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Basford RD, Nottinghamshire


Location : Latitude: 53.1298445, Longitude: -0.9832165


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Arthur  10 Jul 1914Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I100443
2 Bakewell, Frederick  Abt Aug 1906Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143342
3 Cousins, John W E  Abt Aug 1914Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I22781
4 Cousins, Winifred M  Abt Nov 1911Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I28549
5 England, Ronald Joseph  16 Dec 1921Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I79834
6 Gregory, Isaiah  21 Apr 1897Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174643
7 Hall, Sarah  13 Nov 1892Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I146938
8 Harrison, William John  12 Jun 1904Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I8672
9 House, Hazel Joan  Abt Feb 1938Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I48245
10 Howes, Charles John  25 Sep 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145672
11 Howes, David Frederick  25 Sep 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145673
12 Howes, Ernest E  8 Feb 1929Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77824
13 Howes, James  Abt May 1891Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145589
14 Howes, James Wilfred  17 Jan 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I146940
15 Howes, John  Abt Feb 1917Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I146939
16 Howes, Leonard Arthur  14 Oct 1925Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77822
17 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1896Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145590
18 Hulse, Gilbert  28 Aug 1924Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I103204
19 Levers, Martha Louisa  Abt Nov 1885Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I27079
20 North, Joan Frances  Abt Feb 1932Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I85411
21 Pearce, Doris  18 Jun 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I125459
22 Rains, Cyril Isaac  5 Jun 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I69410
23 Saxby, Elsie May  Abt May 1924Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I52289
24 Stanley, Lily  23 Jul 1893Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I73404
25 Walton, Ethel May  3 May 1907Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77821
26 Wellings, Cecil  28 Jun 1911Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I100874
27 Wheatcroft, Edwin  6 Aug 1904Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I108804
28 Whitby, Desmond Ellis  12 Jun 1913Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174639
29 Yates, Thomas William  31 Aug 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143345


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bakewell, Frederick  Abt Feb 1942Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143342
2 Bakewell, Pauline Winifred  Abt Jan 2001Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143343
3 Baldwin, Henry Rupert  Abt Nov 1891Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I21519
4 Boole, Edwin Lancelot  Abt Nov 1955Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I160501
5 Burn, Mabel  Abt Jun 1994Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I25708
6 Drew, Jane  Abt May 1948Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I85417
7 Eacott, Dorothy May  Abt Jun 1997Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I137608
8 House, Alice Dorothy  Abt Jan 2002Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I28123
9 House, Charlotte Winifred  Abt Nov 1974Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I147416
10 Howes, Charlotte  Abt Apr 2002Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I57791
11 Howes, David Frederick  Abt Feb 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145673
12 Howes, Grace  Abt Nov 2004Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174610
13 Howes, James  Abt Nov 1891Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145589
14 Howes, Leah Irene  Abt Aug 1906Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174608
15 Howes, Matilda  Abt Feb 1930Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I22271
16 Howes, Ralph Edward  Abt Nov 1974Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I46882
17 Howes, Rebecca Ann  Abt Aug 1889Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I82494
18 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1896Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145590
19 Howes, William James  Abt Nov 1957Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I19427
20 Howse, Edward  Abt May 1925Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I8592
21 Howse, Malcolm  Abt May 1957Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I22783
22 Howse, Malcolm Glendennen  Abt Aug 1931Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71669
23 Howse, Violet  Abt Feb 1971Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I73077
24 Ibbotson, Edwin  Abt May 1946Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I181769
25 Levers, Martha Louisa  Abt Feb 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I27079
26 Monks, Eleanor  Abt Feb 1945Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71677
27 Nightingale, George James  Abt Nov 1980Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71678
28 Sansom, Walter Wilfred  Abt Jan 2002Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I155016
29 Tasker, John George  Abt Feb 2000Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I181802
30 Underwood, Isaac  Abt Aug 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I109914
31 Walster, Charlotte  Abt Jul 2004Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I109240
32 Winson, Marjorie  Abt Jul 1996Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145624
33 Yates, Thomas William  Abt Feb 1980Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143345


