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Southampton, Hampshire


City/Town : Latitude: 50.91382, Longitude: -1.43551


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Applin, Leslie Leonard G  Abt May 1897Southampton, Hampshire I11492
2 Bagley, Diane Gwendolyn  5 Oct 1937Southampton, Hampshire I38940
3 Barnes, Ellen Ada  Abt Aug 1883Southampton, Hampshire I39178
4 Barnes, Mary Jane  Abt Aug 1857Southampton, Hampshire I37161
5 Barton, Grace Elizabeth  11 Dec 1896Southampton, Hampshire I164413
6 Beach, Arthur Andrew  Abt Nov 1901Southampton, Hampshire I39639
7 Beach, Emma Rose  Abt Nov 1897Southampton, Hampshire I39640
8 Beach, William George  Abt Apr 1900Southampton, Hampshire I39642
9 Beavis, William  Abt 1859Southampton, Hampshire I76786
10 Biles, Henry George  Abt Nov 1884Southampton, Hampshire I33454
11 Blake, Sarah  Abt 1824Southampton, Hampshire I39425
12 Britten, Eric J  Abt Nov 1926Southampton, Hampshire I51591
13 Britten, Eveline M  Abt May 1923Southampton, Hampshire I51589
14 Britten, Ralph George W  Abt Aug 1921Southampton, Hampshire I51588
15 Broomfield, Norman Ernest  Abt Mar 1911Southampton, Hampshire I39090
16 Broomfield, Stanley William  Abt May 1901Southampton, Hampshire I39091
17 Brown, Henry William Edward  9 Jul 1884Southampton, Hampshire I57277
18 Budden, Hilda Flora Burnham  Abt May 1898Southampton, Hampshire I40765
19 Budden, Walter Edward  Abt Aug 1877Southampton, Hampshire I40766
20 Bulbrook, James  Abt 1835Southampton, Hampshire I97717
21 Canning, Edward George  Abt Feb 1874Southampton, Hampshire I36667
22 Chalk, Annie  Abt May 1868Southampton, Hampshire I144862
23 Chalk, Eliza  Abt Aug 1876Southampton, Hampshire I144864
24 Chalk, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1864Southampton, Hampshire I144860
25 Chalk, Ellen  Abt 1868Southampton, Hampshire I144866
26 Chalk, Kate  Abt May 1879Southampton, Hampshire I144865
27 Chalk, Leonard  Abt 1888Southampton, Hampshire I144867
28 Chalk, William  Abt Nov 1865Southampton, Hampshire I144861
29 Clarke, Lawrie Lucy  13 Jun 1867Southampton, Hampshire I41098
30 Claxton, Eileen Louise  Abt May 1906Southampton, Hampshire I39097
31 Collett, Cyril Walter  22 Mar 1911Southampton, Hampshire I164412
32 Collett, Violet Florence  23 Nov 1929Southampton, Hampshire I164423
33 Combes, Christiana Mary  Abt Aug 1905Southampton, Hampshire I35124
34 Combes, Matthew John  Abt Nov 1909Southampton, Hampshire I35125
35 Combes, Sydney W  Abt Feb 1911Southampton, Hampshire I35130
36 Combes, William  Abt 1908Southampton, Hampshire I35131
37 Cooper, Jessie  Abt 1875Southampton, Hampshire I23114
38 Dixey, Arthur George  Abt Aug 1889Southampton, Hampshire I143743
39 Dixey, Florence Rose  Abt Nov 1891Southampton, Hampshire I143744
40 Dixey, Maggie Lizzie  Abt May 1887Southampton, Hampshire I143742
41 Duck, Grace Elizabeth  1 Aug 1914Southampton, Hampshire I86306
42 Dyke, Florence Matilda  Abt Nov 1898Southampton, Hampshire I40770
43 Faithfull, Edward Henry  Abt Feb 1881Southampton, Hampshire I159518
44 Foot, Edith Elizabeth Annie  Abt May 1866Southampton, Hampshire I76796
45 Foot, Freda Maud  Abt May 1904Southampton, Hampshire I143786
46 Foot, Ivy Blanche  Abt May 1908Southampton, Hampshire I143789
47 Foot, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1907Southampton, Hampshire I143787
