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Chard, Somerset


City/Town : Latitude: 50.872, Longitude: -2.967


Robert Inkerman House / Catherine Anne Young MC
Robert Inkerman House / Catherine Anne Young MC
28 Apr 1880

Chard, Somerset
Chard, Somerset
Baptist Church


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bulford, Sarah Ann  Abt 1868Chard, Somerset I6872
2 Clegg, Cecil Stephen Thomas  Abt Aug 1909Chard, Somerset I113201
3 Clegg, Elsie  Abt Feb 1907Chard, Somerset I113200
4 Clegg, Frederick  Abt 1881Chard, Somerset I113199
5 Coombs, Rosa Ellen  10 Oct 1880Chard, Somerset I34671
6 Forsey, John  Abt 1823Chard, Somerset I34679
7 Gillett, Fanny  Abt 1841Chard, Somerset I34687
8 Grabham, Mary  Abt 1817Chard, Somerset I124082
9 Grimster, Sam  Abt 1866Chard, Somerset I81403
10 Harriman, Anna House  Abt Nov 1867Chard, Somerset I34697
11 Harriman, Henry House  Abt Nov 1873Chard, Somerset I34703
12 Harriman, Mabel  Abt May 1869Chard, Somerset I34704
13 Harriman, Nicholas Charles  Abt Nov 1870Chard, Somerset I34705
14 Harriman, William Goffin  Abt Aug 1872Chard, Somerset I34709
15 Hecks, Minna Louisa  Abt Aug 1858Chard, Somerset I34720
16 Hecks, Thomas Edgar  Abt Feb 1872Chard, Somerset I34721
17 Hillard, Thomas  Abt 1843Chard, Somerset I37448
18 House, Ada Milton  Abt Feb 1894Chard, Somerset I34751
19 House, Amelia Nellie  Abt Aug 1899Chard, Somerset I34758
20 House, Ann  Abt May 1839Chard, Somerset I179228
21 House, Anne Barrington  Abt May 1845Chard, Somerset I34759
22 House, Annie Gambart  Abt Aug 1872Chard, Somerset I34760
23 House, Beatrice Annie  7 Feb 1903Chard, Somerset I34766
24 House, Beatrice Mary  Abt Nov 1883Chard, Somerset I34767
25 House, Bryan Barrington  Abt Aug 1877Chard, Somerset I34769
26 House, Charles  5 Nov 1830Chard, Somerset I179358
27 House, Clifford B  Abt Aug 1889Chard, Somerset I34771
28 House, Clifford Roy  13 Mar 1886Chard, Somerset I34774
29 House, Edwin Barrington  5 Jul 1886Chard, Somerset I34784
30 House, Eleanor  Abt Feb 1841Chard, Somerset I34786
31 House, Eleanor  Abt May 1843Chard, Somerset I34785
32 House, Eliza Barrington  Abt Aug 1849Chard, Somerset I34787
33 House, Elizabeth  Abt May 1842Chard, Somerset I34788
34 House, Ella Dorothy Alice  13 Jan 1907Chard, Somerset I34791
35 House, Ellen Evelina  23 Jan 1882Chard, Somerset I34794
36 House, Elsie Hilda  12 Oct 1882Chard, Somerset I34796
37 House, Emma  9 Dec 1825Chard, Somerset I34798
38 House, Ernest Edward  28 Jan 1880Chard, Somerset I34800
39 House, Ezet  10 Mar 1828Chard, Somerset I179357
40 House, Florence Ethel  Abt Feb 1876Chard, Somerset I34806
41 House, Frederick Gordon  Abt Feb 1894Chard, Somerset I34808
42 House, George Walter  Abt Aug 1840Chard, Somerset I34812
43 House, Gladys May  15 Dec 1901Chard, Somerset I34813
44 House, Harry Clark  26 Jun 1884Chard, Somerset I34817
45 House, Herbert Hecks  5 May 1896Chard, Somerset I34820
46 House, Hester  Abt 1830Chard, Somerset I34821
47 House, James John  3 Oct 1871Chard, Somerset I34829
48 House, Jane  Abt May 1847Chard, Somerset I34830
49 House, John Barrington  Abt Nov 1843Chard, Somerset I34834
50 House, John Eric  24 Oct 1904Chard, Somerset I34835

