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Gosport, Hampshire



City/Town : Latitude: 50.8004378, Longitude: -1.1555839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brannan, Ethel Victoria Emma  23 Jan 1901Gosport, Hampshire I39364
2 Buckland, Frederick William Victor  29 Nov 1904Gosport, Hampshire I74622
3 Burton, Charles William  16 Aug 1889Gosport, Hampshire I37876
4 Duckworth, Marion Louise  1867Gosport, Hampshire I25564
5 Fry, Rhoda Tryphenia  Abt May 1861Gosport, Hampshire I31627
6 Ham, Gertrude Caroline  Abt 1868Gosport, Hampshire I31539
7 Harvey, Thomas James  Abt 1866Gosport, Hampshire I86474
8 Hopgood, William Henry  Abt Nov 1874Gosport, Hampshire I28853
9 House, Andrew Mark  Abt Feb 1910Gosport, Hampshire I39657
10 House, Cecil William  28 Nov 1898Gosport, Hampshire I31626
11 House, Dorothy Annie May  2 Sep 1913Gosport, Hampshire I135122
12 House, Edith Florence  Abt Nov 1909Gosport, Hampshire I32854
13 House, Edward Bennett  Abt Feb 1889Gosport, Hampshire I77945
14 House, Frank Reginald  12 May 1893Gosport, Hampshire I37909
15 House, George  Abt 1815Gosport, Hampshire I36693
16 House, George Henry Alec  Abt May 1907Gosport, Hampshire I39676
17 House, Gilbert Laurence  30 Nov 1898Gosport, Hampshire I37910
18 House, Herbert James  Abt Aug 1900Gosport, Hampshire I41290
19 House, Margaret Alice  30 Apr 1916Gosport, Hampshire I32888
20 House, Phyllis May  Abt May 1913Gosport, Hampshire I32902
21 House, Walter Charles  Abt Mar 1891Gosport, Hampshire I37931
22 House, Winifred Victoria  5 May 1904Gosport, Hampshire I39165
23 Howes, Annie Blanche  Abt Aug 1905Gosport, Hampshire I74645
24 Howes, Hilda Harriet  14 Oct 1907Gosport, Hampshire I74660
25 Howes, Louisa May  5 May 1880Gosport, Hampshire I74786
26 Howes, Reginald Joseph E  Abt Nov 1902Gosport, Hampshire I74683
27 Howes, Rupert Allen  2 Feb 1907Gosport, Hampshire I74687
28 Howes, Thomas William  14 Jun 1910Gosport, Hampshire I74692
29 Howes, Walter Josiah Richard  Abt May 1903Gosport, Hampshire I7903
30 Howse, Iris Eileen  Abt Feb 1904Gosport, Hampshire I39368
31 Howse, Reginald John  Abt Feb 1899Gosport, Hampshire I39374
32 Howse, Walter Noel George  Abt Dec 1910Gosport, Hampshire I39376
33 Joel, Rebecca  Abt May 1857Gosport, Hampshire I46972
34 Morgan, Jack  Abt May 1898Gosport, Hampshire I8889
35 Sedgwick, Marjorie Alice  19 Jan 1899Gosport, Hampshire I10401
36 Sparshott, Rosa Ellen  Abt May 1875Gosport, Hampshire I74727
37 West, Alfred John  1 Aug 1857Gosport, Hampshire I31723
38 Williams, Sarah Rebecca  Abt 1819Gosport, Hampshire I74609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Captain Albert Edwin  Abt Feb 1956Gosport, Hampshire I18835
2 House, Gladys Marjorie  Abt May 1970Gosport, Hampshire I31618
3 House, Gwendoline Dorothy May  24 Mar 2010Gosport, Hampshire I110073
4 House, Richard Thomas  Abt Aug 1957Gosport, Hampshire I2927
5 Plummer, Mary  9 Feb 1894Gosport, Hampshire I11455
6 Reeves, Edith May  3 Jan 1956Gosport, Hampshire I77939


