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Crewe, Cheshire


City/Town : Latitude: 53.0996, Longitude: -2.44146


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Angelina Ellen  Abt May 1871Crewe, Cheshire I41054
2 Cope, Harriet Ann  Abt Aug 1881Crewe, Cheshire I51429
3 Covington, Sidney Parris  8 Oct 1893Crewe, Cheshire I109556
4 Elvy, Joyce M  3 Aug 1926Crewe, Cheshire I66313
5 Elvy, Walter G  Abt May 1893Crewe, Cheshire I66314
6 Farr, Florence Elizabeth  Abt 1877Crewe, Cheshire I81131
7 Haywood, Eliza Ann A  Nov 1880Crewe, Cheshire I6041
8 Holmes, Cecil Howard  Abt Nov 1894Crewe, Cheshire I3062
9 Holmes, Edgar Percy  Abt May 1892Crewe, Cheshire I3811
10 Holmes, Phillip George E  Abt Aug 1893Crewe, Cheshire I2319
11 House, Charles William  23 Dec 1903Crewe, Cheshire I81132
12 Howes, Alan George  23 Feb 1925Crewe, Cheshire I90919
13 Howes, Alfred William  Abt Aug 1872Crewe, Cheshire I66272
14 Howes, Douglas Martin  19 Apr 1919Crewe, Cheshire I90921
15 Howes, Edith Maud  7 Feb 1895Crewe, Cheshire I66238
16 Howes, Edith May  16 Nov 1892Crewe, Cheshire I66338
17 Howes, John Butler  Abt Aug 1929Crewe, Cheshire I114064
18 Howes, John Henry  14 Mar 1902Crewe, Cheshire I82880
19 Howes, Mary Ellen  Abt May 1899Crewe, Cheshire I69671
20 Howes, Millicent  2 Feb 1895Crewe, Cheshire I66359
21 Howes, Olive  Abt Aug 1897Crewe, Cheshire I66362
22 Howes, Reginald John  24 Apr 1897Crewe, Cheshire I4001
23 Howes, Rosetta Lilian  Abt Aug 1901Crewe, Cheshire I69678
24 Howes, Walter  Abt May 1905Crewe, Cheshire I69693
25 Howes, Walter George  Abt Nov 1897Crewe, Cheshire I66239
26 Howes, Walter Leonard  2 Feb 1894Crewe, Cheshire I14302
27 Joy, John Alfred  Abt May 1879Crewe, Cheshire I33605
28 Milton, Gerald House  Abt May 1906Crewe, Cheshire I81136
29 Milton, John Frederick Arthur  Abt Feb 1874Crewe, Cheshire I9260
30 Milton, John Harvey  13 Mar 1908Crewe, Cheshire I81137
31 Nowell, Christopher Richard Charles  7 May 1956Crewe, Cheshire I106766
32 Williams, Herbert Cyril  Abt Feb 1891Crewe, Cheshire I74606
33 Williams, Olive  Abt Nov 1893Crewe, Cheshire I74608
34 Willis, Frederick Leonard  9 Oct 1905Crewe, Cheshire I13872
35 Willis, George Henry  Jun 1902Crewe, Cheshire I12846
36 Willis, Lily Gertrude  Nov 1900Crewe, Cheshire I16248


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beer, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1951Crewe, Cheshire I69579
2 Howes, Joseph  Abt Nov 1925Crewe, Cheshire I12928
3 Howes, Walter  Abt Feb 1951Crewe, Cheshire I69693
4 Peters, Jane  Abt May 1924Crewe, Cheshire I22731


