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West Derby RD, Lancashire



Location : Latitude: 53.86467, Longitude: -2.544581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Norman  7 Jun 1918West Derby RD, Lancashire I110360
2 Banks, Emily  Abt Nov 1880West Derby RD, Lancashire I61912
3 Beams, William Robert  Abt Nov 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire I50350
4 Caldwell, Josph Mallison  14 Aug 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire I93573
5 Evans, Margaret Esther  Abt May 1882West Derby RD, Lancashire I105543
6 Farley, John Arthur  Abt Aug 1874West Derby RD, Lancashire I73003
7 Furlong, Anastasia  Abt Feb 1899West Derby RD, Lancashire I94147
8 Gosney, Maurice Henry  25 Nov 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I112149
9 Hayman, Rex Hewitt  3 Mar 1921West Derby RD, Lancashire I139555
10 House, Edna Rose  26 Jul 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I144129
11 House, Leslie George  Abt Feb 1916West Derby RD, Lancashire I104735
12 Howes, Albert  Abt Nov 1920West Derby RD, Lancashire I66185
13 Howes, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1893West Derby RD, Lancashire I66188
14 Howes, Edna E  Abt Feb 1912West Derby RD, Lancashire I66192
15 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1917West Derby RD, Lancashire I83833
16 Howes, John A  21 Nov 1922West Derby RD, Lancashire I108017
17 Howes, Lena  Abt May 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I66202
18 Howes, Lilian  Abt Nov 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I66203
19 Howes, Mary  Abt Feb 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I83834
20 Howes, Mary E  Abt Feb 1926West Derby RD, Lancashire I66206
21 Howes, Robert T  Abt May 1922West Derby RD, Lancashire I66208
22 Howes, Thomas  Abt Aug 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I83832
23 Howes, William  Abt May 1914West Derby RD, Lancashire I83831
24 Howes, William E  Abt Nov 1913West Derby RD, Lancashire I66211
25 Howse, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1873West Derby RD, Lancashire I102709
26 Howse, Edith M  23 Oct 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I50348
27 Howse, Eva Louisa  1 Jan 1912West Derby RD, Lancashire I50346
28 Howse, Florence Y  Abt Nov 1914West Derby RD, Lancashire I50347
29 Huxham, John Charles  Abt Feb 1924West Derby RD, Lancashire I143111
30 Jevons, Ellis  Abt Aug 1886West Derby RD, Lancashire I105533
31 Johnston, Alexander  Abt Nov 1848West Derby RD, Lancashire I122221
32 McMillan, Ethel Christina  Abt Nov 1900West Derby RD, Lancashire I111953
33 Moss, Mary A  Abt Feb 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I52611
34 Myers, James Gerald  20 May 1923West Derby RD, Lancashire I105548
35 Page, Mary Josephine  14 Sep 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I105551
36 Ponfield, Pansy Evelyn  3 Jun 1916West Derby RD, Lancashire I145278
37 Pooley, Janet Haygarth  Abt Nov 1898West Derby RD, Lancashire I8679
38 Pover, Charles Edward  Abt May 1888West Derby RD, Lancashire I148530
39 Tinsley, Elizabeth E  Abt Nov 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I66226
40 Tinsley, James  Abt Feb 1913West Derby RD, Lancashire I66228
41 Tinsley, Marion  Abt Aug 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I66229
42 Tobitt, Frederick William  Abt May 1863West Derby RD, Lancashire I21781
43 Tweed, John  Abt May 1893West Derby RD, Lancashire I70932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cowan, Isabella Jane  Abt Aug 1893West Derby RD, Lancashire I78977
