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Yeovil RD, Somerset



City/Town : Latitude: 51.074972, Longitude: -3.0317215


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chick, Albert Victor  Abt Aug 1893Yeovil RD, Somerset I120331
2 Cole, Mabel Grace  8 Dec 1914Yeovil RD, Somerset I159266
3 Cullingford, Ernest William G  22 Feb 1922Yeovil RD, Somerset I131078
4 Dalwood, Dorothy May  14 Jul 1896Yeovil RD, Somerset I5973
5 Gaylard, Walter  10 Aug 1900Yeovil RD, Somerset I34684
6 Green, Edith Thirza  Abt Feb 1902Yeovil RD, Somerset I35010
7 Grunnill, Thomas George Kirby  10 Dec 1924Yeovil RD, Somerset I142572
8 Hodge, Bertha Cicely  Abt Nov 1890Yeovil RD, Somerset I43449
9 Moger, Ivy Linda  5 Feb 1911Yeovil RD, Somerset I143703
10 Skinner, Winifred May  15 Sep 1914Yeovil RD, Somerset I116157
11 Sturgess, Kenneth David  24 Aug 1923Yeovil RD, Somerset I120120
12 White, Ada Maud  4 Apr 1882Yeovil RD, Somerset I159668
13 White, Edward Mervyn Rossiter  3 Aug 1914Yeovil RD, Somerset I50853
14 Wigmore, Francis Isaac  Abt Feb 1877Yeovil RD, Somerset I33536
15 Woolmington, Albert  Abt Feb 1890Yeovil RD, Somerset I37709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amey, Frederick Charles  1 Apr 1967Yeovil RD, Somerset I86694
2 Beer, Kate Caroline  Abt Dec 1995Yeovil RD, Somerset I131117
3 Berry, Kenneth James  Abt Nov 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I120125
4 Bird, Betty  Abt Feb 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I144259
5 Broadway, Betty A  Abt Feb 1993Yeovil RD, Somerset I87832
6 Brown, Charles Vallance  Jul 1990Yeovil RD, Somerset I64639
7 Creek, Gilbert Leonard  Oct 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I136353
8 Curtis, Stanley George  Abt Aug 1979Yeovil RD, Somerset I131094
9 Dawe, Ivy Florence  Abt Nov 1940Yeovil RD, Somerset I34994
10 Dawe, Samuel Charles  Abt Nov 1971Yeovil RD, Somerset I27637
11 Dean, Charles Thomas  Abt Apr 1998Yeovil RD, Somerset I160586
12 Ellis, Violet May  Abt Mar 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I131236
13 Evans, Everil Hilda  Mar 1986Yeovil RD, Somerset I64642
14 Franks, Gladys I  Abt Nov 2001Yeovil RD, Somerset I105057
15 Fursman, Joseph  Abt May 1971Yeovil RD, Somerset I25091
16 Gardner, John Henry Robert  Abt May 1997Yeovil RD, Somerset I119017
17 Green, Florence Louisa  Abt Nov 1905Yeovil RD, Somerset I35012
18 Green, William Henry  Abt Nov 1945Yeovil RD, Somerset I35017
19 Griffin, Evelyn Blanche  Abt Mar 1993Yeovil RD, Somerset I112778
20 Hannam, Leslie William  Abt Jun 1986Yeovil RD, Somerset I131208
21 Harris, Emily Minnie  Abt Aug 1982Yeovil RD, Somerset I142568
22 House, Agnes Emma  Abt May 1957Yeovil RD, Somerset I39956
23 House, Albert Charles  Abt Mar 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I23179
24 House, Annie Margaret  Abt May 1939Yeovil RD, Somerset I33793
25 House, Beatrice May  Abt Nov 1967Yeovil RD, Somerset I8586
26 House, Bernard Charles  Abt May 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I27523
27 House, David John  Abt Apr 1997Yeovil RD, Somerset I144158
28 House, Douglas Frederick Thomas  14 Nov 1957Yeovil RD, Somerset I116282
29 House, Edith Gwendoline  Abt Aug 1944Yeovil RD, Somerset I17225
30 House, Edna Lilian  6 Apr 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I43659
31 House, Eric Robert  Abt Mar 1988Yeovil RD, Somerset I22364
32 House, Eric William  Abt Feb 2001Yeovil RD, Somerset I87830
33 House, Ernest  Abt Jun 1995Yeovil RD, Somerset I19294
34 House, Eva Florence I  Abt Dec 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I34803
35 House, Geoffrey Herbert  Abt Dec 1985Yeovil RD, Somerset I80310
36 House, Harold Arthur Rolls  Abt Nov 1986Yeovil RD, Somerset I9751
37 House, Henry John Daniel  Abt Nov 1996Yeovil RD, Somerset I80309
38 House, Henry Price  Abt May 1976Yeovil RD, Somerset I131247
39 House, John  Abt Jan 1993Yeovil RD, Somerset I20536
40 House, John Edward  Abt Feb 1975Yeovil RD, Somerset I112809
41 House, Kenneth George  Abt Apr 2002Yeovil RD, Somerset I139355
42 House, Leila Christian  Abt May 1935Yeovil RD, Somerset I26028
43 House, Leslie Alfred  Abt Nov 1976Yeovil RD, Somerset I146797
44 House, Margaret Joan Milton  Abt Mar 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I30699
45 House, Mildred  22 Apr 1980Yeovil RD, Somerset I22338
46 House, Phyllis Bessie P  Abt Apr 1992Yeovil RD, Somerset I162119
47 House, Richard John  Abt Nov 1976Yeovil RD, Somerset I84902
48 House, Ronald Arthur  Abt Feb 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I138147
49 House, Rose  Abt May 1982Yeovil RD, Somerset I116152
50 House, Samuel Walter  Abt Feb 1981Yeovil RD, Somerset I84903

