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Harlesden, Middlesex


Location : Latitude: 37.6001401, Longitude: -76.5663416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Copson, Ambrose Bernard  27 Jan 1909Harlesden, Middlesex I183056
2 Copson, Walter Stanley  30 Oct 1903Harlesden, Middlesex I183055
3 House, Alice Dorothy  12 Mar 1908Harlesden, Middlesex I28123
4 House, Charles Arthur  Abt Feb 1883Harlesden, Middlesex I39559
5 House, Christopher Augustus  11 Mar 1887Harlesden, Middlesex I39562
6 House, John Frederick Lile  13 Nov 1905Harlesden, Middlesex I14071
7 House, Leonard Richard  14 Jan 1899Harlesden, Middlesex I25611
8 House, Winifred Alice  3 Mar 1892Harlesden, Middlesex I12640
9 Howes, Constance Vera  26 Feb 1911Harlesden, Middlesex I1509
10 Howes, Edward Cecil  Abt Aug 1903Harlesden, Middlesex I53819
11 Howes, Lilian Adelaide B  5 May 1900Harlesden, Middlesex I13166
12 Howes, Sybil May  12 May 1905Harlesden, Middlesex I7651
13 Howse, Dorothy Nancy  20 Oct 1914Harlesden, Middlesex I71729
14 James, Charles Lewington Robert  3 May 1890Harlesden, Middlesex I136675
15 Lucas, Gwendoline Helena  Abt Jan 1901Harlesden, Middlesex I47790
16 Marsh, Winifred Agenoria  Abt Aug 1909Harlesden, Middlesex I53837
17 Merriman, Gladys Eva  19 Nov 1910Harlesden, Middlesex I45983
18 Mowbray, Ernest Henry  28 Jan 1897Harlesden, Middlesex I182922
19 Mowbray, Florence Beatrice  Abt Feb 1901Harlesden, Middlesex I182924
20 Mowbray, John  13 Sep 1899Harlesden, Middlesex I182923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Copson, Ambrose Bernard  Abt 1908Harlesden, Middlesex I183056
2 Copson, Walter Stanley  Abt 1903Harlesden, Middlesex I183055
3 House, Charles Arthur  Abt 1882Harlesden, Middlesex I39559
4 House, Christopher Augustus  Abt 1886Harlesden, Middlesex I39562
5 House, Leonard Richard  Abt 1899Harlesden, Middlesex I25611
6 Howes, Constance Vera  Abt Mar 1911Harlesden, Middlesex I1509
7 Howes, Edward Cecil  Abt 1903Harlesden, Middlesex I53819
8 Howes, Frank William  Abt 1867Harlesden, Middlesex I9934
9 Howes, Frederick Joseph  Abt 1863Harlesden, Middlesex I7721
10 Howes, Lilian Adelaide B  Abt 1900Harlesden, Middlesex I13166
11 Howes, Lilian Adelaide B  Abt May 1900Harlesden, Middlesex I13166
12 Howes, Sybil May  Abt 1905Harlesden, Middlesex I7651
13 Howse, Ann Amelia  Abt 1850Harlesden, Middlesex I93754
14 James, Charles Lewington Robert  Abt 1890Harlesden, Middlesex I136675
15 James, Sidney Albert  Abt 1894Harlesden, Middlesex I136678
16 Lucas, Gwendoline Helena  Abt 1900Harlesden, Middlesex I47790
17 Marsh, Winifred Agenoria  Abt 1909Harlesden, Middlesex I53837
18 Merriman, Gladys Eva  Abt Mar 1911Harlesden, Middlesex I45983
19 Mowbray, Ernest Henry  Abt 1896Harlesden, Middlesex I182922
20 Mowbray, John  Abt 1899Harlesden, Middlesex I182923
21 Mowbray, John  Abt Oct 1899Harlesden, Middlesex I182923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howse, Bessie  15 Jun 1890Harlesden, Middlesex I28094
2 James, Charles Albert  15 Jun 1890Harlesden, Middlesex I136674


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Driver / Bassett  7 Jul 1924Harlesden, Middlesex F17811