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Wokingham, Berkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.41, Longitude: -0.793939


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Shirley, Sarah  Abt 1790Wokingham, Berkshire I98920
2 House, Giles  Abt 1834Wokingham, Berkshire I68941
3 House, Thomas  Abt Feb 1839Wokingham, Berkshire I68956
4 Allen, Ann  Abt 1842Wokingham, Berkshire I68912
5 Lovegrove, Caroline  Abt 1843Wokingham, Berkshire I94801
6 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Wokingham, Berkshire I68934
7 House, Eliza  Abt Jan 1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68932
8 House, William Metcalf  Abt Nov 1863Wokingham, Berkshire I68960
9 Bacon, Edith Charlotte  14 Feb 1874Wokingham, Berkshire I26847
10 House, Rosa Christabel  27 Apr 1891Wokingham, Berkshire I19414
11 House, Ronald Hosler  27 Feb 1894Wokingham, Berkshire I68950
12 House, Frederick George  10 Jun 1894Wokingham, Berkshire I32873
13 House, Lionel  20 Sep 1896Wokingham, Berkshire I2394
14 House, Alice  Abt May 1898Wokingham, Berkshire I32841
15 Clements, Horace William  Abt Feb 1901Wokingham, Berkshire I68919
16 Clements, Annie  Abt Aug 1902Wokingham, Berkshire I68917
17 Edgington, James Metcalf  Abt Feb 1905Wokingham, Berkshire I68924
18 House, Ernest Hill  13 Sep 1905Wokingham, Berkshire I1721
19 Mason, Alfred David  Abt 1908Wokingham, Berkshire I35314
20 House, Emma Anna  6 Jul 1908Wokingham, Berkshire I7438
21 Edgington, William Thomas  Abt Nov 1908Wokingham, Berkshire I68926
22 Mason, James Edward  Abt 1909Wokingham, Berkshire I35315
23 House, Percival John  7 Nov 1910Wokingham, Berkshire I3358
24 Mason, Elsie May  Abt Dec 1910Wokingham, Berkshire I35316


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Walter John Hill  10 Feb 1951Wokingham, Berkshire I24413
2 Smee, Alice  Abt Feb 1952Wokingham, Berkshire I50990
3 Bacon, Edith Charlotte  14 Jun 1967Wokingham, Berkshire I26847
4 Lock, Edward Alfred  Sep 1976Wokingham, Berkshire I49711
5 House, Percival John  24 Oct 1977Wokingham, Berkshire I3358
6 Thornitt, Gladys Mary  9 Sep 1988Wokingham, Berkshire I20004
7 Richardson, Leslie Norman  1 Feb 2001Wokingham, Berkshire I11238
8 Wright, Herbert Frederick J  Apr 2001Wokingham, Berkshire I26589
9 Howse, Edward Arthur  19 Jan 2012Wokingham, Berkshire I17938
10 Howes, Edmund John B  9 May 2012Wokingham, Berkshire I83695


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Shirley, Sarah  Abt 1791Wokingham, Berkshire I98920
2 House, William  Abt 1807Wokingham, Berkshire I68957
3 Martin, Olivia  Abt 1810Wokingham, Berkshire I68967
4 House, Thomas  Abt 1838Wokingham, Berkshire I68956
5 House, Thomas  Abt 1840Wokingham, Berkshire I68956
6 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1848Wokingham, Berkshire I68934
7 House, Eliza  Abt 1850Wokingham, Berkshire I68932
8 House, William Metcalf  Abt 1862Wokingham, Berkshire I68960
9 House, William Metcalf  Abt 1863Wokingham, Berkshire I68960
10 House, Horace Richard  Abt 1865Wokingham, Berkshire I68943
11 House, Florence  Abt 1868Wokingham, Berkshire I68936
12 House, George  Abt 1869Wokingham, Berkshire I68937
13 House, Walter John Hill  Abt 1871Wokingham, Berkshire I24413
14 Bacon, Edith Charlotte  Abt 1872Wokingham, Berkshire I26847
15 House, Sarah Ann  Abt 1872Wokingham, Berkshire I68955
16 Bacon, Edith Charlotte  Abt 1874Wokingham, Berkshire I26847
17 House, Annie Olivia  Abt 1876Wokingham, Berkshire I68928
18 Howse, Walter Henry  Abt 1891Wokingham, Berkshire I32916
19 House, Frederick George  Abt 1893Wokingham, Berkshire I32873
20 House, Ronald Hosler  Abt 1893Wokingham, Berkshire I68950
21 House, Frederick George  Abt Aug 1894Wokingham, Berkshire I32873
22 House, Lionel  Abt 1896Wokingham, Berkshire I2394
23 House, Lionel  Abt Nov 1896Wokingham, Berkshire I2394
24 House, Alice  Abt 1897Wokingham, Berkshire I32841
25 House, Alice  Abt 1898Wokingham, Berkshire I32841
26 Clements, Horace William  Abt 1900Wokingham, Berkshire I68919
27 Clements, Annie  Abt 1902Wokingham, Berkshire I68917
28 Edgington, James Metcalf  Abt 1904Wokingham, Berkshire I68924
29 Edgington, William Thomas  Abt 1908Wokingham, Berkshire I68926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howse, Frank Ernest  Abt Feb 1960Wokingham, Berkshire I2013


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, Elizabeth  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68934
2 House, James  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68944
3 House, Mary  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68948
4 House, William  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68958
5 House, William  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68957
6 Martin, Olivia  1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68967
7 House, Eliza  30 Mar 1851Wokingham, Berkshire I68932
8 House, Giles  13 Dec 1862Wokingham, Berkshire I68941


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Biggs / House  Abt Feb 1952Wokingham, Berkshire F39881