48 Foot, Stanley Claude Augustus  Abt Dec 1910Southampton, Hampshire I143790
49 Fryer, Fanny  Abt 1839Southampton, Hampshire I41070
50 Giffee, Mary  Abt 1800Southampton, Hampshire I37885

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkin, Betty  12 Oct 2007Southampton, Hampshire I145246
2 Bartlett, Dorothy Evelyn  6 May 2016Southampton, Hampshire I144097
3 Collett, Molly Freda  8 Apr 2009Southampton, Hampshire I164424
4 Dornom, Emily Harriet Florence  Jul 2002Southampton, Hampshire I28160
5 Faithfull, Jack  13 Jan 2011Southampton, Hampshire I159528
6 Greenland, Hazel  7 Sep 1997Southampton, Hampshire I13495
7 Grocott, Patricia  12 Jun 2015Southampton, Hampshire I131154
8 Hawking, Charles John  9 Oct 2016Southampton, Hampshire I161163
9 Honeybun, Joyce Caesarina  23 Oct 2012Southampton, Hampshire I163534
10 House, Aaron  Abt May 1840Southampton, Hampshire I38044
11 House, Brian  22 May 2007Southampton, Hampshire I97491
12 House, Brian Reginald  12 Apr 2010Southampton, Hampshire I144176
13 House, David Michael  13 Jun 2014Southampton, Hampshire I76808
14 House, Dora M  9 Feb 2017Southampton, Hampshire I39209
15 House, Ena Dorothy  8 Nov 2008Southampton, Hampshire I30000
16 House, Hilda Maud Lock  15 Mar 1988Southampton, Hampshire I97492
17 House, Hilda May  11 Feb 2011Southampton, Hampshire I131142
18 House, John William  18 Sep 2016Southampton, Hampshire I68601
19 House, June Lucy  19 Jan 2008Southampton, Hampshire I143285
20 House, Kenneth Roy  1 Jul 2010Southampton, Hampshire I30036
21 House, Olive Irene  24 Aug 2007Southampton, Hampshire I144418
22 House, Sarah Eliza  25 Feb 2009Southampton, Hampshire I144070
23 House, Thomas Peter  25 Jul 2017Southampton, Hampshire I144155
24 Howes, Beryl Evelyn  Abt Aug 1988Southampton, Hampshire I61375
25 Howes, Norman Douglas  3 Jan 2000Southampton, Hampshire I39898
26 Howes, Stanley Frederick  Abt Nov 1995Southampton, Hampshire I18416
27 Howes, Walter Patrick  1 Dec 1988Southampton, Hampshire I109381
28 Hunt, Rene Kate  17 Sep 2010Southampton, Hampshire I143877
29 Huxham, John Charles  26 Jun 2011Southampton, Hampshire I143111
30 Jerono, Hilda M  1979Southampton, Hampshire I61399
31 Knight, Maurice Fred  7 Jan 2014Southampton, Hampshire I147185
32 Laxon, Valerie Constance  30 Oct 2013Southampton, Hampshire I162644
33 Moore, Basil Rodney  11 Apr 2008Southampton, Hampshire I144206
34 Morris, Betty  26 Jul 2013Southampton, Hampshire I144054
35 Rear, Violet Rose Ivy  28 Oct 2008Southampton, Hampshire I144272
36 Rogers, Leslie William  3 Apr 1982Southampton, Hampshire I146811
37 Rowe, Victor Thomas  16 Mar 2014Southampton, Hampshire I143829
38 Spearing, Marianne Irene  26 Sep 2012Southampton, Hampshire I143821
39 Watson, Eugenie Ivy Elizabeth  15 Jan 2011Southampton, Hampshire I65038
40 Whyte, Christina Eddie  29 Jan 2010Southampton, Hampshire I144049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Kate  19 Jul 1910Southampton, Hampshire I105686
2 Bown, Herbert  2 Jul 1921Southampton, Hampshire I15446
3 Bown, Herbert  28 Feb 1938Southampton, Hampshire I15446
4 Haddrell, Dorothy Mabel  10 May 1937Southampton, Hampshire I186473
5 House, Bessie Maud Carter  4 Jun 1926Southampton, Hampshire I44080
6 Howes, Alice Mabel  19 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I14950
7 Howes, Gilbert  10 Mar 1913Southampton, Hampshire I7121
8 Howes, Lucy Jane  28 Aug 1901Southampton, Hampshire I3761
