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New York, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.8554, Longitude: -76.5017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Harriet  18 May 1830New York, USA I146756
2 Adsitt, Elon Bratt  Abt 1898New York, USA I59499
3 Albro, Frank Runvik  15 Oct 1904New York, USA I78680
4 Allen, Elizabeth Durbrow  Abt 1879New York, USA I96553
5 Auchincloss, Gordon  15 Jun 1886New York, USA I77675
6 Auchincloss, Louise  3 Dec 1914New York, USA I77676
7 Auton, Martha  Abt 1826New York, USA I120435
8 Bailey, Sarah  1772New York, USA I31511
9 Bartlett, Elizabeth  Jul 1839New York, USA I89277
10 Bauerle, Pauline Mary  Abt 1856New York, USA I95780
11 Beattys, Helen Amelia  2 Sep 1861New York, USA I110949
12 Beebe, Sarah S  14 Jan 1818New York, USA I173356
13 Beers, Mildred S  Abt 1890New York, USA I79097
14 Bement, Thankful  Nov 1829New York, USA I113378
15 Bennett, Edna  Abt 1918New York, USA I26403
16 Bennett, Jeannette  1818New York, USA I114922
17 Bennett, Leah  1913New York, USA I3664
18 Bennett, Lucille  1827New York, USA I161826
19 Boice, Elizabeth  Abt 1827New York, USA I95948
20 Bonner, Anna  Sep 1845New York, USA I59484
21 Borst, Cornelia A  Abt 1857New York, USA I133683
22 Bristol, Nellie B  Abt 1898New York, USA I59421
23 Brown, Elizabeth  30 Apr 1906New York, USA I56617
24 Brown, Lydia Ann  Jun 1836New York, USA I164117
25 Bundy, Emily Isabel  28 Oct 1856New York, USA I41876
26 Carey, Lewis  Abt 1904New York, USA I106316
27 Carey, Lorenzo  Jun 1872New York, USA I106315
28 Carr, David E  Abt 1869New York, USA I149482
29 Chamberlain, Benjamin Franklin  Feb 1838New York, USA I115147
30 Cheshre, Emily  Abt 1849New York, USA I95736
31 Church, Louis  Jun 1899New York, USA I165344
32 Churchill, Lucy A  Abt 1887New York, USA I98946
33 Commerford, Francis Thomas  Abt 1909New York, USA I156965
34 Concklin, Henry Sisson  20 Sep 1858New York, USA I1958
35 Conklin, Vinnie  Abt 1921New York, USA I156939
36 Cook, Diadama  Abt 1817New York, USA I90437
37 Cottrell, Florence May  Jul 1899New York, USA I7465
38 Cottrell, George H  Abt 1904New York, USA I1325
39 Cottrell, Robert Warren  23 Oct 1911New York, USA I11072
40 Cottrell, Ruth E  Abt 1903New York, USA I1554
41 Cox, Charles  Abt 1860New York, USA I108477
42 Cox, Charles Douglas  9 Jun 1907New York, USA I108487
43 Cox, Henry B  Abt 1860New York, USA I95029
44 Crowe, Howard R  Abt 1911New York, USA I97049
45 Crowe, Margaret M  Abt 1910New York, USA I97048
46 Cummings, Medora  Sep 1875New York, USA I141622
47 Dann, Charles Henry  Mar 1833New York, USA I156848
48 Dann, Ida E  25 Dec 1856New York, USA I156849
49 Dann, Jay Bradley  Abt Nov 1869New York, USA I156856
50 Dann, Jessie M  Dec 1876New York, USA I156860

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Auchincloss, Louise  3 Jul 1974New York, USA I77676
2 Crittenden, Persis  18 Jun 1823New York, USA I164893
3 Haus, Johan Christian jr  New York, USA I73439
4 Hous, Anna Elisabeth  New York, USA I73444
5 Hous, Rheinhardt  Aft 1740New York, USA I73437
6 House, Barbara M  16 Mar 2008New York, USA I111678
7 House, John N  25 Jan 1843New York, USA I164124
8 House, Kenneth Frederick  Dec 1967New York, USA I97073
9 Howes, Enos  1852New York, USA I18946
10 Howes, Everett  New York, USA I174829
11 Howes, Frank C  New York, USA I174828
12 Howes, George E  1941New York, USA I3717
13 Howes, John Leroy  26 Sep 1984New York, USA I177526
14 Howes, John Townsend  2 Feb 1918New York, USA I13101
15 Howes, Mary  Aft 1892New York, USA I55563
16 Howes, Mary Elizabeth  4 Feb 1952New York, USA I143673
17 Howes, Rose Ann  Abt 1833New York, USA I75017
