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Maryland, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.826506, Longitude: -77.2658995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Howes, Victoria Adele  Abt 1915Maryland, USA I68086
202 Howes, Viola  Aug 1881Maryland, USA I85008
203 Howes, Viola  Abt 1882Maryland, USA I85008
204 Howes, Viola  Abt 1883Maryland, USA I85008
205 Howes, Walter C  Abt 1884Maryland, USA I128045
206 Howes, Walter C  Abt 1885Maryland, USA I128045
207 Howes, William Edward  Abt 1884Maryland, USA I65666
208 Howes, William F  Abt 1852Maryland, USA I65949
209 Howes, William H  Abt 1840Maryland, USA I128126
210 Howes, William H  Oct 1840Maryland, USA I128126
211 Howes, William H  Abt Jan 1880Maryland, USA I65986
212 Hows, Joseph A  Abt 1811Maryland, USA I84963
213 Hows, Priscilla  Abt 1833Maryland, USA I84965
214 Howse, William  Abt 1809Maryland, USA I128914
215 Howse, William  15 Feb 1810Maryland, USA I128914
216 King, Ivy Catherine  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I128052
217 Main, Laura Catherine  Dec 1852Maryland, USA I131578
218 Norris, Ann Marie  Maryland, USA I125823
219 Norris, Ann Marie  Abt 1828Maryland, USA I125823
220 Owens, Lillie Lee  Abt 1870Maryland, USA I68104
221 Owens, Lillie Lee  Abt 1879Maryland, USA I68104
222 Ray, Rose L  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I128055
223 Reynolds, Mary Ann  Abt 1824Maryland, USA I141892
224 Rogers, Elizabeth Leah  Abt 1891Maryland, USA I141990
225 Rogers, Elizabeth Leah  Abt 1896Maryland, USA I141990
226 Rusk, Harvey Lee  Abt 1883Maryland, USA I85049
227 Rusk, Harvey Lee  Abt 1885Maryland, USA I85049
228 Rusk, John W  Abt 1905Maryland, USA I85050
229 Rusk, Royce L  Abt 1909Maryland, USA I85051
230 Sarles, Benjamin Eggleston  Abt 1872Maryland, USA I94890
231 Sarles, Hanford L  Abt 1898Maryland, USA I95028
232 Sarles, Hannah A  Abt 1875Maryland, USA I95026
233 Scrivenor, Emma May  Abt 1881Maryland, USA I135225
234 Sibley, Mary Ann  Abt 1819Maryland, USA I65943
235 Sibley, Mary Ann  Abt 1824Maryland, USA I65943
236 Sibley, Mary Ann  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I65943
237 Sparklin, William Albert  Abt 1873Maryland, USA I95033
238 Sparklin, William Albert  Abt 1874Maryland, USA I95033
239 Unknown, Bessie K  Abt 1898Maryland, USA I128122
240 Unknown, Clara  Abt 1876Maryland, USA I84991
241 Unknown, Grace Ray  Abt 1877Maryland, USA I95027
242 Unknown, Grace Ray  Abt 1878Maryland, USA I95027
243 Unknown, Lena  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I65670
244 Unknown, Mary M  Abt 1851Maryland, USA I65661
245 Unknown, Mary M  Abt 1852Maryland, USA I65661
246 Unknown, Mary M  Jul 1852Maryland, USA I65661
247 Unknown, Susie R  Abt 1892Maryland, USA I135232
248 Unknown, Susie R  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I135232
249 Wachter, Mamie S  Abt 1880Maryland, USA I135202
250 Wachter, Mamie S  Abt 1881Maryland, USA I135202

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