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Bradwell, Norfolk



Location : Latitude: 52.5801395, Longitude: 1.6979221


Bradwell, Suffolk now Norfolk
Bradwell, Suffolk now Norfolk
St Nicholas


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, Alfred  Abt 1881Bradwell, Norfolk I42074
2 Black, James  Abt 1879Bradwell, Norfolk I42068
3 Brown, Edward Alfred  Abt 1856Bradwell, Norfolk I5912
4 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1855Bradwell, Norfolk I3981
5 Browne, Ellen  Abt 1854Bradwell, Norfolk I38188
6 Crow, Benjamin Henry  Abt Feb 1856Bradwell, Norfolk I65717
7 Crow, James  Abt Feb 1860Bradwell, Norfolk I65712
8 Crow, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1857Bradwell, Norfolk I65718
9 Crowe, Beatrice E  Abt 1894Bradwell, Norfolk I65720
10 Crowe, Eliza E  Abt 1896Bradwell, Norfolk I65721
11 Crowe, Henry John  Abt Feb 1867Bradwell, Norfolk I65714
12 Crowe, Mahala  Abt Aug 1863Bradwell, Norfolk I65713
13 Edwards, Emma Eliza  Abt 1885Bradwell, Norfolk I65724
14 Howes, Charlotte  Abt 1833Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
15 Howes, Charlotte  2 Jun 1859Bradwell, Norfolk I49378
16 Howes, Edward  Abt Sep 1864Bradwell, Norfolk I49379
17 Howes, Eliza  Abt Jun 1821Bradwell, Norfolk I42061
18 Howes, Eliza Rackham  Abt Nov 1862Bradwell, Norfolk I127464
19 Howes, Hannah  Abt Jul 1838Bradwell, Norfolk I42057
20 Howes, Hannah Jemima  Abt Oct 1862Bradwell, Norfolk I49380
21 Howes, Henry James  Abt Jun 1832Bradwell, Norfolk I23781
22 Howes, Henry James  25 Dec 1860Bradwell, Norfolk I49381
23 Howes, Ivy Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1900Bradwell, Norfolk I35312
24 Howes, Jemima  Abt Sep 1864Bradwell, Norfolk I49382
25 Howes, Mary  Abt Aug 1823Bradwell, Norfolk I42060
26 Howes, Mary  Abt Nov 1872Bradwell, Norfolk I49383
27 Howes, Mary Ann  25 Aug 1789Bradwell, Norfolk I41958
28 Howes, Matilda Jane Shreeve  15 Mar 1874Bradwell, Norfolk I97528
29 Howes, William James  Abt Apr 1826Bradwell, Norfolk I38965


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alfred Charles  29 Mar 1915Bradwell, Norfolk I5588


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browne, Ellen  Abt 1853Bradwell, Norfolk I38188
2 Crow, Benjamin Henry  Abt 1855Bradwell, Norfolk I65717
3 Crow, James  Abt 1859Bradwell, Norfolk I65712
4 Crow, Mary Ann  Abt 1857Bradwell, Norfolk I65718
5 Crowe, Henry John  Abt 1866Bradwell, Norfolk I65714
6 Crowe, Mahala  Abt 1862Bradwell, Norfolk I65713
7 Crowe, Mahala  Abt 1863Bradwell, Norfolk I65713
8 Howes, Charlotte  Abt 1832Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
9 Howes, Charlotte  Abt 1834Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
10 Howes, Charlotte  Abt Feb 1835Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
11 Howes, Charlotte  Abt 1836Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
12 Howes, Charlotte  Abt 1859Bradwell, Norfolk I49378
13 Howes, Daisy Beatrice  Abt 1890Bradwell, Norfolk I35310
14 Howes, Edward  Abt 1864Bradwell, Norfolk I49379
15 Howes, Edward James  Abt 1830Bradwell, Norfolk I42059
16 Howes, Eliza Rackham  Abt 1862Bradwell, Norfolk I127464
17 Howes, Frederick Golden  Abt 1863Bradwell, Norfolk I18978
18 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1837Bradwell, Norfolk I42057
19 Howes, Hannah Jemima  Abt 1862Bradwell, Norfolk I49380
20 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1832Bradwell, Norfolk I23781
21 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1833Bradwell, Norfolk I23781
22 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1835Bradwell, Norfolk I23781
23 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1860Bradwell, Norfolk I49381
24 Howes, Ivy Elizabeth  Abt 1900Bradwell, Norfolk I35312
25 Howes, Jemima  Abt 1864Bradwell, Norfolk I49382
26 Howes, Mary  Abt 1825Bradwell, Norfolk I42060
27 Howes, Matilda Jane Shreeve  Abt 1872Bradwell, Norfolk I97528
28 Howes, Matilda Jane Shreeve  Abt 1873Bradwell, Norfolk I97528
29 Howes, William James  Abt 1825Bradwell, Norfolk I38965
30 Howes, William James  Abt 1826Bradwell, Norfolk I38965


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Black, William  27 Dec 1872Bradwell, Norfolk I42065
2 Crow, Ann Jane  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I65716
3 Crow, Benjamin  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I41277
4 Crow, Benjamin Henry  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I65717
5 Crow, Eliza  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I65715
6 Crow, James  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I65712
7 Crow, Mary Ann  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I65718
8 Houghton, Amy  25 Dec 1879Bradwell, Norfolk I8922
9 Howes, Charlotte  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42058
10 Howes, Charlotte  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I49378
11 Howes, Edward James  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42059
12 Howes, Edward James  21 Feb 1857Bradwell, Norfolk I42059
13 Howes, Edward James  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I42059
14 Howes, Eliza  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42061
15 Howes, Eliza  20 Aug 1846Bradwell, Norfolk I42061
16 Howes, Eliza  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I41276
17 Howes, Hannah  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42057
18 Howes, Harriett  27 Dec 1872Bradwell, Norfolk I17701
19 Howes, Henry  22 Jul 1799Bradwell, Norfolk I35295
20 Howes, Henry James  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I23781
21 Howes, Henry James  7 Apr 1861Bradwell, Norfolk I49381
22 Howes, Margaret Martha  15 Mar 1874Bradwell, Norfolk I22950
23 Howes, William  10 Jun 1821Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
24 Howes, William  29 Aug 1823Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
25 Howes, William  30 Apr 1826Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
26 Howes, William  5 Jun 1832Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
27 Howes, William  24 Feb 1835Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
28 Howes, William  24 Jul 1838Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
29 Howes, William  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42055
30 Howes, William James  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I38965
31 Howes, William James  4 Jan 1853Bradwell, Norfolk I38965
32 James, Jemima  10 Jun 1821Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
33 James, Jemima  29 Aug 1823Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
34 James, Jemima  30 Apr 1826Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
35 James, Jemima  5 Jun 1832Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
36 James, Jemima  24 Feb 1835Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
37 James, Jemima  24 Jul 1838Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
38 James, Jemima  6 Jun 1841Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
39 James, Jemima  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
40 James, Jemima  Oct 1863Bradwell, Norfolk I42056
41 Keyzor, Sarah Ann  21 Feb 1857Bradwell, Norfolk I42064
42 Keyzor, Sarah Ann  1861Bradwell, Norfolk I42064
43 Smith, Robert  20 Aug 1846Bradwell, Norfolk I42062
44 Watson, Emma  20 Jul 1889Bradwell, Norfolk I15147