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Martham, Norfolk


Location : Latitude: 52.7043, Longitude: 1.63674


Martham, Norfolk
Martham, Norfolk
St Mary the Virgin


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angel, Mary Ann  Abt 1887Martham, Norfolk I56569
2 Bane, Catherine  Abt 1871Martham, Norfolk I55362
3 Conyard, Ann Mary  Abt May 1849Martham, Norfolk I3719
4 Dove, Minnie Eliza  Abt 1874Martham, Norfolk I6588
5 Dyball, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Martham, Norfolk I55440
6 Goose, Elijah  Abt 1853Martham, Norfolk I21827
7 Green, Charles George  Abt 1882Martham, Norfolk I56575
8 Green, Norman Joseph  Abt 1908Martham, Norfolk I56576
9 Grimmer, Ethel Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1883Martham, Norfolk I38345
10 Howes, Ann Smith  1823Martham, Norfolk I55515
11 Howes, Elizabeth Sophia  3 Mar 1860Martham, Norfolk I20772
12 Howes, Elsie  Abt 1903Martham, Norfolk I38346
13 Howes, Emily  Abt 1867Martham, Norfolk I4531
14 Howes, Evelyn Irene  2 Jul 1914Martham, Norfolk I38352
15 Howes, George Sydney Greenacre  Abt Aug 1880Martham, Norfolk I38344
16 Howes, George William  12 Mar 1916Martham, Norfolk I38353
17 Howes, Gladys Mabel  Abt May 1906Martham, Norfolk I38348
18 Howes, Lilian Ethel  Abt May 1905Martham, Norfolk I38347
19 Howes, Sidney John  24 Aug 1911Martham, Norfolk I38351
20 Jones, Ellen Eliza  Abt Nov 1889Martham, Norfolk I37147
21 Lambert, Bessie E  Abt 1887Martham, Norfolk I55643
22 Lambert, Charles L  Abt 1886Martham, Norfolk I55644
23 Lambert, Henry  Abt 1855Martham, Norfolk I55645
24 Lowne, Agnes Eve  Abt 1880Martham, Norfolk I56556
25 Nichols, Alice Maud M  Abt May 1893Martham, Norfolk I55687
26 Nichols, Harry Benjamin  Abt Feb 1889Martham, Norfolk I5801
27 Nichols, Rosa Lilian  Abt May 1885Martham, Norfolk I26884
28 Pitchers, Charles Robert  Abt Feb 1895Martham, Norfolk I21435
29 Pitchers, Emma Sarah  Abt Feb 1864Martham, Norfolk I55709
30 Pitchers, William  Abt Feb 1870Martham, Norfolk I27057
31 Pitchers, William Albert  Abt Jan 1901Martham, Norfolk I21418
32 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt 1802Martham, Norfolk I3737
33 Starkings, Walter  Abt 1853Martham, Norfolk I55867
34 Starkings, Walter George W  Abt May 1882Martham, Norfolk I55868
35 Turner, Anna Amelia  Abt Nov 1884Martham, Norfolk I55913
36 Turner, Charles William  Abt Nov 1877Martham, Norfolk I55914
37 Turner, Emily  Abt Feb 1880Martham, Norfolk I55915
38 Turner, Frederick Edmund  Abt Nov 1882Martham, Norfolk I55916
39 Turner, Iris Constance  Abt Feb 1910Martham, Norfolk I56571
40 Turner, Olga May  Abt Feb 1887Martham, Norfolk I55917
41 Turner, Olive Edith  Abt 1909Martham, Norfolk I56559
42 Turner, Rhoda Elvina A  Abt Feb 1909Martham, Norfolk I56570
43 Turner, Robert Roland  Abt Feb 1891Martham, Norfolk I55918
44 Utting, Susannah  Abt 1841Martham, Norfolk I55924
45 Wells, William Harrison  24 Sep 1805Martham, Norfolk I52791


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Mabel Ethel  19 Nov 1997Martham, Norfolk I55364
2 Howes, Alfred  16 Aug 1924Martham, Norfolk I23471
3 Howes, Herbert Leonard  30 Dec 1996Martham, Norfolk I55546
4 Howes, Kathleen Theodora  2 Sep 1968Martham, Norfolk I12241
5 Howes, Robert Rising  7 Sep 1871Martham, Norfolk I55582
6 Jermy, Jane Elizabeth  9 Jun 1928Martham, Norfolk I104420
7 Pitchers, Robert  13 Feb 1890Martham, Norfolk I13062