9 Howes, Lucy Jane  2 Jun 1904Southampton, Hampshire I3761
10 Howes, Percy Graham  13 Dec 1923Southampton, Hampshire I15032
11 Howes, Percy Graham  20 May 1935Southampton, Hampshire I15032
12 Howes, Percy Graham  11 Jun 1937Southampton, Hampshire I15032
13 Howse, Archie  10 May 1937Southampton, Hampshire I79204
14 Howse, Edith Sarah  16 Jun 1947Southampton, Hampshire I49201
15 Howse, Margaret Elizabeth  10 May 1937Southampton, Hampshire I186474
16 Howse, Ottoline Kate  4 Feb 1933Southampton, Hampshire I125318
17 Long, Cyril George  16 Dec 1947Southampton, Hampshire I49285
18 Meade, Lucy Margaret  13 Dec 1923Southampton, Hampshire I108287
19 Miller, Dorothea Ruth  20 May 1935Southampton, Hampshire I4688
20 Miller, Dorothea Ruth  11 Jun 1937Southampton, Hampshire I4688
21 Phelps, Patricia Joan  19 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I89869


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Emily Jane  13 Aug 1848Southampton, Hampshire I170901
2 House, Harriet Sophia Ann  13 Sep 1846Southampton, Hampshire I170900
3 Kimber, Mary Jane  12 Apr 1874Southampton, Hampshire I51681


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Ellen Ada  Abt 1882Southampton, Hampshire I39178
2 Barnes, Mary Jane  Abt 1857Southampton, Hampshire I37161
3 Beabey, Alfred Day  Abt 1834Southampton, Hampshire I37165
4 Beach, Arthur Andrew  Abt 1901Southampton, Hampshire I39639
5 Beach, Emma Rose  Abt 1897Southampton, Hampshire I39640
6 Beach, William George  Abt 1900Southampton, Hampshire I39642
7 Biles, Henry George  Abt 1884Southampton, Hampshire I33454
8 Biles, Henry George  Abt 1885Southampton, Hampshire I33454
9 Billows, Albert Edward  Abt 1847Southampton, Hampshire I181106
10 Blake, Sarah  Abt 1823Southampton, Hampshire I39425
11 Blake, Sarah  Abt 1827Southampton, Hampshire I39425
12 Broomfield, Stanley William  Abt 1901Southampton, Hampshire I39091
13 Brown, Henry William Edward  Abt 1894Southampton, Hampshire I57277
14 Brown, Henry William Edward  9 Jul 1895Southampton, Hampshire I57277
15 Brown, Olive Susannah Druscilla  Abt 1867Southampton, Hampshire I78731
16 Budden, Hilda Flora Burnham  Abt 1897Southampton, Hampshire I40765
17 Budden, Hilda Flora Burnham  Abt 1898Southampton, Hampshire I40765
18 Budden, Walter Edward  Abt 1877Southampton, Hampshire I40766
19 Bulbrook, James  Abt 1834Southampton, Hampshire I97717
20 Canning, Edward George  Abt 1873Southampton, Hampshire I36667
21 Chalk, Annie  Abt 1867Southampton, Hampshire I144862
22 Chalk, Eliza  Abt 1874Southampton, Hampshire I144864
23 Chalk, Eliza  Abt 1876Southampton, Hampshire I144864
24 Chalk, Elizabeth  Abt 1862Southampton, Hampshire I144860
25 Chalk, Kate  Abt 1878Southampton, Hampshire I144865
26 Chalk, William  Abt 1864Southampton, Hampshire I144861
27 Chalk, William  Abt 1865Southampton, Hampshire I144861
28 Cherrett, Emily  Abt 1848Southampton, Hampshire I39186
29 Claxton, Eileen Louise  Abt 1906Southampton, Hampshire I39097
30 Clayton, Nellie Amelia  Abt 1895Southampton, Hampshire I61367
31 Collett, Cyril Walter  Mar 1911Southampton, Hampshire I164412
32 Collins, Jack Frank  Abt Aug 1915Southampton, Hampshire I143307
33 Combes, Christiana Mary  Abt 1905Southampton, Hampshire I35124
34 Combes, Matthew John  Abt 1909Southampton, Hampshire I35125
35 Dear, Ida Annie  Abt 1889Southampton, Hampshire I24381
