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Brooklyn, New York, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 42.4331178, Longitude: -78.7483629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Nancy MacDougall  Abt 1920Brooklyn, New York, USA I102406
2 Aiken, Mary Bowen  Abt 1879Brooklyn, New York, USA I96014
3 Allen, Frederic  Abt 1859Brooklyn, New York, USA I107513
4 Allen, Frederic  Abt 1860Brooklyn, New York, USA I107359
5 Behrens, Mela M  Abt 1894Brooklyn, New York, USA I15698
6 Belding, Ida V  Abt 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA I96022
7 Bevis, Harriet Matilda  Abt 1874Brooklyn, New York, USA I95929
8 Breidenbah, Joseph H  Abt 1854Brooklyn, New York, USA I107355
9 Broadhurst, Alice Jahring  Abt 1908Brooklyn, New York, USA I107245
10 Brooker, Edward B  Abt 1871Brooklyn, New York, USA I107641
11 Bruce, Frank White  Abt 1893Brooklyn, New York, USA I107328
12 Butcher, Henry  Abt 1868Brooklyn, New York, USA I107391
13 Byers, Mortimer Wandle  Abt 1876Brooklyn, New York, USA I107612
14 Byrne, Edna  Abt 1913Brooklyn, New York, USA I107237
15 Carey, Florence Lilian  Abt 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA I95812
16 Clack, Charles Montgomery  Abt 1895Brooklyn, New York, USA I107441
17 Cohen, Rose  Abt 1908Brooklyn, New York, USA I133930
18 Colson, Gladys Frederika  Abt 1895Brooklyn, New York, USA I134527
19 Conklin, Jennett B  Abt 1836Brooklyn, New York, USA I95905
20 Dahlbender, Anthony  Abt 1910Brooklyn, New York, USA I107782
21 Davis, Maybeth Lodge?  Abt 1902Brooklyn, New York, USA I96546
22 De Lancy, Henrietta  Abt 1878Brooklyn, New York, USA I96092
23 Dice, Elizabeth  Abt 1876Brooklyn, New York, USA I95927
24 Dunn, Anna E  Abt 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA I163878
25 Eckert, Philipp  Abt 1869Brooklyn, New York, USA I107571
26 Eversham, Jesse  Abt 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA I107429
27 Feist, Joseph  Abt 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA I107618
28 Fent, Martha  Abt 1864Brooklyn, New York, USA I95944
29 Fies, Lina  Abt 1888Brooklyn, New York, USA I96081
30 Galloway, John  Abt 1910Brooklyn, New York, USA I107497
31 Geiger, Anna  Abt 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I96273
32 Gill, Hamilton Arlington jr  Abt 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107647
33 Gleason, Ruth Hurley  Abt 1907Brooklyn, New York, USA I96531
34 Goodman, Harry  Abt 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107715
35 Hagen, Johanna Margaret  Abt 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I96285
36 Hand, Sarah Davis  Abt 1869Brooklyn, New York, USA I95751
37 Hause, Lydia M  Abt 1878Brooklyn, New York, USA I107608
38 Healy, Austin  Abt 1874Brooklyn, New York, USA I107705
39 House, Annie  Abt 1875Brooklyn, New York, USA I107575
40 House, Annie  Abt 1882Brooklyn, New York, USA I107587
41 House, Arthur B  Abt 1906Brooklyn, New York, USA I107292
42 House, Arthur Ellsworth  Abt 1898Brooklyn, New York, USA I96488
43 House, Charles  Abt 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA I107214
44 House, Charles W jr  Abt 1872Brooklyn, New York, USA I96090
45 House, Doris L  Abt 1906Brooklyn, New York, USA I107666
46 House, Edward Grant  Abt 1907Brooklyn, New York, USA I96530
47 House, Edward Moore  Abt 1872Brooklyn, New York, USA I95928
48 House, Edward Moore jr  Abt 1899Brooklyn, New York, USA I96518
49 House, Edward Roderick  Abt 1890Brooklyn, New York, USA I133967
50 House, Eliza Clifton  Abt 1871Brooklyn, New York, USA I107640