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Charles  Abt Jan 1835Chard, Somerset I179358
2 House, Frank  24 Sep 2009Chard, Somerset I160688
3 House, Theresa  Abt Jun 1839Chard, Somerset I179359
4 Petherbridge, Joan Beatrice  24 Dec 2014Chard, Somerset I34908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Jane  15 Jun 1847Chard, Somerset I34830
2 House, Sarah Ann Kitch  25 Dec 1829Chard, Somerset I34864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bulford, Sarah Ann  Abt 1867Chard, Somerset I6872
2 Clegg, Cecil Stephen Thomas  Abt 1909Chard, Somerset I113201
3 Clegg, Elsie  Abt 1906Chard, Somerset I113200
4 Coombs, Rosa Ellen  Abt 1879Chard, Somerset I34671
5 Coombs, Rosa Ellen  Abt Oct 1880Chard, Somerset I34671
6 Cuff, John  Abt 1827Chard, Somerset I34674
7 Forsey, John  Abt 1821Chard, Somerset I34679
8 Grabham, Mary  Abt 1816Chard, Somerset I124082
9 Grimster, Sam  Abt 1865Chard, Somerset I81403
10 Harriman, Anna House  Abt 1867Chard, Somerset I34697
11 Harriman, Anna House  Abt 1869Chard, Somerset I34697
12 Harriman, Anna House  Abt 1870Chard, Somerset I34697
13 Harriman, Anna House  Abt 1871Chard, Somerset I34697
14 Harriman, Caroline  Abt 1881Chard, Somerset I34698
15 Harriman, Caroline  Abt 1882Chard, Somerset I34698
16 Harriman, Mabel  Abt 1868Chard, Somerset I34704
17 Harriman, Mabel  Abt 1869Chard, Somerset I34704
18 Harriman, Mabel  Abt 1870Chard, Somerset I34704
19 Harriman, Mabel  Abt 1871Chard, Somerset I34704
20 Harriman, Mabel  Abt 1872Chard, Somerset I34704
21 Harriman, Nicholas Charles  Abt 1870Chard, Somerset I34705
22 Hecks, Minna Louisa  Abt 1858Chard, Somerset I34720
23 Hecks, Thomas Edgar  Abt 1871Chard, Somerset I34721
24 House, Ada Milton  Abt 1893Chard, Somerset I34751
25 House, Amelia Nellie  Abt 1899Chard, Somerset I34758
26 House, Ann  Abt 1837Chard, Somerset I179228
27 House, Ann  Abt 1838Chard, Somerset I179228
28 House, Ann  Abt 1839Chard, Somerset I179228
29 House, Anne Barrington  Abt 1845Chard, Somerset I34759
30 House, Annie Gambart  Abt 1871Chard, Somerset I34760
31 House, Annie Gambart  Abt 1872Chard, Somerset I34760
32 House, Beatrice Annie  Abt 1902Chard, Somerset I34766
33 House, Beatrice Mary  Abt 1883Chard, Somerset I34767
34 House, Beatrice Mary  Abt 1884Chard, Somerset I34767
35 House, Bryan Barrington  Abt 1875Chard, Somerset I34769
36 House, Bryan Barrington  Abt 1877Chard, Somerset I34769
37 House, Clifford B  Abt 1888Chard, Somerset I34771
38 House, Clifford B  Abt 1889Chard, Somerset I34771
39 House, Clifford Roy  Abt 1884Chard, Somerset I34774
40 House, Clifford Roy  Abt 1885Chard, Somerset I34774
41 House, Edwin Barrington  Abt 1886Chard, Somerset I34784
42 House, Eleanor  Abt 1840Chard, Somerset I34786
43 House, Eleanor  Abt 1842Chard, Somerset I34785
44 House, Eleanor  Abt 1843Chard, Somerset I34785
45 House, Eliza Barrington  Abt 1848Chard, Somerset I34787
46 House, Eliza Barrington  Abt 1849Chard, Somerset I34787
47 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Chard, Somerset I34788
48 House, Ella Dorothy Alice  Abt 1906Chard, Somerset I34791
49 House, Ellen Evelina  Abt 1881Chard, Somerset I34794
50 House, Elsie Hilda  Abt 1881Chard, Somerset I34796

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, George Walter  19 Nov 1838Chard, Somerset I34874
2 House, George Walter  4 Feb 1877Chard, Somerset I34874
3 House, Sarah Jane  20 Jun 1882Chard, Somerset I30743
4 Kitch, Thomas  25 Dec 1829Chard, Somerset I179062
5 Parkhouse, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1877Chard, Somerset I180882
6 Thompson, Ann  25 Dec 1829Chard, Somerset I34935
7 Thompson, Ann  19 Nov 1838Chard, Somerset I34935
8 Young, Catherine Anne  28 Apr 1880Chard, Somerset I4930


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allardyce / House  1 Aug 1895Chard, Somerset F55713
2 House / Stuckey  20 Feb 1839Chard, Somerset F55396