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Pewsey RD, Wiltshire



Location : Latitude: 51.3241025, Longitude: -1.9189085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bull, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1871Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I23110
2 Few, Jack Frederick Bruce  28 Jul 1916Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I43644
3 Hopgood, Hamilton  4 Jul 1889Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I92930
4 House, Nora Evelyn  Abt Feb 1906Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I40002
5 Rowe, Florence Ann  8 May 1911Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I86286
6 Sellwood, Rita Ethel  30 Nov 1916Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I93090
7 Stevens, Marjorie Emily  24 Aug 1917Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2662
8 Strange, Gladys May  30 Oct 1912Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I45882
9 Wiltshire, Rose  2 Feb 1910Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Etwell, Jane  Abt May 1891Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I25367
2 House, Nora Evelyn  Abt Aug 1907Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I40002
3 Howse, Ernest James  Abt Aug 1935Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79598
4 Howse, George  Abt Nov 1902Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2870
5 Howse, Henry  Abt Aug 1918Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I5087
6 Howse, Jane  Abt Feb 1919Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I26872
7 Howse, Martha  Abt Nov 1909Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I11365
8 Howse, Rose  Abt Nov 1903Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2097
9 Howse, Walter George  Abt Nov 1867Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I8612
10 Howse, Walter James  Abt Aug 1928Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I19868
11 Lacy, Eleanor  Abt Feb 1898Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I32613
12 Manns, Levi  Abt Feb 1897Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79602
13 Ricks, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Nov 1892Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I22094


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Few, Jack Frederick Bruce  Abt Aug 1916Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I43644
2 Franklin, Charles Walter  Abt Feb 1886Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I134753
3 Goddard, Sarah Jane  Abt Feb 1878Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79613
4 Gould, Edith May  Abt Aug 1887Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2293
5 Guildford, Annie Sophia  Abt Feb 1881Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I65903
6 Haddrell, Henry  Abt May 1870Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I159903
7 Hillier, Frances Amelia  Abt Aug 1863Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I47587
8 Hopgood, Hamilton  Abt Aug 1889Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I92930
9 House, Alfred Robert  Abt May 1906Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I32536
10 House, Elsie Isabel  Abt May 1907Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I39977
11 House, Frederick Christopher Bertram  Abt Nov 1910Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79615
12 House, Gertrude Phyllis  Abt Aug 1909Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I39988
13 House, Horace Henry Ivor William  Abt Feb 1909Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79614
14 Howes, Cyril George  Abt Feb 1911Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79588
15 Howes, Sidney Charles  Abt Nov 1909Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79587
16 Howse, Ada Maud  Abt Feb 1881Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I16198
17 Howse, Albert Henry  Abt Feb 1879Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I137
18 Howse, Alfred  Abt Feb 1877Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I12153
19 Howse, Arthur Henry  Abt Nov 1879Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I11166
20 Howse, Charles Richard  Abt Nov 1852Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I29747
21 Howse, Charles William  Abt Aug 1872Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I12254
22 Howse, Dorothy  Abt Feb 1907Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I17603
23 Howse, Dorothy  Abt Nov 1907Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I25637
24 Howse, Eliza Gertrude Alice  Abt Aug 1881Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I22342
25 Howse, Eliza Kate  Abt Feb 1877Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I12164
26 Howse, Elsie Rose  Abt Aug 1889Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I24203
27 Howse, Emily  Abt Feb 1891Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I25554
28 Howse, Emily Louisa  Abt Aug 1884Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I10562
29 Howse, Ernest James  Abt Aug 1878Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79598
30 Howse, Ethel Martha  Abt Feb 1879Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I4680
31 Howse, Francis Walter  Abt Feb 1896Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I4793
32 Howse, Frederick  Abt May 1839Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I11610
33 Howse, George  Abt Feb 1844Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2870
34 Howse, Georgina  Abt May 1868Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I17064
35 Howse, Gerald Arthur  Abt Aug 1920Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I18347
36 Howse, Joseph  Abt Nov 1913Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I1833
37 Howse, Laurence Henry  Abt May 1863Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I12314
38 Howse, Mabel Beatrice  Abt Nov 1898Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I26129
39 Howse, Martha  Abt Aug 1841Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I11365
40 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt May 1861Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I16554
41 Howse, Robert Ernest  Abt May 1911Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79600
42 Howse, Ronald George  Abt Feb 1908Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79589
43 Howse, Rose  Abt Nov 1887Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I2097
44 Howse, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1859Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I27184
45 Howse, Walter George  Abt Aug 1870Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I19866
46 Howse, Walter James  Abt Feb 1846Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I19868
47 Howse, William  Abt Feb 1849Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I23968
48 Howse, Winifred  Abt Feb 1905Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I27119
49 Pierce, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Feb 1866Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I1364
50 Pyle, Alfred Henry  Abt Aug 1900Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I79977

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Culley, Eliza  Abt Aug 1873Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I4984
2 Howse, Albert Henry  Abt Aug 1932Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I137
3 Howse, Emily Louisa  Abt May 1885Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I10562
4 Howse, Henry  Abt Feb 1891Pewsey RD, Wiltshire I3025


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chave / Howse  Abt Aug 1929Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F8822
2 Cooper / Howse  Abt May 1924Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F22627
3 House / Goddard  Abt May 1908Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F22638
4 House / Johnson  Abt May 1905Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F10346
5 House / Piper  Abt Nov 1904Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F12307
6 Howse / Lampard  Abt Nov 1924Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F22629
7 Miles / Howes  Abt May 1920Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F27294
8 Millichamp / Howse  Abt Nov 1908Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F5717


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Bull  Abt Feb 1904Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F7697
2 Howse / Etwell  Abt Feb 1859Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F8327
3 Howse / Nicol  Abt Aug 1907Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F22634
4 Howse / Pierce  Abt Nov 1893Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F1465
5 Howse / Waylen  Abt Aug 1904Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F2466
6 Kunkler / Howse  Abt Feb 1922Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F8377
7 Wells / Howse  Abt Nov 1912Pewsey RD, Wiltshire F4552