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Acle RD, Norfolk


Location : Latitude: 52.6391, Longitude: 1.5457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Anthony Edward  10 Mar 1940Acle RD, Norfolk I133448
2 Bush, Christopher  Abt Aug 1946Acle RD, Norfolk I133449
3 Bush, Susan  Abt Aug 1946Acle RD, Norfolk I133450
4 Cannell, Robert Peter  Abt May 1947Acle RD, Norfolk I144358
5 Cooper, Anthony Hugh  17 Aug 1942Acle RD, Norfolk I91881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, George Arthur James  Abt Nov 1940Acle RD, Norfolk I88345
2 Balderstone, Laura Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1955Acle RD, Norfolk I63666
3 Balls, Clara  1 Jul 1951Acle RD, Norfolk I38237
4 Barrett, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1941Acle RD, Norfolk I16913
5 Belton, Richard Golder  Abt Aug 1941Acle RD, Norfolk I43756
6 Betts, Ellen Maria  Abt Nov 1945Acle RD, Norfolk I104039
7 Blazey, Rosa Anna  Abt Aug 1960Acle RD, Norfolk I39340
8 Brooks, Ethel Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1953Acle RD, Norfolk I104017
9 Catchpole, Margaret Anne  Abt Nov 1953Acle RD, Norfolk I42623
10 Chase, Hilda Mary  Abt May 1965Acle RD, Norfolk I88420
11 Cooke, Arthur Samuel  Abt May 1942Acle RD, Norfolk I104038
12 Cooke, Robert John  Abt Feb 1967Acle RD, Norfolk I104037
13 Croft, Lancelot James  Abt Aug 1946Acle RD, Norfolk I103485
14 Cunnell, Albert James  Abt May 1970Acle RD, Norfolk I89490
15 Edmonds, Herbert Theophilus  Abt May 1950Acle RD, Norfolk I105999
16 Fisher, Enid Howes  Abt Nov 1978Acle RD, Norfolk I38218
17 George, Edith Emily  Abt May 1967Acle RD, Norfolk I104043
18 Goose, Elijah  Abt Feb 1943Acle RD, Norfolk I21827
19 Gowen, Elizabeth Eva  24 Oct 1966Acle RD, Norfolk I38322
20 Hall, Hugh  Abt Feb 1973Acle RD, Norfolk I66411
21 Heath, Barbara  Abt May 1945Acle RD, Norfolk I29596
22 Hindes, Clara  Abt Aug 1957Acle RD, Norfolk I24821
23 Howes, Ann Amelia  Abt Nov 1945Acle RD, Norfolk I21211
24 Howes, Ann Elizabeth  Abt May 1948Acle RD, Norfolk I38032
25 Howes, Beatrice Mary  Abt May 1940Acle RD, Norfolk I38172
26 Howes, Cecilia  Abt Feb 1967Acle RD, Norfolk I23765
27 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt Feb 1945Acle RD, Norfolk I4064
28 Howes, Edward  14 Jan 1953Acle RD, Norfolk I28009
29 Howes, Elizabeth Agnes  Abt May 1966Acle RD, Norfolk I26783
30 Howes, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1953Acle RD, Norfolk I3435
31 Howes, Ernest Herbert  Abt Feb 1961Acle RD, Norfolk I24755
32 Howes, Florence Elizabeth  Abt May 1969Acle RD, Norfolk I38155
33 Howes, Frederick  Abt Feb 1964Acle RD, Norfolk I23435
34 Howes, Hannah Maria  Abt Aug 1962Acle RD, Norfolk I14502
35 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1951Acle RD, Norfolk I15985
36 Howes, Herbert William  27 Nov 1950Acle RD, Norfolk I2175
37 Howes, Ida Catherine  Abt Nov 1970Acle RD, Norfolk I60959
38 Howes, James Richard  Abt Nov 1956Acle RD, Norfolk I29810
39 Howes, James Smith II  Abt May 1955Acle RD, Norfolk I38033
40 Howes, Jessie Mary  Abt Nov 1958Acle RD, Norfolk I35325
41 Howes, John Burton  Abt Feb 1946Acle RD, Norfolk I5462
42 Howes, John Jubilee  Abt Nov 1943Acle RD, Norfolk I17043
43 Howes, Lottie Gotts  Abt Nov 1955Acle RD, Norfolk I37330
44 Howes, Marguerite Mary Susannah Burton  Abt Nov 1939Acle RD, Norfolk I10818
45 Howes, Martha Esther  Abt Nov 1952Acle RD, Norfolk I20430
46 Howes, Sarah Caroline  Abt Aug 1947Acle RD, Norfolk I11836
47 Howes, William  Abt May 1958Acle RD, Norfolk I19710
48 Howlett, Dorothy May  Abt Feb 1962Acle RD, Norfolk I95233
49 Howlett, Robert  Abt May 1960Acle RD, Norfolk I21960
50 Lefevre, Edwin Lansdell  Abt Feb 1947Acle RD, Norfolk I42648

