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Ontario, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 49.2653905, Longitude: -84.7545355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Anna May  Abt 1908Ontario, Canada I82544
2 Adair, Mary Jane  1833Ontario, Canada I135432
3 Adams, Annie M  26 Dec 1875Ontario, Canada I96984
4 Adams, Catherine R  Abt 1862Ontario, Canada I96982
5 Adams, Ida  Abt 1873Ontario, Canada I96983
6 Adams, Jessie L  21 Sep 1880Ontario, Canada I96986
7 Adams, Lilian  Abt 1868Ontario, Canada I96989
8 Adams, M Arthur  19 Jan 1877Ontario, Canada I96985
9 Adams, Wilson  Dec 1907Ontario, Canada I96988
10 Alderson, Isabella  19 Mar 1856Ontario, Canada I57778
11 Allison, Helena Ellen  Jun 1885Ontario, Canada I106298
12 Armstrong, Charlotte  24 Feb 1860Ontario, Canada I74427
13 Armstrong, Glady Rowenna  1900Ontario, Canada I135470
14 Baker, Annie  Abt 1908Ontario, Canada I177495
15 Bassett, Gladstone  Apr 1896Ontario, Canada I161237
16 Bates, Marjorie  6 May 1920Ontario, Canada I159869
17 Bell, Florence May  1 Aug 1877Ontario, Canada I102950
18 Bilton, Lena  3 Mar 1891Ontario, Canada I87226
19 Bilton, Rosina  3 Aug 1890Ontario, Canada I87225
20 Bilton, William  4 Mar 1865Ontario, Canada I87222
21 Black, Mary Jane Britannia  9 Jan 1874Ontario, Canada I106289
22 Blanchard, Charles Alfred  11 Nov 1918Ontario, Canada I69295
23 Borton, George H  25 Apr 1881Ontario, Canada I180988
24 Borton, Violet Rose  18 May 1877Ontario, Canada I180986
25 Bradley, Elizabeth Turner  14 Oct 1839Ontario, Canada I50700
26 Brown, Ruth Jane  4 May 1862Ontario, Canada I170878
27 Burkett, Gertrude  Abt 1900Ontario, Canada I96832
28 Burnett, Allan Howard  Jun 1904Ontario, Canada I61516
29 Burnett, Donald V  10 Oct 1897Ontario, Canada I61517
30 Burnett, Violet  19 Feb 1890Ontario, Canada I61532
31 Burnett, William Henry  28 Jan 1888Ontario, Canada I61534
32 Carnrite, Gladys Margaret  Abt 1906Ontario, Canada I138730
33 Chambers, Frederick  Abt 1915Ontario, Canada I164253
34 Chappel, Eva Prudence  9 Apr 1890Ontario, Canada I69317
35 Churchill, Nathaniel  Jan 1851Ontario, Canada I34305
36 Clendenning, Mary  1 Mar 1837Ontario, Canada I135436
37 Codd, Arthur  1859Ontario, Canada I84691
38 Codd, Aurora  1858Ontario, Canada I84687
39 Codd, Charles  1859Ontario, Canada I84684
40 Codd, Edith  1861Ontario, Canada I84692
41 Coghlan, Albert  Abt Mar 1878Ontario, Canada I90113
42 Collins, John R  15 Jun 1861Ontario, Canada I136750
43 Cooper, Edna  6 Jun 1896Ontario, Canada I161280
44 Cooper, Evelyn  Abt 1911Ontario, Canada I161274
45 Cooper, Leonard  Abt 1916Ontario, Canada I161276
46 Cooper, Muriel  Abt Nov 1920Ontario, Canada I161277
47 Cooper, Robert Henry  3 May 1883Ontario, Canada I161279
48 Cooper, Roselyn May  25 Mar 1883Ontario, Canada I161270
49 Cooper, Thelma  Abt 1913Ontario, Canada I161275
50 Cooper, Violet Jacqueline  27 Jul 1900Ontario, Canada I161281