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Francis  14 Mar 1888Brooklyn, New York, USA I165251
2 Brainerd, William Chauncey  7 Sep 1890Brooklyn, New York, USA I126799
3 Concklin, Henry Sisson  18 Sep 1943Brooklyn, New York, USA I1958
4 Dickinson, Charles B  29 Nov 1908Brooklyn, New York, USA I165866
5 House, Emily  7 Apr 1892Brooklyn, New York, USA I41288
6 House, Ezekiel Newton  2 Jun 1863Brooklyn, New York, USA I63530
7 Howes, Clara Louise  6 Dec 1965Brooklyn, New York, USA I23727
8 Howes, Captain David  7 Sep 1815Brooklyn, New York, USA I3922
9 Howes, Elbert Crosby  25 Mar 1900Brooklyn, New York, USA I4247
10 Howes, Olive Clark  30 Apr 1891Brooklyn, New York, USA I145031
11 Linnekin, Hattie G  7 Feb 1925Brooklyn, New York, USA I166624
12 Prescott, Charles Alfred  19 Feb 1935Brooklyn, New York, USA I166625
13 Silver, Joseph Askie  11 Feb 1930Brooklyn, New York, USA I26309
14 Sutphen, Ferdinand  10 May 1856Brooklyn, New York, USA I96134
15 Sutphen, Jerome  17 Dec 1846Brooklyn, New York, USA I96132
16 Sutphen, Peter DeForest  3 Oct 1870Brooklyn, New York, USA I96133
17 White, Harriet  5 Apr 1892Brooklyn, New York, USA I96126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Silver, Joseph Askie  6 Sep 1857Brooklyn, New York, USA I26309


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 House, Emily Mildred  Abt 1905Brooklyn, New York, USA I107672
2 House, Henry Alonzo  Abt 1840Brooklyn, New York, USA I63533
3 House, Peter J  Abt 1908Brooklyn, New York, USA I96296
4 House, Raymond Nelson  Abt 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA I96514
5 Thompson, George  Abt 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I28672


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boyle, Eliza Harriet Stevens  1879Brooklyn, New York, USA I21819
2 Howes, Elbert Crosby  1900Brooklyn, New York, USA I4247
3 Tillotson, Melissa  20 Jul 1915Brooklyn, New York, USA I806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 House, Frank Mark  17 Sep 1906Brooklyn, New York, USA I5504
2 Howes, Edward William  5 Oct 1904Brooklyn, New York, USA I3129
3 Howse, Samuel Hanway  1876Brooklyn, New York, USA I7295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baker, Ella  4 Jan 1906Brooklyn, New York, USA I96094
2 Belding, Ida V  4 Mar 1903Brooklyn, New York, USA I96022
3 Boyle, Eliza Harriet Stevens  1 Jun 1880Brooklyn, New York, USA I21819
4 Cheshre, Emily  20 Jan 1875Brooklyn, New York, USA I95736
5 Clark, William H  29 Oct 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107583
6 Fent, Martha  6 Nov 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA I95944
7 Grant, Frank R  6 Aug 1879Brooklyn, New York, USA I107596
8 Hamblin, Henry W  14 Nov 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I107349
9 Haywood, Margaret E  18 Oct 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA I95952
10 Heatley, George H  14 Nov 1886Brooklyn, New York, USA I107553
11 House, Albert B  4 Mar 1903Brooklyn, New York, USA I96021
12 House, Chauncey  6 Jul 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA I134499
13 House, Emily  14 Nov 1886Brooklyn, New York, USA I107554
14 House, Frank  6 Nov 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA I95943
15 House, Ida  29 Oct 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107584
16 House, Jared Lansing  25 Jan 1893Brooklyn, New York, USA I95922
17 House, Mary E  27 Feb 1877Brooklyn, New York, USA I107540
18 House, Patience Priscilla  20 Sep 1902Brooklyn, New York, USA I49530
19 House, William G  24 Oct 1912Brooklyn, New York, USA I96276
20 House, William H  24 Jul 1875Brooklyn, New York, USA I95995
21 Howes, Augusta  14 Nov 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I107350
22 Howes, Caroline Pauling  3 Feb 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107369
23 Howes, Edward J  7 May 1872Brooklyn, New York, USA I95908
24 Howes, Josephine S  9 Mar 1888Brooklyn, New York, USA I107375
25 Howes, Mabel L  30 May 1907Brooklyn, New York, USA I107419
26 Howes, Madeleine Starr  26 Jun 1887Brooklyn, New York, USA I107372
27 Howes, Samuel  Brooklyn, New York, USA I164769
28 Howes, Sarah  24 Oct 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA I107358
29 Howes, Sarah M  17 Jun 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I107346
30 Howes, Schuyler  14 Jun 1916Brooklyn, New York, USA I95808
31 Howse, Jane  1 Jun 1880Brooklyn, New York, USA I4681
32 Howse, Samuel Hanway  1 Jun 1880Brooklyn, New York, USA I7295
33 Johnson, Edward H  27 Feb 1877Brooklyn, New York, USA I107539
34 Manuel, Johanna  24 Oct 1912Brooklyn, New York, USA I96277
35 McGuire, Mary W  25 Jan 1893Brooklyn, New York, USA I95923
36 Mealeo, Perley Bartlett  9 Mar 1888Brooklyn, New York, USA I107374
37 Northridge, Charlotte Violet  14 Jun 1916Brooklyn, New York, USA I95811
38 Robertson, Emma Jane  7 May 1872Brooklyn, New York, USA I95909
39 Rose, William J  17 Jun 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I107345
40 Schmelter, Eleanor D  27 Jan 1931Brooklyn, New York, USA I96525
41 Sharp, William F  3 Feb 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA I107399
42 Sumner, George Alfred  1869Brooklyn, New York, USA I133703
43 Thomas, Sinclair L  30 May 1907Brooklyn, New York, USA I107418