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Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cole, Ellen  Abt Feb 1871Yeovil RD, Somerset I24683
2 Cole, Mabel Grace  Abt Feb 1915Yeovil RD, Somerset I159266
3 Crisp, Susan Ellen  Abt Aug 1881Yeovil RD, Somerset I27088
4 Cullingford, Ernest William G  Abt Feb 1922Yeovil RD, Somerset I131078
5 Dalwood, Dorothy May  Abt Aug 1896Yeovil RD, Somerset I5973
6 Dolton, Alice Maude  Abt May 1883Yeovil RD, Somerset I86132
7 Gaylard, Walter  Abt Aug 1900Yeovil RD, Somerset I34684
8 Green, Elsie Eva  Abt Nov 1899Yeovil RD, Somerset I35011
9 Green, Ivy Rose  Abt May 1906Yeovil RD, Somerset I35014
10 Green, Reginald Frank  Abt Aug 1897Yeovil RD, Somerset I35015
11 Griffin, Evelyn Blanche  Abt Feb 1910Yeovil RD, Somerset I112778
12 Grunnill, Thomas George Kirby  Abt Feb 1925Yeovil RD, Somerset I142572
13 Gurney, George Edward  Abt Nov 1877Yeovil RD, Somerset I59860
14 Henning, Anne Sophia  Abt May 1847Yeovil RD, Somerset I30576
15 House, Bessie Jane  Abt Feb 1877Yeovil RD, Somerset I10375
16 House, Henrietta  Abt Nov 1851Yeovil RD, Somerset I53430
17 Howes, Gladys Maud  Abt May 1908Yeovil RD, Somerset I22398
18 Moger, Ivy Linda  Abt Feb 1911Yeovil RD, Somerset I143703
19 Perkins, Eliza Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1890Yeovil RD, Somerset I35095
20 Ring, George  Abt May 1895Yeovil RD, Somerset I33847
21 Ring, John  Abt Aug 1892Yeovil RD, Somerset I33849
22 Skinner, Winifred May  Abt Nov 1914Yeovil RD, Somerset I116157
23 Steele, William Charles  Abt Aug 1871Yeovil RD, Somerset I103775
24 Stone, Thomas Glyn  Abt May 1888Yeovil RD, Somerset I33442
25 Sturgess, Kenneth David  Abt Aug 1923Yeovil RD, Somerset I120120
26 Thorne, Emily  Abt May 1888Yeovil RD, Somerset I42505
27 Trim, Mary Ann  Abt May 1852Yeovil RD, Somerset I30294
28 Turner, Irene Vida  Abt Aug 1893Yeovil RD, Somerset I163338
29 Warner, Ivy Grace  Abt Aug 1909Yeovil RD, Somerset I136367
30 White, Ada Maud  Abt May 1882Yeovil RD, Somerset I159668
31 White, Edward Mervyn Rossiter  Abt Aug 1914Yeovil RD, Somerset I50853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Amey, Frederick Charles  Abt May 1967Yeovil RD, Somerset I86694
2 Chick, Albert Victor  Abt Nov 1966Yeovil RD, Somerset I120331
3 Halfacree, William George  Abt Feb 1965Yeovil RD, Somerset I49177
4 House, Douglas Frederick Thomas  Abt Nov 1957Yeovil RD, Somerset I116282
5 House, Edna Lilian  Abt Apr 1984Yeovil RD, Somerset I43659
6 House, Eva Harriet Eliza  Abt Feb 1981Yeovil RD, Somerset I30644
7 House, Mildred  Abt May 1980Yeovil RD, Somerset I22338
8 House, Percy  Abt Aug 1964Yeovil RD, Somerset I25025
9 Ockwell, Anne  Abt Nov 1936Yeovil RD, Somerset I4964
10 White, Frederick Charles  Abt Aug 1979Yeovil RD, Somerset I30862


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chick / House  Abt Aug 1930Yeovil RD, Somerset F36307
2 Creek / Warner  Abt May 1932Yeovil RD, Somerset F41418
3 Dean / Butler  Abt Nov 1974Yeovil RD, Somerset F48781
4 Dry / House  Abt May 1939Yeovil RD, Somerset F34970
5 Halfacree / Moger  Abt Feb 1940Yeovil RD, Somerset F43890
6 House / Bugler  Abt Aug 1915Yeovil RD, Somerset F27280
7 House / Henning  Abt Nov 1875Yeovil RD, Somerset F9824
8 House / Skinner  Abt Aug 1935Yeovil RD, Somerset F34971
9 Howes / Harris  Abt Nov 1924Yeovil RD, Somerset F43497
10 Howse / Griffin  Abt Feb 1932Yeovil RD, Somerset F33855
11 Howse / Langdon  Abt May 1858Yeovil RD, Somerset F15682
12 Matcham / Hodges  Abt May 1899Yeovil RD, Somerset F24886
13 Miles / Howes  Abt Aug 1949Yeovil RD, Somerset F23588
14 Morris / Howes  Abt Nov 1932Yeovil RD, Somerset F40377
15 Poynter / Larcombe  Abt Nov 1875Yeovil RD, Somerset F23585
16 Thorne / House  Abt May 1881Yeovil RD, Somerset F15678
17 White / House  Abt Feb 1937Yeovil RD, Somerset F15062
18 Woolmington / Nicholas  Abt Nov 1912Yeovil RD, Somerset F11689