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bane, Catherine  Abt 1875Martham, Norfolk I55362
2 Broom, Rachel Eliza  Abt 1847Martham, Norfolk I5357
3 Conyard, Ann Mary  Abt 1848Martham, Norfolk I3719
4 Conyard, Ann Mary  Abt 1849Martham, Norfolk I3719
5 Conyard, Ann Mary  Abt 1851Martham, Norfolk I3719
6 Goose, Elijah  Abt 1862Martham, Norfolk I21827
7 Goose, Elijah  Abt 1863Martham, Norfolk I21827
8 Green, Norman Joseph  Abt May 1909Martham, Norfolk I56576
9 Grimmer, Ethel Elizabeth  Abt 1883Martham, Norfolk I38345
10 Howes, Ann Smith  Abt 1822Martham, Norfolk I55515
11 Howes, Elizabeth Sophia  Abt 1859Martham, Norfolk I20772
12 Howes, Elizabeth Sophia  Abt 1860Martham, Norfolk I20772
13 Howes, Emily  Abt Nov 1867Martham, Norfolk I4531
14 Howes, George Sydney Greenacre  Abt 1877Martham, Norfolk I38344
15 Howes, George Sydney Greenacre  Abt 1880Martham, Norfolk I38344
16 Howes, Gladys Mabel  Abt 1906Martham, Norfolk I38348
17 Howes, James William  Abt 1876Martham, Norfolk I26230
18 Howes, Lilian Ethel  Abt 1905Martham, Norfolk I38347
19 Jones, Ellen Eliza  Abt 1888Martham, Norfolk I37147
20 Nichols, Alice Maud M  Abt 1891Martham, Norfolk I55687
21 Nichols, Harry Benjamin  Abt 1888Martham, Norfolk I5801
22 Nichols, Rosa Lilian  Abt 1884Martham, Norfolk I26884
23 Pitchers, Charles Albert  1872Martham, Norfolk I25705
24 Pitchers, Charles Albert  Abt 1872Martham, Norfolk I25705
25 Pitchers, Charles Albert  Abt Nov 1872Martham, Norfolk I25705
26 Pitchers, Charles Robert  Abt 1894Martham, Norfolk I21435
27 Pitchers, Emma Sarah  Abt 1863Martham, Norfolk I55709
28 Pitchers, William  Abt 1869Martham, Norfolk I27057
29 Pitchers, William  1869Martham, Norfolk I27057
30 Starkings, Walter  Abt 1854Martham, Norfolk I55867
31 Starkings, Walter George W  Abt 1882Martham, Norfolk I55868
32 Turner, Anna Amelia  Abt 1884Martham, Norfolk I55913
33 Turner, Charles William  Abt 1877Martham, Norfolk I55914
34 Turner, Charles William  Abt 1880Martham, Norfolk I55914
35 Turner, Emily  Abt 1879Martham, Norfolk I55915
36 Turner, Frederick Edmund  Abt 1882Martham, Norfolk I55916
37 Turner, Frederick Edmund  Abt 1883Martham, Norfolk I55916
38 Turner, Iris Constance  Abt 1909Martham, Norfolk I56571
39 Turner, Olga May  Abt 1886Martham, Norfolk I55917
40 Turner, Rhoda Elvina A  Abt 1908Martham, Norfolk I56570
41 Turner, Robert Roland  Abt 1890Martham, Norfolk I55918
42 Wells, William Harrison  Abt 1805Martham, Norfolk I52791


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Field, Isaac  26 Nov 1906Martham, Norfolk I38349
2 Grimmer, Ethel Elizabeth  9 Jun 1904Martham, Norfolk I38345
3 Howes, Agatha Honor  26 Nov 1906Martham, Norfolk I62377
4 Howes, Anna Maria Kerrison  26 Dec 1876Martham, Norfolk I9374
5 Howes, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1880Martham, Norfolk I38350
6 Howes, Elizabeth  28 Oct 1884Martham, Norfolk I38350
7 Howes, Elizabeth Sophia  1871Martham, Norfolk I20772
8 Howes, Elsie  2 Apr 1911Martham, Norfolk I38346
9 Howes, George  1871Martham, Norfolk I24679
10 Howes, George Sydney Greenacre  9 Jun 1904Martham, Norfolk I38344
11 Howes, Jane  26 Dec 1876Martham, Norfolk I5558
12 Howes, Jane Eliza  2 Apr 1871Martham, Norfolk I26893
13 Nichols, Benjamin  28 Oct 1884Martham, Norfolk I55688
14 Plane, Susannah  1871Martham, Norfolk I13475
15 Rising, Thomas Sutfield  1861Martham, Norfolk I55830
16 Starkings, Walter  26 Dec 1876Martham, Norfolk I55867
17 Turner, Robert Joshua  26 Dec 1876Martham, Norfolk I55919