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Hillingdon RD, Middlesex


City/Town : Latitude: 51.3664964, Longitude: -0.5666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angus, Alice Sarah  Abt Aug 1985Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I68706
2 Annereau, Ernest Alfred  Abt May 1971Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I183238
3 Barnicoat, Celia Eliza  Abt Feb 1966Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I30979
4 Batts, Robert Charles Francis  Abt Nov 1986Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I46382
5 Blakemore, Joseph  Abt Jun 1986Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I48841
6 Bowden, Isobel Mary  Abt Jan 1998Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I36940
7 Bray, Harry William  Abt Feb 1979Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I131339
8 Brice, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 2004Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I106654
9 Broadbent, George Edward  Abt Dec 1987Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I170082
10 Brook, Gladys Florence  Abt Feb 1978Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I188086
11 Bryan, Henry John  Abt Jan 1985Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I98971
12 Carkett, Maurice  Abt Nov 1969Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93558
13 Charnick, Rose Emma  Abt Feb 1986Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I72015
14 Collins, May Louisa  Abt Oct 1997Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I106617
15 Cox, Amy Winifred  Abt May 1975Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I127781
16 Cox-Moore, Cicely May  Abt Aug 1980Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I130125
17 Dean, Edward Cyril  Abt Aug 1970Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I117522
18 Dingle, Ellen Louisa  Abt Nov 1975Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I50373
19 Dumbleton, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1990Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I137747
20 Durnford, Ronald Richard  Abt Jan 1993Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I117523
21 Etheridge, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1983Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93971
22 Flower, Wilfred Owen  Abt Dec 1988Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I17328
23 Fruin, Marjorie Winifred Isobel  27 Dec 1999Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I129042
24 Gabell, Frederick  Abt Aug 1971Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I67749
25 Gammage, Charles William  Abt Jan 1992Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I159719
26 Goold, Frederick Ferriss  Abt Aug 1993Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93433
27 Gosney, Maurice Henry  Abt Nov 1982Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I112149
28 Green, Colin Frank  Oct 2003Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I148040
29 Hannam, Gwendoline Emma Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1989Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93482
30 Harris, Ada Lillian  Abt May 1991Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93598
31 Harvey, Harold  Abt Nov 1982Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I131340
32 Hemmings, Ethel  Abt Nov 1978Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93435
33 Higgins, Barbara Joan  Abt May 1979Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I48197
34 Hodge, Caroline Julia  Abt May 1971Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93536
35 Hoinville, Herbert  Abt May 1997Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93469
36 House, Ada  Abt May 1973Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I68713
37 House, Ada Florence  Abt Feb 1983Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93557
38 House, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1971Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I69369
39 House, Algernon Francis Cecil  Abt Aug 1974Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I23496
40 House, Alice Maude  Abt Aug 1997Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I93539
41 House, Arthur  Abt Feb 1989Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I68705
42 House, Arthur Edward  Abt Oct 1990Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I81199
43 House, Audrey Anne  Abt Mar 1990Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I130609
44 House, Charles Thomas  Abt Nov 1971Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I38925
45 House, Dorothy May  Abt Feb 1992Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I69371
46 House, Edith Cecilia  Abt Feb 1982Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I46717
47 House, Edward James  Abt Nov 1982Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I48220
48 House, Ellen Amelia  Abt Feb 1974Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I68712
49 House, Eunice Lily  Abt Aug 1989Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I48866
50 House, Eva Kate  Abt May 1977Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I2404

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Evans, Maureen  Abt Feb 1998Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I89961
2 Farrington, Florence Jessie  Abt Nov 1983Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I17455
3 Fruin, Marjorie Winifred Isobel  Abt Dec 1999Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I129042
4 Green, Colin Frank  Abt Oct 2003Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I148040
5 House, Ethel Mary Caroline  Abt Aug 1965Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I81208
6 Howes, David  Abt Dec 1996Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I148157
7 Howes, George Edward  Abt Aug 1975Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I58969
8 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1973Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I397
9 Leeves, Pamela Gladys Mary  Abt Nov 1996Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I187979
10 Mason, Lucy Somme Verdun  Abt May 2001Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I182552
11 Pearmain, Charles Arthur  Abt Aug 1973Hillingdon RD, Middlesex I182976


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harvey / House  Abt Nov 1980Hillingdon RD, Middlesex F39872
2 Hyde / Rainbird  Abt Feb 1966Hillingdon RD, Middlesex F27240