2 Currall, James Robert S  Abt Feb 1901West Derby RD, Lancashire I84117
3 Dixon, Ellen  Abt May 1877West Derby RD, Lancashire I70216
4 Dunbar, Edwin  Abt Feb 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I2701
5 Eyett, Emma  Abt Nov 1926West Derby RD, Lancashire I66174
6 Griffiths, George  Abt May 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire I66178
7 Griffiths, Mary Ann  Abt May 1870West Derby RD, Lancashire I66181
8 Hampson, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire I84121
9 Harland, Emily  1 Apr 1933West Derby RD, Lancashire I43961
10 House, Clifford B  Abt Feb 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I34771
11 House, Leslie George  Abt Feb 1916West Derby RD, Lancashire I104735
12 House, Samuel Herbert  Abt May 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire I43973
13 Howes, Catherine  Abt May 1921West Derby RD, Lancashire I61958
14 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1879West Derby RD, Lancashire I70219
15 Howes, Frank Leonard  Abt Feb 1897West Derby RD, Lancashire I64727
16 Howes, George  Abt May 1904West Derby RD, Lancashire I70225
17 Howes, Henrietta  Abt May 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire I66194
18 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1877West Derby RD, Lancashire I70227
19 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1912West Derby RD, Lancashire I66196
20 Howes, Herbert James  Abt Nov 1901West Derby RD, Lancashire I83466
21 Howes, John  Abt May 1904West Derby RD, Lancashire I64267
22 Howes, Kate Maud  Abt May 1906West Derby RD, Lancashire I56915
23 Howes, Lena  Abt Feb 1916West Derby RD, Lancashire I66202
24 Howes, Lilian  Abt Aug 1925West Derby RD, Lancashire I66203
25 Howes, Raymond  Abt Feb 1922West Derby RD, Lancashire I5333
26 Howes, Samuel  Abt Feb 1917West Derby RD, Lancashire I70239
27 Howes, Samuel Hiram  Abt Nov 1887West Derby RD, Lancashire I83826
28 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I70243
29 Howes, William E  Abt Nov 1914West Derby RD, Lancashire I66211
30 Howse, Catherine  Abt May 1869West Derby RD, Lancashire I60005
31 Howse, Charles  Abt Feb 1874West Derby RD, Lancashire I102964
32 Howse, Edward  Abt Aug 1924West Derby RD, Lancashire I102704
33 Howse, Elizabeth Jane  Abt May 1907West Derby RD, Lancashire I102972
34 Howse, Henry Frederick  Abt Feb 1933West Derby RD, Lancashire I50187
35 Howse, Timothy  Abt Aug 1847West Derby RD, Lancashire I60004
36 Johnston, Alexander  Abt Nov 1887West Derby RD, Lancashire I122221
37 Kilshaw, Roger  Abt May 1923West Derby RD, Lancashire I101354
38 Lyall, John  Abt May 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire I66216
39 Massey, Alice Hutchinson  Abt May 1882West Derby RD, Lancashire I102708
40 Moss, Mary A  Abt Feb 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I52611
41 Parsons, Harriet Maria  Abt Feb 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire I56391
42 Todd, Hannah  Abt May 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I70254
43 Tweed, John  Abt May 1894West Derby RD, Lancashire I70932
44 White, Edward  Abt Aug 1915West Derby RD, Lancashire I56921
45 Wright, Arthur  Abt May 1901West Derby RD, Lancashire I62063
46 Wright, Beatrice  Abt Nov 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire I62064
47 Wright, Walter Frederick  Abt Feb 1899West Derby RD, Lancashire I62076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Norman  Abt May 1918West Derby RD, Lancashire I110360