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brannan, Ethel Victoria Emma  Abt 1900Gosport, Hampshire I39364
2 Brannan, Ethel Victoria Emma  Abt Feb 1901Gosport, Hampshire I39364
3 Buckland, Frederick William Victor  Abt 1904Gosport, Hampshire I74622
4 Burton, Charles William  Abt 1889Gosport, Hampshire I37876
5 Coombs, Ellen  Abt 1850Gosport, Hampshire I28281
6 Duckworth, Marion Louise  1868Gosport, Hampshire I25564
7 Fry, Rhoda Tryphenia  Abt 1860Gosport, Hampshire I31627
8 Hopgood, William Henry  Abt 1874Gosport, Hampshire I28853
9 House, Alice Maud  Abt 1892Gosport, Hampshire I39362
10 House, Andrew Mark  Abt 1909Gosport, Hampshire I39657
11 House, Beatrice Rosa  Abt 1881Gosport, Hampshire I37740
12 House, Brian Harvey  Abt 1897Gosport, Hampshire I31633
13 House, Cecil William  Abt 1898Gosport, Hampshire I31626
14 House, Charles Henry  Abt 1860Gosport, Hampshire I17343
15 House, Edith Florence  Abt 1909Gosport, Hampshire I32854
16 House, Edward Bennett  Abt 1888Gosport, Hampshire I77945
17 House, Elizabeth Lucy  Abt 1861Gosport, Hampshire I6727
18 House, Elizabeth Lucy  Abt 1865Gosport, Hampshire I6727
19 House, Frank Reginald  Abt 1893Gosport, Hampshire I37909
20 House, George Henry Alec  Abt 1907Gosport, Hampshire I39676
21 House, Gilbert Laurence  Abt 1898Gosport, Hampshire I37910
22 House, Gladys Marjorie  Abt 1885Gosport, Hampshire I31618
23 House, Herbert James  Abt 1900Gosport, Hampshire I41290
24 House, Maurice Henry Neville  Abt 1888Gosport, Hampshire I31632
25 House, Philip James  Abt 1884Gosport, Hampshire I31631
26 House, Robert John  Abt 1848Gosport, Hampshire I36708
27 House, Roy Sydney  Abt 1874Gosport, Hampshire I1270
28 House, Stanley James Ralph  Abt 1901Gosport, Hampshire I37928
29 House, Walter Charles  Abt 1890Gosport, Hampshire I37931
30 House, Winifred Victoria  Abt 1904Gosport, Hampshire I39165
31 House, Winifred Victoria  Abt May 1904Gosport, Hampshire I39165
32 Howes, Annie Blanche  Abt 1905Gosport, Hampshire I74645
33 Howes, Hilda Harriet  Abt 1907Gosport, Hampshire I74660
34 Howes, Louisa May  Abt Jun 1880Gosport, Hampshire I74786
35 Howes, Reginald Joseph E  Abt 1902Gosport, Hampshire I74683
36 Howes, Rupert Allen  Abt 1906Gosport, Hampshire I74687
37 Howes, Thomas William  Abt Jul 1910Gosport, Hampshire I74692
38 Howes, Walter Josiah Richard  Abt 1903Gosport, Hampshire I7903
39 Howse, Ernest  Abt 1860Gosport, Hampshire I60505
40 Howse, Ernest  Abt 1861Gosport, Hampshire I60505
41 Howse, Iris Eileen  Abt 1903Gosport, Hampshire I39368
42 Howse, Reginald John  Abt 1898Gosport, Hampshire I39374
43 Joel, Rebecca  Abt 1857Gosport, Hampshire I46972
44 Molloy, Mary  Abt 1850Gosport, Hampshire I34939
45 Molloy, Mary  Abt 1851Gosport, Hampshire I34939
46 Molloy, Mary  Abt 1852Gosport, Hampshire I34939
47 Morgan, Jack  Abt 1898Gosport, Hampshire I8889
48 Nobes, Harriet  Abt 1840Gosport, Hampshire I36193
49 Pink, Benjamin Joseph  Abt 1841Gosport, Hampshire I81388
50 Sparshott, Rosa Ellen  Abt 1874Gosport, Hampshire I74727

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alfred Frederick  1929Gosport, Hampshire I37321


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Cook  22 Apr 1935Gosport, Hampshire F17513