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Anthony Edward  Abt May 1940Acle RD, Norfolk I133448
2 Cooper, Anthony Hugh  Abt Aug 1942Acle RD, Norfolk I91881
3 Howes, Janet Love  Abt Aug 1944Acle RD, Norfolk I174910


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Balls, Clara  Abt Aug 1951Acle RD, Norfolk I38237
2 Bland, Alice Love  Abt Feb 1951Acle RD, Norfolk I44433
3 Burrell, Lucy  Abt Feb 1951Acle RD, Norfolk I10719
4 Gowen, Elizabeth Eva  Abt Nov 1966Acle RD, Norfolk I38322
5 Hodds, Ethel Jane  Abt Feb 1968Acle RD, Norfolk I31257
6 Howes, Edward  Abt Feb 1953Acle RD, Norfolk I28009
7 Howes, Hannah Maud  Abt May 1944Acle RD, Norfolk I11751
8 Howes, Henry Hezekiah  Abt Nov 1943Acle RD, Norfolk I22493
9 Howes, Herbert William  Abt Nov 1950Acle RD, Norfolk I2175
10 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1958Acle RD, Norfolk I10334
11 Howes, Valerie Ruth  Abt Feb 1955Acle RD, Norfolk I76084
12 Shreeve, Maud Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1958Acle RD, Norfolk I38212


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Howes  Abt May 1942Acle RD, Norfolk F30584
2 Burton / Myhill  Abt Aug 1952Acle RD, Norfolk F37351
3 Buxton / Hollis  Abt Nov 1950Acle RD, Norfolk F57005
4 Cann / Pluckrose  Abt Aug 1959Acle RD, Norfolk F57112
5 Grimson / Hall  Abt Aug 1949Acle RD, Norfolk F49649
6 Hambling / Howes  Abt May 1968Acle RD, Norfolk F32709
7 Hammond / Howes  Abt Nov 1943Acle RD, Norfolk F30417
8 Hembling / Myhill  Abt Feb 1950Acle RD, Norfolk F37349
9 Howes / Culling  Abt Aug 1939Acle RD, Norfolk F30418
10 Howes / Goodrum  Abt Feb 1945Acle RD, Norfolk F34480
11 Howes / Greengrass  Abt May 1952Acle RD, Norfolk F4475
12 Mitchell / Howes  Abt May 1939Acle RD, Norfolk F4437
13 Myhill / Barker  Abt Nov 1940Acle RD, Norfolk F37348
14 Pye / Howes  Abt Nov 1941Acle RD, Norfolk F8585
15 Tagg / Howes  Abt Nov 1973Acle RD, Norfolk F28633
16 Wright / Pearson  Abt Nov 1941Acle RD, Norfolk F44109


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Audley / Howes  Abt Feb 1940Acle RD, Norfolk F30519
2 Howes / Bryan  Abt Aug 1949Acle RD, Norfolk F26498
3 Howes / Peet  Abt Aug 1945Acle RD, Norfolk F13292
4 Howes / Smith  Abt May 1941Acle RD, Norfolk F30514
5 Howes / Symonds  Abt Feb 1943Acle RD, Norfolk F30294
6 Sayer / Bond  Abt Feb 1953Acle RD, Norfolk F5422
7 Tubby / Howes  Abt Aug 1949Acle RD, Norfolk F30517
8 Ward / Howes  Abt Feb 1939Acle RD, Norfolk F40607