2 Appleton, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1864West Derby RD, Lancashire I106335
3 Appleton, Ellen  Abt Feb 1866West Derby RD, Lancashire I106337
4 Blundell, Haidee Louise  Abt Feb 1884West Derby RD, Lancashire I55094
5 Brigg, Frank Cyril  Abt Aug 1881West Derby RD, Lancashire I108493
6 Caldwell, Josph Mallison  Abt Aug 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire I93573
7 Carefull, Thomas John  Abt Aug 1862West Derby RD, Lancashire I97113
8 Colefield, Beatrice Maud  Abt May 1878West Derby RD, Lancashire I84110
9 Colefield, Clara  Abt Feb 1876West Derby RD, Lancashire I84111
10 Colefield, Emily Ada  Abt Nov 1880West Derby RD, Lancashire I84112
11 Colefield, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1874West Derby RD, Lancashire I84114
12 Colefield, May  Abt Aug 1889West Derby RD, Lancashire I84115
13 Coleman, Gwladys  Abt Nov 1886West Derby RD, Lancashire I31042
14 Cousins, Catherine  Abt Feb 1908West Derby RD, Lancashire I85459
15 Crowther, George Harold  Abt Aug 1887West Derby RD, Lancashire I78257
16 Currall, Dorothy Clara  Abt Aug 1898West Derby RD, Lancashire I84116
17 Currall, James Robert S  Abt May 1900West Derby RD, Lancashire I84117
18 Currall, Joseph Hugh  Abt Feb 1897West Derby RD, Lancashire I84119
19 Currall, Percy  Abt Feb 1907West Derby RD, Lancashire I84120
20 Foottit, Frances Ellen  Abt Feb 1877West Derby RD, Lancashire I27782
21 Fowke, Ronald Manning  Abt Aug 1907West Derby RD, Lancashire I96455
22 Gosney, Maurice Henry  Abt Feb 1920West Derby RD, Lancashire I112149
23 Griffiths, William Henry  Abt Feb 1871West Derby RD, Lancashire I66183
24 Griggs, Alice Lilian  Abt Feb 1875West Derby RD, Lancashire I98778
25 Griggs, Minnie Gertrude  Abt May 1878West Derby RD, Lancashire I98779
26 Hayman, Rex Hewitt  Abt May 1921West Derby RD, Lancashire I139555
27 House, Donald Victor  Abt Feb 1900West Derby RD, Lancashire I43966
28 House, Edna Rose  Abt Aug 1919West Derby RD, Lancashire I144129
29 House, Edward  Abt Aug 1854West Derby RD, Lancashire I84124
30 House, Elsie Irene  Abt May 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I43967
31 House, Harry  Abt Aug 1902West Derby RD, Lancashire I66508
32 House, Mary Ellen  Abt Feb 1851West Derby RD, Lancashire I84127
33 House, Thomas George  Abt May 1871West Derby RD, Lancashire I37134
34 House, William  Abt May 1849West Derby RD, Lancashire I84129
35 Howes, Ada  Abt May 1882West Derby RD, Lancashire I66184
36 Howes, Alice Louisa  Abt May 1891West Derby RD, Lancashire I70217
37 Howes, Anna  Abt Aug 1877West Derby RD, Lancashire I66187
38 Howes, Charles  Abt May 1879West Derby RD, Lancashire I66189
39 Howes, Charles Richard  Abt May 1910West Derby RD, Lancashire I66190
40 Howes, Edgar Sidney  Abt May 1891West Derby RD, Lancashire I1811
41 Howes, Edith  Abt Nov 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire I66191
42 Howes, Edith Elizabeth  Abt May 1893West Derby RD, Lancashire I27594
43 Howes, Emma  Abt May 1868West Derby RD, Lancashire I66193
44 Howes, Emma Symonds  Abt May 1858West Derby RD, Lancashire I40888
45 Howes, George Alfred  Abt Feb 1860West Derby RD, Lancashire I40897
46 Howes, George Henry  Abt May 1893West Derby RD, Lancashire I83828
47 Howes, Hannah  Abt Nov 1899West Derby RD, Lancashire I70226
48 Howes, Harold James  Abt Aug 1854West Derby RD, Lancashire I40881
49 Howes, Henry  Abt Nov 1846West Derby RD, Lancashire I9908
50 Howes, Henry  Abt May 1848West Derby RD, Lancashire I66196

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Georgina  Abt May 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire I122211
