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Headington RD, Oxfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.8073045, Longitude: -1.2912335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Kingston, Arthur Leslie L  Abt Feb 1930Headington RD, Oxfordshire I146293
202 Kingston, Arthur Richings  Abt Feb 1905Headington RD, Oxfordshire I146294
203 Kingston, Barbara Violet  Abt May 1925Headington RD, Oxfordshire I146295
204 Mead, Daisy May  Abt Nov 1924Headington RD, Oxfordshire I136410
205 Meadows, Dennis Alfred  Abt Feb 1923Headington RD, Oxfordshire I78521
206 Merry, Emily Amelia  Abt Aug 1895Headington RD, Oxfordshire I14874
207 Mitchell, Leslie G  Abt Nov 1913Headington RD, Oxfordshire I136411
208 Morris, John Rupert  Abt Feb 1913Headington RD, Oxfordshire I135854
209 Mott, Constance Emma  Abt May 1906Headington RD, Oxfordshire I81141
210 Partlett, Eric Leslie  Abt Aug 1907Headington RD, Oxfordshire I133880
211 Pitson, Eva W  Abt May 1915Headington RD, Oxfordshire I146305
212 Pulker, Eliza Elizabeth  Abt May 1880Headington RD, Oxfordshire I55252
213 Pulker, George  Abt Aug 1855Headington RD, Oxfordshire I55253
214 Rix, Betty Alice  Abt Feb 1928Headington RD, Oxfordshire I109061
215 Salter, George Avery C  Abt Feb 1877Headington RD, Oxfordshire I98930
216 Saunders, Albert  Abt May 1891Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46978
217 Saunders, Dorothy Annie  Abt Feb 1893Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46979
218 Saunders, Elizabeth Sarah A  Abt Feb 1884Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46980
219 Saunders, Ellen  Abt Aug 1887Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46981
220 Saunders, Emily  Abt Aug 1898Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46982
221 Saunders, Ethel  Abt Feb 1890Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46983
222 Saunders, George  Abt Feb 1895Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46984
223 Saunders, Henry  Abt Feb 1885Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46986
224 Saunders, Joseph  Abt Aug 1886Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46987
225 Saunders, Lillie May  Abt May 1900Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46988
226 Saunders, Minnie Rebecca  Abt Feb 1890Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46989
227 Saunders, Reginald Leonard  Abt Feb 1903Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46990
228 Saunders, Rose  Abt Nov 1888Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46991
229 Saunders, William  Abt May 1896Headington RD, Oxfordshire I46992
230 Sawyer, Arthur Thomas  Abt Feb 1898Headington RD, Oxfordshire I98913
231 Sawyer, Percy Philip  Abt Feb 1896Headington RD, Oxfordshire I98907
232 Searle, Agnes Annie  Abt Aug 1861Headington RD, Oxfordshire I35217
233 Simmons, Alfred William  Abt Feb 1907Headington RD, Oxfordshire I142303
234 Simms, Alfred James  Abt May 1884Headington RD, Oxfordshire I152800
235 Simms, George  Abt Feb 1886Headington RD, Oxfordshire I152806
236 Simms, Lizzie Edith  Abt Nov 1887Headington RD, Oxfordshire I152809
237 Smith, Amy Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1892Headington RD, Oxfordshire I147906
238 Soanes, Rose Alice  Abt Nov 1888Headington RD, Oxfordshire I65884
239 Sturges, Arthur Frederick  Abt Nov 1900Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137977
240 Sturges, Charles Fred  Abt Aug 1885Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137973
241 Sturges, Frank  Abt Nov 1889Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137974
242 Sturges, Harry Howse  Abt May 1883Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137972
243 Sturges, Lizzie  Abt Aug 1892Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137975
244 Sturges, Richard  Abt Feb 1851Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137968
245 Sturges, Richard  Abt Aug 1881Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137971
246 Sturges, Wilfrid John  Abt Aug 1895Headington RD, Oxfordshire I137976
247 Thomas, Eliza  Abt May 1861Headington RD, Oxfordshire I78930
248 Thomas, Louisa  Abt Nov 1855Headington RD, Oxfordshire I78486
249 Trafford, George  Abt Nov 1898Headington RD, Oxfordshire I140062
250 Trafford, Henry  Abt Aug 1897Headington RD, Oxfordshire I140063

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