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Angelina Ellen  Abt 1871Crewe, Cheshire I41054
2 Cope, Harriet Ann  Abt 1881Crewe, Cheshire I51429
3 Covington, Sidney Parris  Abt 1893Crewe, Cheshire I109556
4 Elvy, Joyce M  1926Crewe, Cheshire I66313
5 Elvy, Walter G  Abt 1892Crewe, Cheshire I66314
6 Elvy, Walter G  1893Crewe, Cheshire I66314
7 Holmes, Cecil Howard  Abt 1894Crewe, Cheshire I3062
8 Holmes, Edgar Percy  Abt 1892Crewe, Cheshire I3811
9 Holmes, Phillip George E  Abt 1893Crewe, Cheshire I2319
10 House, Charles William  Abt 1903Crewe, Cheshire I81132
11 Howes, Alan George  1925Crewe, Cheshire I90919
12 Howes, Alfred William  Abt 1872Crewe, Cheshire I66272
13 Howes, Alfred William  Abt 1873Crewe, Cheshire I66272
14 Howes, Douglas Martin  1919Crewe, Cheshire I90921
15 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt 1894Crewe, Cheshire I66238
16 Howes, Edith May  1892Crewe, Cheshire I66338
17 Howes, Edith May  Abt 1892Crewe, Cheshire I66338
18 Howes, Edith May  Abt Nov 1892Crewe, Cheshire I66338
19 Howes, George Ernest  1886Crewe, Cheshire I66344
20 Howes, George Ernest  Abt 1886Crewe, Cheshire I66344
21 Howes, George Ernest  Abt Nov 1886Crewe, Cheshire I66344
22 Howes, Gertrude Ann  Abt 1881Crewe, Cheshire I10433
23 Howes, John Butler  1929Crewe, Cheshire I114064
24 Howes, John Henry  Abt 1901Crewe, Cheshire I82880
25 Howes, Mary Ellen  Abt 1898Crewe, Cheshire I69671
26 Howes, Millicent  Abt 1894Crewe, Cheshire I66359
27 Howes, Millicent  1895Crewe, Cheshire I66359
28 Howes, Olive  1897Crewe, Cheshire I66362
29 Howes, Olive  Abt 1897Crewe, Cheshire I66362
30 Howes, Reginald John  Abt 1897Crewe, Cheshire I4001
31 Howes, Rosetta Lilian  Abt 1900Crewe, Cheshire I69678
32 Howes, Walter  Abt 1903Crewe, Cheshire I69693
33 Howes, Walter George  1897Crewe, Cheshire I66239
34 Howes, Walter George  Abt 1897Crewe, Cheshire I66239
35 Howes, Walter Leonard  Abt 1893Crewe, Cheshire I14302
36 Howse, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1875Crewe, Cheshire I76041
37 Howse, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1875Crewe, Cheshire I76041
38 Howse, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1876Crewe, Cheshire I76041
39 Joy, John Alfred  Abt 1878Crewe, Cheshire I33605
40 Milton, Gerald House  Abt 1906Crewe, Cheshire I81136
41 Milton, John Frederick Arthur  Abt 1873Crewe, Cheshire I9260
42 Milton, John Harvey  Abt 1907Crewe, Cheshire I81137
43 Williams, Herbert Cyril  Abt 1890Crewe, Cheshire I74606
44 Williams, Olive  Abt 1893Crewe, Cheshire I74608
45 Willis, Frederick Leonard  Abt 1905Crewe, Cheshire I13872
46 Willis, Frederick Leonard  Dec 1905Crewe, Cheshire I13872
47 Willis, George Henry  Abt 1901Crewe, Cheshire I12846
48 Willis, George Henry  26 Feb 1902Crewe, Cheshire I12846
49 Willis, Lily Gertrude  Abt 1899Crewe, Cheshire I16248


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Butler, Gertrude  1970Crewe, Cheshire I114056
2 Howes, George Storer  1947Crewe, Cheshire I66345
3 Howes, Harold  1944Crewe, Cheshire I66348
4 Howes, Joseph  1925Crewe, Cheshire I12928
5 Howes, Millicent  1974Crewe, Cheshire I66359
6 Howes, Olive  1903Crewe, Cheshire I66362
7 Martin, Sarah Jane  1932Crewe, Cheshire I66378
8 Peters, Jane  1924Crewe, Cheshire I22731


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Day, Charles  18 Jun 1846Crewe, Cheshire I81003
2 Howes, George Storer  23 Sep 1885Crewe, Cheshire I66345
3 Schofield, Eva  2002Crewe, Cheshire I90931