18 Hows, Edmund  23 Oct 1918New York, USA I28383
19 Howse, Ada Madeline  31 Jan 1971New York, USA I140176
20 Howse, Ernest Henry  26 Feb 1969New York, USA I8127
21 Howse, Walter F  30 Nov 1848New York, USA I140187
22 Hull, Christel R  Jun 1986New York, USA I178386
23 Mason, Clariene I  1959New York, USA I8875
24 McClinton, Seth Benedict  20 Mar 1937New York, USA I134046
25 Moore, Francis Loring  Aft 1940New York, USA I135653
26 Norris, J Frank  14 Apr 1901New York, USA I161789
27 Pulver, Anna Louise  22 Jan 2007New York, USA I12490
28 Quested, Ida Mae  1923New York, USA I95287
29 Secrest, Mary  6 Jun 1929New York, USA I88968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Dipper, Emma  1864New York, USA I125398
2 Hawkins, Charles  1864New York, USA I133247
3 House, Anne Flora  1 May 1910New York, USA I67317
4 Howes, Amy Georgina  21 Aug 1910New York, USA I51454
5 Howes, Ellen  1864New York, USA I2212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albro, Frank Runvik  Abt 1905New York, USA I78680
2 Ashley, Mary Ella  Abt 1890New York, USA I104580
3 Ashley, Mary Ella  Abt 1891New York, USA I104580
4 Auton, Martha  New York, USA I120435
5 Auton, Martha  Abt 1827New York, USA I120435
6 Bartlett, Elizabeth  Abt 1838New York, USA I89277
7 Bartlett, Elizabeth  Abt 1839New York, USA I89277
8 Bartow, Grace  Abt 1853New York, USA I20816
9 Bartow, Grace  Dec 1853New York, USA I20816
10 Bement, Thankful  Abt 1829New York, USA I113378
11 Bernhard, Lottie  Abt 1881New York, USA I95877
12 Bogardus, Betsey E  New York, USA I156814
13 Box, M Adeline  Abt 1852New York, USA I120462
14 Brauer, Mary J  Mar 1842New York, USA I59491
15 Brauer, Mary J  Abt 1843New York, USA I59491
16 Brauer, Mary J  Abt 1844New York, USA I59491
17 Brauer, Mary J  Abt 1845New York, USA I59491
18 Bristol, Nellie B  Abt 1899New York, USA I59421
19 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1906New York, USA I56617
20 Brown, Lydia Ann  Abt 1831New York, USA I164117
21 Brown, Lydia Ann  Abt 1835New York, USA I164117
22 Brown, Lydia Ann  Abt 1836New York, USA I164117
23 Brown, Lydia Ann  Abt 1837New York, USA I164117
24 Brown, Lydia Ann  Abt 1838New York, USA I164117
25 Bundy, Emily Isabel  Abt 1856New York, USA I41876
26 Bundy, Emily Isabel  Oct 1856New York, USA I41876
27 Burgess, Isabelle Lucille  Abt 1905New York, USA I82125
28 Busch, Caroline  Abt 1863New York, USA I143672
29 Busch, Caroline  Feb 1864New York, USA I143672
30 Cadman, Louisa  Abt 1821New York, USA I104639
31 Cadwell, Amanda  Abt 1797New York, USA I79818
32 Cadwell, Amanda  Abt 1798New York, USA I79818
33 Claflin, Alice Arville  Abt 1853New York, USA I59601
34 Clark, Winifred Mae  16 Mar 1926New York, USA I107909
35 Cole, Mary  Abt 1802New York, USA I31503
36 Cook, Diadama  1818New York, USA I90437
37 Cook, Diadama  May 1818New York, USA I90437
38 Cox, Charles  Abt 1859New York, USA I108477
39 Cox, Charles Douglas  Abt 1907New York, USA I108487
40 Crosby, Emma  Abt 1815New York, USA I122435
41 Dailey, Marian Hudson  Abt 1894New York, USA I91018
42 Dann, Charles Henry  Abt 1832New York, USA I156848
43 Dann, Charles Henry  Abt 1833New York, USA I156848
44 Dann, Hubert Charles  Abt 1860New York, USA I156852
45 Dann, Hubert Charles  Abt 1861New York, USA I156852
46 Dann, Ida E  Abt 1856New York, USA I156849
47 Dann, Jay Bradley  Abt 1869New York, USA I156856
48 Dann, Jessie M  Abt 1877New York, USA I156860
49 Deegan, Edward Hanley  Abt 1906New York, USA I136763
50 Demmon, Luella E  Abt 1871New York, USA I156853

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Pomeroy, Rayford Thorton  1987New York, USA I82193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Breeden, Emilie  1 Apr 1935New York, USA I90144