36 Dixey, Arthur George  Abt 1888Southampton, Hampshire I143743
37 Dixey, Arthur George  Abt 1889Southampton, Hampshire I143743
38 Dixey, Arthur James William  Abt 1860Southampton, Hampshire I143741
39 Dixey, Florence Rose  Abt 1891Southampton, Hampshire I143744
40 Dixey, Maggie Lizzie  Abt 1886Southampton, Hampshire I143742
41 Dyke, Augusta Matilda  Abt 1844Southampton, Hampshire I53192
42 Dyke, Florence Matilda  Abt 1898Southampton, Hampshire I40770
43 Faithfull, Edward Henry  Abt 1880Southampton, Hampshire I159518
44 Foot, Edith Elizabeth Annie  Abt 1865Southampton, Hampshire I76796
45 Foot, Edith Elizabeth Annie  Abt 1866Southampton, Hampshire I76796
46 Foot, Elsie May  Abt 1900Southampton, Hampshire I143785
47 Foot, Freda Maud  Abt 1903Southampton, Hampshire I143786
48 Foot, Ivy Blanche  Abt 1907Southampton, Hampshire I143789
49 Foot, Mary Ann  Abt 1906Southampton, Hampshire I143787
50 Freeman, Annie  Abt 1871Southampton, Hampshire I38383

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Mary Jane  Abt Nov 1874Southampton, Hampshire I37920
2 Howes, Flora Kate  21 Oct 1970Southampton, Hampshire I61381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 Alsop, Alice Frances I  7 May 1948Southampton, Hampshire I141949
2 Bedding, Doris Edna May  3 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I30882
3 Bedding, George  3 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I30883
4 Bedding, George Richard  3 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I30884
5 Bown, Herbert  22 Aug 1922Southampton, Hampshire I15446
6 Chambers, Frederick  7 Mar 1936Southampton, Hampshire I164253
7 Chambers, Percy  18 Oct 1911Southampton, Hampshire I164254
8 Cunningham, Bettina Mary  7 Dec 1948Southampton, Hampshire I114059
9 Gill, Arthur Leslie  4 Oct 1922Southampton, Hampshire I126393
10 Heinke, Edwin Harry Alfred  19 Jun 1895Southampton, Hampshire I22143
11 House, John Underhill  4 Jun 1931Southampton, Hampshire I47219
12 Howes, Albert Ernest  19 Jul 1910Southampton, Hampshire I29441
13 Howes, Alma Ada  3 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I30892
14 Howes, Eliza  1889Southampton, Hampshire I98794
15 Howes, Gilbert  25 Mar 1893Southampton, Hampshire I7121
16 Howes, Percival Thomas Chambers  7 May 1948Southampton, Hampshire I141948
17 Howes, Percy Graham  27 Jul 1934Southampton, Hampshire I15032
18 Howes, Percy Graham  30 Apr 1937Southampton, Hampshire I15032
19 Howes, Victoria Ann  7 Mar 1936Southampton, Hampshire I23026
20 Howes, William Robert Cooper  2 Jul 1948Southampton, Hampshire I81395
21 Howes, William Robert Cooper  13 Oct 1953Southampton, Hampshire I81395
22 Howse, Baroness Evelyn Elizabeth  17 Dec 1948Southampton, Hampshire I64561
23 Howse, Ottoline Kate  10 Oct 1930Southampton, Hampshire I125318
24 Jukes, Samuel  6 Dec 1903Southampton, Hampshire I62506
25 Miller, Dorothea Ruth  27 Jul 1934Southampton, Hampshire I4688
26 Miller, Dorothea Ruth  30 Apr 1937Southampton, Hampshire I4688
27 Rudd, Lilian Blanche  2 Jul 1948Southampton, Hampshire I81396
28 Rudd, Lilian Blanche  13 Oct 1953Southampton, Hampshire I81396
29 Snaith, Arthur Gibson  28 Sep 1928Southampton, Hampshire I145190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Benstead, Patricia Dorothy  10 Apr 1952Southampton, Hampshire I83524
2 Christie, Wilfrid Laurier  27 May 1936Southampton, Hampshire I85566
