Abt 1900Wellington, Somerset I41720
27 House, Herbert John  Abt 1887Wellington, Somerset I41725
28 House, Jane  Abt 1807Wellington, Somerset I43111
29 House, John Windsor H  Abt 1866Wellington, Somerset I41734
30 House, Joseph  Abt 1885Wellington, Somerset I41737
31 House, Mabel  Abt 1882Wellington, Somerset I41740
32 House, Mabel  Abt 1883Wellington, Somerset I41740
33 House, Mary  Abt 1879Wellington, Somerset I41744
34 House, Mary  Abt 1880Wellington, Somerset I41744
35 House, Mary  Abt Nov 1880Wellington, Somerset I41744
36 House, Rosa Jane  Abt 1875Wellington, Somerset I41754
37 House, Rosa Jane  Abt 1876Wellington, Somerset I41754
38 House, Sarah Jane  Abt 1866Wellington, Somerset I41756
39 House, Thomas  Abt 1835Wellington, Somerset I41759
40 House, William James  Abt 1867Wellington, Somerset I41767
41 House, William James  Abt 1869Wellington, Somerset I41767
42 House, William Robert  Abt 1896Wellington, Somerset I41768
43 Jennings, Annie  Abt 1894Wellington, Somerset I41770
44 Jennings, William  Abt Aug 1899Wellington, Somerset I41773
45 Marks, Albert Morgan  Abt 1878Wellington, Somerset I30775
46 Marks, Charles William  1868Wellington, Somerset I30777
47 Marks, Charles William  Abt Aug 1868Wellington, Somerset I30777
48 Marks, Frank Thomas  Abt 1873Wellington, Somerset I30778
49 Marks, George Walter  Abt 1872Wellington, Somerset I30779
50 Marks, James Manley  Abt 1876Wellington, Somerset I30781

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