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Arthur  Abt Aug 1914Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I100443
2 Barnes, Frank Llewellyn  Abt Aug 1880Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I94194
3 Challender, Amy May  Abt Feb 1897Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I72188
4 Cole, Harry Allan  Abt Aug 1873Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I33166
5 Edwards, Harriet Ellen  Abt Aug 1878Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I46879
6 England, Ronald Joseph  Abt Feb 1922Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I79834
7 Gardner, Gladys Violet  Abt Feb 1900Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I111483
8 Garrett, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt May 1871Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I81866
9 Gregory, Isaiah  Abt May 1897Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174643
10 Hall, John H  Abt Nov 1887Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I36306
11 Hall, Sarah  Abt Nov 1892Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I146938
12 Harrison, William John  Abt Aug 1904Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I8672
13 House, Ada  Abt Nov 1878Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I19452
14 House, Herbert William  Abt Nov 1883Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I89552
15 Howes, Agnes May  Abt May 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I46880
16 Howes, Charles  Abt Aug 1895Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I10024
17 Howes, Charles John  Abt Aug 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145672
18 Howes, David Frederick  Abt Aug 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145673
19 Howes, David John  Abt May 1949Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I145629
20 Howes, Ernest E  Abt Feb 1929Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77824
21 Howes, Frances  Abt May 1901Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I16969
22 Howes, Jack  Abt Nov 1893Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I69807
23 Howes, James Wilfred  Abt Feb 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I146940
24 Howes, Jessie  Abt Aug 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I13363
25 Howes, John  Abt May 1893Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I24861
26 Howes, Leonard Arthur  Abt Nov 1925Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77822
27 Howes, Matilda  Abt Feb 1898Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I22271
28 Howes, Sidney William  Abt Nov 1882Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I21145
29 Howse, Dorothy Anne  Abt Nov 1907Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71666
30 Howse, Malcolm Glendennen  Abt Nov 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71669
31 Hulse, Gilbert  Abt Nov 1924Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I103204
32 Monks, Eleanor  Abt Aug 1877Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I71677
33 Pearce, Doris  Abt Aug 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I125459
34 Rains, Cyril Isaac  Abt Aug 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I69410
35 Stanley, Lily  Abt Aug 1893Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I73404
36 Stokes, Emily  Abt Aug 1887Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I64145
37 Wallbanks, Sheila Jane  Abt Nov 1936Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I26058
38 Walster, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1907Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I109240
39 Walton, Ethel May  Abt May 1907Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I77821
40 Wellings, Cecil  Abt Aug 1911Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I100874
41 Wheatcroft, Edwin  Abt Aug 1904Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I108804
42 Whitby, Desmond Ellis  Abt Aug 1913Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I174639
43 Yates, Thomas William  Abt Aug 1918Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I143345


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Hannah Sophia  Abt Aug 1953Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I24423
2 Roalfe, Marian Victoria  Abt Feb 1980Basford RD, Nottinghamshire I79088


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Walster  Abt Feb 1982Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F49231
2 Cridge / Howes  Abt Aug 1930Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F32628
3 Elliott / Howes  Abt Nov 1905Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F6285
4 Freestone / Stokes  Abt Aug 1909Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F18556
5 Howes / Edwards  Abt May 1902Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F14053
6 Howes / Hall  Abt Nov 1915Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F44942
7 Howes / Hudson  Abt Nov 1935Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F17428
8 Howes / La Roche  Abt Feb 1932Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F40482
9 Howes / Lambert  Abt Nov 1919Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F56932
10 Howes / Levers  Abt May 1915Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F8808
11 Howes / Pearce  Abt Aug 1938Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F37981
12 Howes / Rhodes  Abt Feb 1922Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F29191
13 Howes / Saxby  Abt Feb 1946Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F15398
14 Howes / Walster  Abt Aug 1934Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F32629
15 Howes / Walton  Abt May 1925Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F22011
16 Howes / Winson  Abt Nov 1944Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F44531
17 Howse / Monks  Abt May 1903Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F20426
18 Mayfield / Wheeldon  Abt Aug 1909Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F50959
19 Minns / Howes  Abt Feb 1940Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F6661
20 Nightingale / Howse  Abt Nov 1934Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F20422
21 Pavier / Elson  Abt Nov 1884Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F41909
22 Pavier / Horton  Abt Feb 1888Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F41912
23 Pavier / Oscroft  Abt May 1889Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F41917
24 Tasker / Howes  Abt Nov 1944Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F56284
25 Turner / Boole  Abt Nov 1941Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F48749
26 Yates / House  Abt Nov 1942Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F43768


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holgate / Howis  Abt Nov 1871Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38641
2 Howis / Brown  Abt May 1890Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38631
3 Howis / Chadburn  Abt Aug 1887Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38629
4 Howis / Meakin  Abt Nov 1890Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38630
5 Howis / Stainforth  Abt Nov 1880Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38627
6 Jones / Howis  Abt Feb 1869Basford RD, Nottinghamshire F38639