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Henstead RD, Norfolk


Notes: RD centred roughly around here

Location : Latitude: 52.5296861, Longitude: 1.27647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Rowland, Reginald Basil  Abt Aug 1904Henstead RD, Norfolk I91864
152 Rowland, Robert Donald  Abt Feb 1903Henstead RD, Norfolk I91863
153 Rowland, Thomas Frank  Abt May 1901Henstead RD, Norfolk I91862
154 Sharman, Elizabeth Sarah  Abt Nov 1860Henstead RD, Norfolk I57691
155 Smith, James  Abt May 1866Henstead RD, Norfolk I19571
156 Sparrow, John  Abt May 1861Henstead RD, Norfolk I2633
157 Stackyard, Amelia  Abt May 1860Henstead RD, Norfolk I14901
158 Stone, Henry  Abt Aug 1864Henstead RD, Norfolk I98940
159 Stone, Priscilla Mary  Abt Aug 1873Henstead RD, Norfolk I98939
160 Stone, William James  Abt Aug 1867Henstead RD, Norfolk I98938
161 Waller, Susannah  Abt Nov 1873Henstead RD, Norfolk I22718
162 Warnes, Benjamin  Abt May 1859Henstead RD, Norfolk I52286
163 Webster, Amy Winifred  Abt Nov 1881Henstead RD, Norfolk I77175
164 Wells, Edith Katherine M  Abt Nov 1870Henstead RD, Norfolk I52803
165 Wells, Malcolm Hicks W  Abt Feb 1872Henstead RD, Norfolk I52804
166 Woolston, Etheldreda Lucy Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1912Henstead RD, Norfolk I82666

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