2 Howes, Levi Holden  12 Feb 1846New York, USA I85526
3 Howes, Orrin Eggleston  27 Oct 1887New York, USA I90951
4 Howes, Sylvanus  15 Mar 1827New York, USA I50458
5 Howes, Theodore Lindley  Feb 1978New York, USA I73305
6 Jee, Jane Maude  2 Aug 1923New York, USA I3202
7 Wright, Susan Moore  3 Feb 1903New York, USA I12410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 House, Florence Elizabeth  Between 1896 and 1899New York, USA I39071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Harrington, Phoebe  1840New York, USA I40267
2 Harrington, Phoebe  1847New York, USA I40267
3 Howes, Thomas  1840New York, USA I40266
4 Howes, Thomas  1847New York, USA I40266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Cull, Rose  4 Jul 1923New York, USA I86494
2 Harris, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1889New York, USA I12936
3 House, Amy Jane  9 Oct 1889New York, USA I26602
4 House, Andrew Henry  9 Oct 1889New York, USA I11932
5 House, Harry Longman  4 Jul 1923New York, USA I86511
6 House, Kenneth Frederick  10 Mar 1927New York, USA I97073
7 House, Kenneth Frederick  5 Mar 1935New York, USA I97073
8 House, Sidney George  3 Apr 1923New York, USA I22831
9 House, William Pendleton  6 Oct 1938New York, USA I102369
10 Howes, Davis Humphrey jr  14 Aug 1950New York, USA I79385
11 Howes, Edward William  9 Oct 1889New York, USA I3129
12 Howes, Gertrude  9 Oct 1889New York, USA I16477
13 Howes, Laura Janet  18 Jul 1950New York, USA I1348
14 Howes, Walter Almon  17 Nov 1920New York, USA I95825
15 Howes, William Emanuel  26 Aug 1914New York, USA I167105
16 Howes, William Robert Cooper  7 Aug 1951New York, USA I81395
17 Sandford, William Walter Clent  18 Jul 1950New York, USA I17853
18 Wiley, Erma Elizabeth  5 Mar 1935New York, USA I97076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 House, John Underhill  1914New York, USA I47219
2 Hows, Edmund  3 Sep 1903New York, USA I28383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elmer Howes  1935New York, USA I125880
2 Busch, Caroline  1 Jan 1920New York, USA I143672
3 Cook, Moses  16 Aug 1842New York, USA I13500
4 Dunn, Anna E  2 Apr 1906New York, USA I163878
5 Fuhrmann, Susanna  4 Mar 1876New York, USA I95980
6 House, Alfred  4 Mar 1876New York, USA I95979
7 House, Frederick H  18 Oct 1884New York, USA I95951
8 House, Susanna  1764New York, USA I73596
9 Howes, Caroline  New York, USA I166573
10 Howes, Davis Humphrey  Dec 1900New York, USA I18022
11 Howes, George  1 Jan 1920New York, USA I27937
12 Howes, George E  1 Jan 1920New York, USA I3717
13 Howes, Harry  1 Jan 1920New York, USA I17263
14 Howes, Henry Wright  Dec 1900New York, USA I29572
15 Hutchinson, Margaret Lois  1935New York, USA I127249
16 Kilpin, George Richardson  1951New York, USA I109032
17 Roebuck, Jarvis  1764New York, USA I73711
18 Rosen, Florence  12 Feb 1922New York, USA I96281
19 Van Zandt, Irene A V  1 May 1890New York, USA I95964
20 Wright, Susan Moore  Dec 1900New York, USA I12410


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beaver / Powley  14 Feb 1872New York, USA F16315
2 Doremus / Kane  13 Dec 1941New York, USA F37710
3 Haus / Unknown  Abt 1715New York, USA F20900
4 Heartfield / Howes  19 Nov 1884New York, USA F8722
5 House / Warner  26 Oct 1945New York, USA F32185
6 Howes / Kelly  21 Jan 1951New York, USA F44860
7 Howes / Shattuck  14 Jun 1923New York, USA F45453
8 Powley / Houseman  Abt 1890New York, USA F16259
9 Powley / Woolston  Abt 1866New York, USA F16355


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Howes / Stevens  2 May 1939New York, USA F27981