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Ipswich RD, Suffolk



City/Town : Latitude: 52.241102, Longitude: 1.060393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
151 Salter, George Frederick  Abt May 1966Ipswich RD, Suffolk I140570
152 Salter, Ivor Arthur J  Abt Nov 1989Ipswich RD, Suffolk I140572
153 Scopes, Alfred Gowing  Abt Aug 1947Ipswich RD, Suffolk I94975
154 Scopes, Alfred Walter  Abt May 1972Ipswich RD, Suffolk I94978
155 Scopes, Charles Henry  Abt Feb 1975Ipswich RD, Suffolk I94977
156 Scopes, John Robert G  Abt Feb 1988Ipswich RD, Suffolk I94979
157 Silverthorne, Howard House  Abt Apr 2002Ipswich RD, Suffolk I5569
158 Smyth, Alan William  Abt Jan 1988Ipswich RD, Suffolk I133651
159 Smyth, Philip John  Abt Nov 1975Ipswich RD, Suffolk I133652
160 Stannard, Edith Mary M  Abt Nov 1892Ipswich RD, Suffolk I92324
161 Stickland, Hilda May  Abt Nov 1981Ipswich RD, Suffolk I159500
162 Teather, Robert T  Abt Feb 1968Ipswich RD, Suffolk I83852
163 Turner, Florence Fontenia  Abt Nov 1950Ipswich RD, Suffolk I62973
164 Twine, Edith Gertrude  Abt Feb 1955Ipswich RD, Suffolk I93605
165 Walpole, Howard William Robert  Abt Feb 1891Ipswich RD, Suffolk I64353
166 Warne, Rosetta Caroline  Abt Nov 1936Ipswich RD, Suffolk I62141
167 Webb, Alga Rosetta  Abt Aug 1995Ipswich RD, Suffolk I62971
168 Webb, Ann  Abt May 1871Ipswich RD, Suffolk I75251
169 Wellfare, James  Abt Aug 1964Ipswich RD, Suffolk I138608
170 Whattam, Philip Eldon  Abt Nov 1953Ipswich RD, Suffolk I50713
171 White, Charles Samuel  Abt Nov 1950Ipswich RD, Suffolk I7334
172 White, Jeanette Emiline  Abt Nov 1943Ipswich RD, Suffolk I12900

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