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South Moreton, Berkshire



Location : Latitude: 51.447338, Longitude: -1.0486645


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Giles, Sarah  Abt 1822South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
2 House, Ellen  Abt Feb 1856South Moreton, Berkshire I94985
3 House, Maria  Abt 1830South Moreton, Berkshire I94981
4 House, Martha  Abt 1848South Moreton, Berkshire I94982
5 Howse, Francis  Abt 1788South Moreton, Berkshire I45973
6 Howse, Frank  Abt Feb 1853South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
7 Howse, Mary Maria  Abt May 1859South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
8 Howse, Naomi  Abt Feb 1864South Moreton, Berkshire I94987
9 Howse, Ruth  Abt May 1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94989
10 Howse, Sarah  Abt Sep 1850South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
11 Howse, William  Abt 1816South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
12 Howse, William Francis  Abt Feb 1874South Moreton, Berkshire I94988


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Giles, Sarah  Abt 1821South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
2 House, Ellen  Abt 1854South Moreton, Berkshire I94985
3 House, Ellen  Abt 1855South Moreton, Berkshire I94985
4 House, Maria  Abt 1828South Moreton, Berkshire I94981
5 Howse, Alberta Vera Mary  Abt 1901South Moreton, Berkshire I46319
6 Howse, Alberta Vera Mary  Abt Nov 1901South Moreton, Berkshire I46319
7 Howse, Frank  Abt 1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
8 Howse, Frank  Abt 1852South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
9 Howse, Mary Maria  Abt 1858South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
10 Howse, Mary Maria  Abt 1859South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
11 Howse, Mary Maria  Abt 1860South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
12 Howse, Naomi  Abt 1862South Moreton, Berkshire I94987
13 Howse, Naomi  Abt 1863South Moreton, Berkshire I94987
14 Howse, Naomi  Abt 1864South Moreton, Berkshire I94987
15 Howse, Ruth  Abt 1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94989
16 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1850South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
17 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
18 Howse, William  Abt 1815South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
19 Howse, William  Abt 1817South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
20 Howse, William Francis  Abt 1873South Moreton, Berkshire I94988


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Giles, Sarah  1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
2 Giles, Sarah  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
3 Giles, Sarah  1871South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
4 Giles, Sarah  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94969
5 House, Ellen  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94985
6 House, Maria  1841South Moreton, Berkshire I94981
7 House, Maria  1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94981
8 House, Martha  1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94982
9 Howse, Alberta Vera Mary  4 Sep 1926South Moreton, Berkshire I46319
10 Howse, Frank  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
11 Howse, Frank  1871South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
12 Howse, Frank  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
13 Howse, Frank  1891South Moreton, Berkshire I94984
14 Howse, Mary Maria  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
15 Howse, Mary Maria  1871South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
16 Howse, Mary Maria  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94986
17 Howse, Naomi  1871South Moreton, Berkshire I94987
18 Howse, Ruth  1891South Moreton, Berkshire I94989
19 Howse, Ruth  1901South Moreton, Berkshire I94989
20 Howse, Sarah  30 Mar 1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
21 Howse, Sarah  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
22 Howse, Sarah  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
23 Howse, Sarah  1891South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
24 Howse, Sarah  1901South Moreton, Berkshire I94983
25 Howse, William  1841South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
26 Howse, William  1851South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
27 Howse, William  1861South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
28 Howse, William  1871South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
29 Howse, William  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
30 Howse, William  1891South Moreton, Berkshire I94970
31 Howse, William Francis  1881South Moreton, Berkshire I94988
32 Howse, William Francis  1891South Moreton, Berkshire I94988
33 Howse, William Francis  1901South Moreton, Berkshire I94988
34 Unknown, Martha  1841South Moreton, Berkshire I94980


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Giles  19 Jun 1848South Moreton, Berkshire F27707