Witness at Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness at Marriage    Person ID 
1 Allen, Frederic  14 Nov 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA I107359
2 Howes, Gerald Horton  18 Jun 1917Brooklyn, New York, USA I6295


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Howes  24 Oct 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA F31907
2 Breidenbah / Howes  3 Jan 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA F31905
3 Butcher / Howes  6 Apr 1890Brooklyn, New York, USA F31924
4 Clark / House  29 Oct 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA F32023
5 Dupignac / House  16 Feb 1879Brooklyn, New York, USA F32002
6 Eckert / House  31 May 1894Brooklyn, New York, USA F32017
7 Franz / House  3 Sep 1887Brooklyn, New York, USA F32010
8 Gill / Tapp  Abt 1926Brooklyn, New York, USA F38260
9 Hamblin / Howes  14 Nov 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA F31902
10 Heatley / House  14 Nov 1886Brooklyn, New York, USA F32008
11 House / Aiken  29 Oct 1902Brooklyn, New York, USA F28071
12 House / Belding  4 Mar 1903Brooklyn, New York, USA F28075
13 House / Bevis  13 Aug 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA F28033
14 House / Boice  20 Jun 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA F28038
15 House / Conklin  22 May 1867Brooklyn, New York, USA F28021
16 House / Davis  27 Oct 1926Brooklyn, New York, USA F28272
17 House / Dice  17 Mar 1894Brooklyn, New York, USA F28032
18 House / Fent  6 Nov 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA F28036
19 House / Fies  17 May 1908Brooklyn, New York, USA F28105
20 House / Hagen  28 Apr 1920Brooklyn, New York, USA F28177
21 House / Haywood  18 Oct 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA F28040
22 House / Johnson  9 Sep 1901Brooklyn, New York, USA F28070
23 House / McGuire  25 Jan 1893Brooklyn, New York, USA F28030
24 House / Metcalfe  7 Oct 1889Brooklyn, New York, USA F28044
25 House / Schleuker  8 Jul 1903Brooklyn, New York, USA F28077
26 House / Sharkey  24 Feb 1887Brooklyn, New York, USA F28042
27 House / Stuckenberg  6 Jan 1877Brooklyn, New York, USA F28027
28 House / Suydam  11 Apr 1877Brooklyn, New York, USA F28028
29 Howes / Carey  18 Jun 1917Brooklyn, New York, USA F27974
30 Howes / Edwards  21 Oct 1903Brooklyn, New York, USA F27962
31 Howes / Gorchier  4 Oct 1888Brooklyn, New York, USA F22876
32 Howes / La Rose  21 Mar 1902Brooklyn, New York, USA F28074
33 Howes / Mantle  6 Mar 1914Brooklyn, New York, USA F23370
34 Howes / Moore  10 Jan 1894Brooklyn, New York, USA F27936
35 Howes / Murtha  25 May 1889Brooklyn, New York, USA F22866
36 Howes / Robertson  7 May 1872Brooklyn, New York, USA F28023
37 Howes / Vandewater  23 Mar 1881Brooklyn, New York, USA F27938
38 Hummel / House  12 Aug 1894Brooklyn, New York, USA F32019
39 Johnson / House  27 Feb 1877Brooklyn, New York, USA F32000
40 Langthorn / House  23 May 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA F32020
41 Lewis / Howes  26 Jun 1887Brooklyn, New York, USA F31914
42 Miner / Howes  24 Oct 1891Brooklyn, New York, USA F31926
43 Pearsall / Howes  10 Jun 1884Brooklyn, New York, USA F31906
44 Pelleteau / House  1 Sep 1873Brooklyn, New York, USA F31998
45 Pfeiffer / House  24 Jun 1896Brooklyn, New York, USA F32022
46 Rogers / House  27 Apr 1901Brooklyn, New York, USA F32026
47 Rose / Howes  17 Jun 1883Brooklyn, New York, USA F31900
48 Sears / Howes  1 Mar 1857Brooklyn, New York, USA F51234
49 Sharp / Howes  3 Feb 1897Brooklyn, New York, USA F31928
50 Walter / House  3 Feb 1901Brooklyn, New York, USA F32025


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Blanchard  26 Jun 1937Brooklyn, New York, USA F26521
2 Howse / Boyle  1879Brooklyn, New York, USA F7319