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Chichester RD, Sussex



City/Town : Latitude: 50.9166667, Longitude: -0.0833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ansell, Bertram Reginald  1 Sep 1902Chichester RD, Sussex I7310
2 Charman, Frances Kate  21 Sep 1901Chichester RD, Sussex I142960
3 House, Kathleen M  Abt Feb 1959Chichester RD, Sussex I170266
4 Noyce, Lionel Charles  20 Jul 1913Chichester RD, Sussex I159582
5 Titchener, Eleanor Mary  Abt Feb 1872Chichester RD, Sussex I177335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angell, Herbert George  Abt Nov 1985Chichester RD, Sussex I85679
2 Ansell, Bertram Reginald  Abt Nov 1976Chichester RD, Sussex I7310
3 Bartlett, Richard Guy  Abt Aug 1989Chichester RD, Sussex I139822
4 Blake, Albert Charles  Abt Jul 2005Chichester RD, Sussex I118450
5 Bowerman, Ivy Dorothy  Abt Dec 1999Chichester RD, Sussex I130066
6 Capon, Alice Lilian  Abt Aug 1988Chichester RD, Sussex I170395
7 Carr, Robert Leslie  Abt Feb 2000Chichester RD, Sussex I144458
8 Charleson, Eric Vincent  Abt Jan 1987Chichester RD, Sussex I159248
9 Coasby, Dennis Aslett  Abt Aug 1967Chichester RD, Sussex I123590
10 Cox, Charlotte Margaret  Abt Nov 2003Chichester RD, Sussex I120616
11 Cox, Doris Linda  Abt Oct 1994Chichester RD, Sussex I118234
12 Drury, Phyllis Ivy  Abt Feb 2005Chichester RD, Sussex I91964
13 Dudley, Alexander Edwin  Abt Aug 1978Chichester RD, Sussex I170073
14 Duignan, Mary Anne  Abt Feb 1978Chichester RD, Sussex I142981
15 Durtnall, William Henry Mark  Abt May 1962Chichester RD, Sussex I68762
16 Eames, Charles Frederick Albert  Abt Aug 1975Chichester RD, Sussex I170719
17 Exall, Herbert Arthur  Abt Nov 1995Chichester RD, Sussex I170382
18 Farr, Harold Thomas  Abt Feb 1994Chichester RD, Sussex I147567
19 Fiddy, Roy E  Abt May 1957Chichester RD, Sussex I54935
20 Ford, Stanley Ronald  Abt May 1982Chichester RD, Sussex I162574
21 Frost, Mabel Josephine L  Abt Sep 2005Chichester RD, Sussex I79533
22 Fryer, Pamela Maud  Abt Nov 2006Chichester RD, Sussex I142984
23 Gibbons, Ellen Florence  Abt Mar 2004Chichester RD, Sussex I7522
24 Golds, George Charles  Abt Feb 2001Chichester RD, Sussex I144448
25 Gornall, Ann  Abt Oct 1988Chichester RD, Sussex I145960
26 Gribben, Daniel  Abt Jan 2004Chichester RD, Sussex I120623
27 Grimson, Louis William  Abt Feb 2005Chichester RD, Sussex I103525
28 Grout, Percy Edward  Abt Oct 1994Chichester RD, Sussex I131143
29 Hannam, John Harold  16 Dec 2000Chichester RD, Sussex I40624
30 Harbon, Eva Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1947Chichester RD, Sussex I32532
31 Hetherington, Sally Anne  Abt Oct 2003Chichester RD, Sussex I12587
32 Hollingdale, William Herbert  1 Apr 1998Chichester RD, Sussex I170396
33 Homer, William Silas  Abt May 1980Chichester RD, Sussex I100047
34 House, Albert Thomas  Abt Feb 1980Chichester RD, Sussex I3759
35 House, Bernard William  Abt Nov 1992Chichester RD, Sussex I76874
36 House, Florence Edna M  Abt Jul 1989Chichester RD, Sussex I48466
37 House, Florrie Ann  Abt Jan 1985Chichester RD, Sussex I43813
38 House, Francis Herbert  Abt Aug 1986Chichester RD, Sussex I76879
39 House, Frederick William  Abt Oct 1991Chichester RD, Sussex I71630
40 House, George James A  Abt Nov 2006Chichester RD, Sussex I40087
41 House, John Frederick Lile  Abt Mar 1995Chichester RD, Sussex I14071
42 House, Kathleen M  Abt Feb 1959Chichester RD, Sussex I170266
43 House, Lille Louvaine  Abt Dec 1999Chichester RD, Sussex I60260
44 House, Margaret Dorothy Evelyn  Abt May 2002Chichester RD, Sussex I31708
45 House, Nellie Dorothy  Abt Nov 1936Chichester RD, Sussex I39277
46 House, Nelson  Abt Nov 1961Chichester RD, Sussex I13612
47 House, Nelson John  Sep 2002Chichester RD, Sussex I26514
48 House, Paul Raymond  Abt Aug 1952Chichester RD, Sussex I76886
49 House, Stanley William  Abt Feb 1970Chichester RD, Sussex I3111
50 House, Tom Victor  Abt May 1976Chichester RD, Sussex I1619

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ansell, Bertram Reginald  Abt Nov 1902Chichester RD, Sussex I7310
2 Charman, Frances Kate  Abt Nov 1901Chichester RD, Sussex I142960
3 Noyce, Lionel Charles  Abt Aug 1913Chichester RD, Sussex I159582
4 Tester, Alice Edith  Abt Nov 1867Chichester RD, Sussex I46287
5 Wooden, Albert Thomas J  Abt Nov 1902Chichester RD, Sussex I40117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Marjorie Lillian Hudson  Abt Dec 2002Chichester RD, Sussex I79053
2 Dadswell, Frank Charles  Oct 1992Chichester RD, Sussex I143687
3 Hollingdale, William Herbert  Abt Apr 1998Chichester RD, Sussex I170396
4 House, Charlotte Ivy  Abt Jun 1994Chichester RD, Sussex I7429
5 Killmaster, Agnes  Abt Nov 1943Chichester RD, Sussex I49272
6 Massey, Joseph Bostock  Abt Feb 1947Chichester RD, Sussex I146887
7 Meredith, Edna  Abt Jul 2000Chichester RD, Sussex I99418
8 Neaverson, Charlotte L  Abt Nov 1956Chichester RD, Sussex I67380


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brimble / Read  Abt Aug 1947Chichester RD, Sussex F43646
2 Coasby / Howes  Abt Aug 1948Chichester RD, Sussex F37363
3 Dadswell / Halfacres  Abt May 1941Chichester RD, Sussex F43883
4 Dodd / Garvey  Abt May 1940Chichester RD, Sussex F35233
5 Golds / Stupple  Abt Feb 1940Chichester RD, Sussex F44140
6 Hammerton / Tester  Abt Aug 1896Chichester RD, Sussex F13909
7 Howes / Fryer  Abt May 1957Chichester RD, Sussex F43651
8 Hows / Haydon  Abt Aug 1975Chichester RD, Sussex F36995
9 Howse / Mallard  Abt Aug 1971Chichester RD, Sussex F41863
10 Jordan / Howes  Abt Feb 1941Chichester RD, Sussex F43652