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Benwick, Cambridgeshire



Location : Latitude: 52.4937, Longitude: -0.0243976


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 German, Emily  Abt Feb 1863Benwick, Cambridgeshire I16524
2 Howes, Ethel Mary  16 Jan 1894Benwick, Cambridgeshire I863
3 Howes, Florence Maud  12 Oct 1895Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45125
4 Howes, Frederick Arthur Henry  16 Nov 1902Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45126
5 Howes, Irene Alexandra  16 Mar 1905Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45127
6 Howes, John William  Abt 1897Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45128
7 Howes, Louisa Jane  Abt 1892Benwick, Cambridgeshire I21056
8 Howes, Reginald Herbert  Abt 1898Benwick, Cambridgeshire I11189
9 Howes, Stanley George  16 Aug 1900Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45129
10 Howes, William Arnold  Abt May 1865Benwick, Cambridgeshire I21392
11 Knowles, Eliza Ella  8 Sep 1878Benwick, Cambridgeshire I110700
12 Richards, Frederick  Abt 1869Benwick, Cambridgeshire I31311


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 German, Emily  Abt 1862Benwick, Cambridgeshire I16524
2 Howes, Ethel Mary  Abt 1893Benwick, Cambridgeshire I863
3 Howes, Ethel Mary  Abt Feb 1894Benwick, Cambridgeshire I863
4 Howes, Florence Maud  Abt 1895Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45125
5 Howes, Florence Maud  Abt Nov 1895Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45125
6 Howes, Frederick Arthur Henry  Abt 1902Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45126
7 Howes, Irene Alexandra  Abt 1904Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45127
8 Howes, Jane  Abt Nov 1859Benwick, Cambridgeshire I4568
9 Howes, Louisa Jane  Abt Nov 1892Benwick, Cambridgeshire I21056
10 Howes, Reginald Herbert  Abt Feb 1899Benwick, Cambridgeshire I11189
11 Howes, Stanley George  Abt 1900Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45129
12 Howes, Stanley George  Abt Aug 1900Benwick, Cambridgeshire I45129
13 Howes, William Arnold  Abt 1865Benwick, Cambridgeshire I21392
14 Knowles, Eliza Ella  Abt 1878Benwick, Cambridgeshire I110700