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burnett, Violet  (UNKNOWN)Ontario, Canada I61532
2 Davie, James Alexander  (UNKNOWN)Ontario, Canada I61577
3 Davie, Verdun James  12 Jan 2006Ontario, Canada I61578
4 Dennis, Jean Shirley  1933Ontario, Canada I111352
5 Drake, Walter Morris  Oct 2001Ontario, Canada I107839
6 Goodfellow, Mary J  10 Mar 1960Ontario, Canada I85794
7 Griffith, John A  Ontario, Canada I69330
8 Guest, Ivor  Ontario, Canada I69323
9 House, Kenneth  1968Ontario, Canada I145327
10 Howes, Audrey Gladys Amelia  10 May 1985Ontario, Canada I74820
11 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  1945Ontario, Canada I68441
12 Howes, Emma  11 Feb 1869Ontario, Canada I19731
13 Howes, Henry  29 Apr 1904Ontario, Canada I7710
14 Howes, Herbert Percy  1958Ontario, Canada I177443
15 Howes, James  1862Ontario, Canada I180781
16 Howes, Leo Waldo  1994Ontario, Canada I69281
17 Howes, Mary Elizabeth  1947Ontario, Canada I69289
18 Howes, May Katrina  8 Mar 1998Ontario, Canada I28911
19 Howes, Sarah Elizabeth  1961Ontario, Canada I13347
20 Howes, William Edward  1954Ontario, Canada I74842
21 Howse, Kenneth Leonard  22 Mar 1998Ontario, Canada I173664
22 Killingbeck, Velma Lorena  3 Nov 1984Ontario, Canada I173442
23 McCrea, Arthur Elmer  16 Jul 2008Ontario, Canada I12729
24 Reid, Orme  Ontario, Canada I69324
25 Robson, Gladys Mary  1950Ontario, Canada I74848
26 Scanlan, James Benedict  1975Ontario, Canada I69296
27 Shannon, Ella Marjory  16 May 1971Ontario, Canada I136776
28 Spencer, Nellie  1956Ontario, Canada I177444
29 Walsh, Francis Day  28 Mar 1993Ontario, Canada I176029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Annie M  Abt 1875Ontario, Canada I96984
2 Adams, Ezra  Abt 1834Ontario, Canada I96821
3 Adams, Ezra  Abt 1835Ontario, Canada I96821
4 Adams, Ezra  Sep 1835Ontario, Canada I96821
5 Adams, Ezra  11 Sep 1835Ontario, Canada I96821
6 Adams, Jessie L  Abt 1880Ontario, Canada I96986
7 Adams, M Arthur  Abt 1877Ontario, Canada I96985
8 Adams, M Arthur  Abt 1878Ontario, Canada I96985
9 Adams, M Arthur  Jan 1878Ontario, Canada I96985
10 Allison, Helena Ellen  Abt 1885Ontario, Canada I106298
11 Barnhardt, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Ontario, Canada I62688
12 Barnhardt, Elizabeth  Abt 1813Ontario, Canada I62688
13 Barnhardt, Elizabeth  Abt 1814Ontario, Canada I62688
14 Bassett, Albert Sturgis  Feb 1891Ontario, Canada I161235
15 Bassett, Annie Alice Elizabeth  Mar 1894Ontario, Canada I161236
16 Bassett, Laura Eustacia  Jun 1902Ontario, Canada I161239
17 Bassett, Lorne Bertram  Oct 1898Ontario, Canada I161238
18 Bassett, Muriol Mundfray  Oct 1904Ontario, Canada I161240
19 Bates, Marjorie  Abt 1920Ontario, Canada I159869
20 Bell, Florence May  Abt 1877Ontario, Canada I102950
21 Bell, Florence May  Abt 1878Ontario, Canada I102950
22 Bell, Florence May  Aug 1878Ontario, Canada I102950
23 Bilton, Rosina  Abt Jul 1890Ontario, Canada I87225
24 Bilton, William  Abt 1864Ontario, Canada I87222
25 Black, Mary Jane Britannia  Abt 1873Ontario, Canada I106289
26 Black, Mary Jane Britannia  Jan 1875Ontario, Canada I106289
27 Bradley, Elizabeth Turner  Abt 1841Ontario, Canada I50700
28 Broom, Henry Edward  Abt 1883Ontario, Canada I125238
29 Broom, Henry Edward  24 Aug 1883Ontario, Canada I125238
30 Broom, Jemima Jane  Abt 1881Ontario, Canada I125237
31 Broom, Jemima Jane  13 May 1881Ontario, Canada I125237
32 Broom, Joseph William  Abt 1888Ontario, Canada I125239
33 Broom, Joseph William  26 Mar 1889Ontario, Canada I125239
34 Brown, Ruth Jane  Abt 1861Ontario, Canada I170878
35 Brown, Ruth Jane  May 1861Ontario, Canada I170878
36 Brown, Ruth Jane  1862Ontario, Canada I170878
37 Burnett, Donald V  Oct 1898Ontario, Canada I61517
38 Burnett, George William  Feb 1905Ontario, Canada I61522
39 Burnett, Horace Leslie  Feb 1892Ontario, Canada I61524
40 Burnett, Horace Leslie  23 Feb 1892Ontario, Canada I61524
41 Burnett, Roy Vincent  Feb 1893Ontario, Canada I61529
42 Burnett, Roy Vincent  20 Feb 1894Ontario, Canada I61529
43 Burnett, Violet  Feb 1891Ontario, Canada I61532
44 Byers, Anna Ethel  Abt 1887Ontario, Canada I42156
45 Catherwood, Isabelle  17 Aug 1880Ontario, Canada I97104
46 Catherwood, Isabelle  Aug 1881Ontario, Canada I97104
47 Chambers, Sarah A  Abt 1839Ontario, Canada I96820
48 Chambers, Sarah A  1 Aug 1840Ontario, Canada I96820
49 Coghlan, Albert  Abt 1877Ontario, Canada I90113
50 Coghlan, Dorothy M  Abt 1906Ontario, Canada I90114

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Horace Willard  16 Dec 1964Ontario, Canada I148432
2 Howes, Thomas  7 Oct 1874Ontario, Canada I121017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Burnett, Edith Elizabeth  1885Ontario, Canada I61520
2 Burnett, Edith Elizabeth  1886Ontario, Canada I61520
3 Burnett, Emily Alice  Aft Jun 1886Ontario, Canada I61521
4 Burnett, Percey  1886Ontario, Canada I61527
5 Burnett, Samuel  Aft Jun 1886Ontario, Canada I61531
6 Burnett, Samuel  Aft Jun 1886Ontario, Canada I61530
7 Gee, Mary  Aft Jun 1886Ontario, Canada I61610


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Codd / Bradley  1855Ontario, Canada F24223
2 Guest / Howes  Ontario, Canada F19857
3 House / Taylor  Abt 1857Ontario, Canada F20902
4 Newman / Howes  1 Jan 1859Ontario, Canada F37416
5 Reid / Howes  Ontario, Canada F19858
6 Talbot / House  Abt 1847Ontario, Canada F18810