2 Harland, Emily  Abt May 1933West Derby RD, Lancashire I43961
3 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1881West Derby RD, Lancashire I41286
4 Howes, Matilda Lucy  Abt Feb 1872West Derby RD, Lancashire I41344
5 Steer, Martha Maria  Abt May 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire I25668


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackshaw / Howes  Abt Feb 1920West Derby RD, Lancashire F32221
2 Blow / Rigby  Abt Aug 1890West Derby RD, Lancashire F25082
3 Colefield / House  Abt Feb 1874West Derby RD, Lancashire F24038
4 Davies / Coleman  Abt Feb 1910West Derby RD, Lancashire F9946
5 Gray / Coleman  Abt Aug 1899West Derby RD, Lancashire F9945
6 Griffiths / Ellis  Abt May 1904West Derby RD, Lancashire F19091
7 Halliday / Wainwright  Abt Nov 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F32213
8 House / De La Cour  Abt May 1899West Derby RD, Lancashire F13349
9 House / Lunt  Abt Feb 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F10087
10 Howes / Page  Abt Aug 1930West Derby RD, Lancashire F31266
11 Howes / Sayce  Abt Nov 1933West Derby RD, Lancashire F27211
12 Howes / Unknown  Abt Aug 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F32754
13 Howes / Wycherley  Abt Nov 1890West Derby RD, Lancashire F20073
14 Hows / Bell  Abt May 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F12743
15 Howse / Cowley  Abt Aug 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire F14899
16 Lucas / Warren  Abt May 1891West Derby RD, Lancashire F14274
17 Matthews / Leatherbarrow  Abt May 1918West Derby RD, Lancashire F15550
18 Mears / Gordon  Abt Aug 1876West Derby RD, Lancashire F22042
19 Myers / Howes  Abt Aug 1922West Derby RD, Lancashire F31263
20 Shippen / Wright  Abt Aug 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F18003
21 Tweed / Hudson  Abt May 1910West Derby RD, Lancashire F20223
22 White / Howes  Abt May 1900West Derby RD, Lancashire F16599
23 Wright / Mullin  Abt Nov 1897West Derby RD, Lancashire F17990


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleton / Howse  Abt Feb 1853West Derby RD, Lancashire F31525
2 Beams / Howse  Abt Nov 1928West Derby RD, Lancashire F14929
3 Currall / Colefield  Abt May 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F24037
4 Davis / Howes  Abt May 1879West Derby RD, Lancashire F4313
5 Dodd / Clarke  Abt Aug 1914West Derby RD, Lancashire F36889
6 Dugdale / Eccleston  Abt Aug 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire F23947
7 Howard / Howse  Abt Aug 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire F24486
8 Howes / Blundell  Abt Nov 1903West Derby RD, Lancashire F16119
9 Howes / Carey  Abt Feb 1913West Derby RD, Lancashire F23946
10 Howes / Cowan  Abt Aug 1892West Derby RD, Lancashire F22423
11 Howes / Eccleston  Abt May 1882West Derby RD, Lancashire F23945
12 Howes / Hughes  Abt Aug 1896West Derby RD, Lancashire F23830
13 Howes / Jones  Abt May 1905West Derby RD, Lancashire F19102
14 Howes / Parsons  Abt Aug 1892West Derby RD, Lancashire F16474
15 Howse / Cousins  Abt Nov 1929West Derby RD, Lancashire F24483
16 Howse / Geddes  Abt Aug 1867West Derby RD, Lancashire F17421
17 Howse / Massey  Abt May 1872West Derby RD, Lancashire F30321
18 Johnston / Pigeon  Abt May 1881West Derby RD, Lancashire F36896
19 McCall / Howse  Abt Aug 1872West Derby RD, Lancashire F31526
20 Tinsley / Howes  Abt Feb 1910West Derby RD, Lancashire F19095
21 Yates / Howse  Abt May 1934West Derby RD, Lancashire F24488