3 Cull, Rose  27 Jun 1923Southampton, Hampshire I86494
4 Downes, Valerie Major  17 Dec 1948Southampton, Hampshire I64558
5 Flexman, Nellie  26 Aug 1911Southampton, Hampshire I30952
6 Goad, Howard  18 Sep 1923Southampton, Hampshire I19153
7 Green, Patricia Evarne  16 Jun 1960Southampton, Hampshire I75515
8 House, Ella Rosetta Laura  23 Jul 1947Southampton, Hampshire I67684
9 House, Ella Rosetta Laura  29 Sep 1949Southampton, Hampshire I67684
10 House, Harry Longman  27 Jun 1923Southampton, Hampshire I86511
11 House, Katherine Margaret  5 Oct 1925Southampton, Hampshire I32463
12 House, Sidney George  23 Mar 1923Southampton, Hampshire I22831
13 House, Walter George John  20 Jan 1911Southampton, Hampshire I32917
14 Howes, Alfred Bishop  25 Sep 1912Southampton, Hampshire I7199
15 Howes, Betty Freda  19 Oct 1951Southampton, Hampshire I58038
16 Howes, Clarence Thomas  7 May 1913Southampton, Hampshire I53683
17 Howes, Desmond Harry Roy  10 Apr 1952Southampton, Hampshire I6228
18 Howes, Edith Lilly  16 Mar 1948Southampton, Hampshire I13831
19 Howes, Ethel May  18 Sep 1923Southampton, Hampshire I26776
20 Howes, Janetta Caroline  6 Mar 1891Southampton, Hampshire I78309
21 Howes, Leonard Glover  2 Nov 1920Southampton, Hampshire I61026
22 Howes, Leslie Holland  6 Mar 1929Southampton, Hampshire I78649
23 Howes, Margaret Bernice  27 May 1936Southampton, Hampshire I85560
24 Howes, Peter Russell  16 Jun 1960Southampton, Hampshire I56106
25 Howes, Ralph Norman  3 Aug 1950Southampton, Hampshire I118362
26 Howes, Sheila Margaret  19 Feb 1951Southampton, Hampshire I100331
27 Hows, George Frederick  26 Aug 1911Southampton, Hampshire I30953
28 Howse, Beryl Dizie  9 Dec 1958Southampton, Hampshire I64652
29 Howse, Baroness Evelyn Elizabeth  17 Dec 1948Southampton, Hampshire I64561
30 Howse, Henry  18 Nov 1919Southampton, Hampshire I46194
31 Howse, John Brooke  17 Dec 1948Southampton, Hampshire I64562
32 Howse, John Frederick  21 Jun 1956Southampton, Hampshire I78173
33 Howse, Neville Charles  10 Jun 1938Southampton, Hampshire I34506
34 Howse, Sir Neville Reginald  12 Oct 1918Southampton, Hampshire I2497
35 Howse, Percival Philip  6 Apr 1950Southampton, Hampshire I38693
36 Howse, Samuel Eric  12 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I85074
37 Howse, Vera Louise  7 Apr 1948Southampton, Hampshire I50377
38 Howse, Walter Gabriel  1 Oct 1928Southampton, Hampshire I48576
39 Hoyle, Alfred Hooper  13 Sep 1928Southampton, Hampshire I78339
40 Lake, Agnes Wyne  1 Oct 1928Southampton, Hampshire I136153
41 Mantle, Sarah Jane Edith  2 Nov 1920Southampton, Hampshire I81980
42 Marsh, Hilbert  2 Dec 1946Southampton, Hampshire I174997
43 Oakley, Charles John  6 Mar 1891Southampton, Hampshire I78338
44 Oakley, Lydia  6 Mar 1891Southampton, Hampshire I78337
45 Old, Joan Ellen  6 Apr 1950Southampton, Hampshire I124261
46 Palmer, Elizabeth Charlotte Emily  12 Apr 1913Southampton, Hampshire I85076
47 Rassin, Meyer  23 Jul 1947Southampton, Hampshire I67713
48 Russell, Gwendoline Brumwell  Abt Apr 1924Southampton, Hampshire I7966
49 Sayer, Albert Frederick  5 Mar 1960Southampton, Hampshire I75809
50 Sporne, George William  16 Mar 1948Southampton, Hampshire I54868

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Boas, Henry Allan  3 Dec 1946Southampton, Hampshire I93111
2 Brunton, Walter Dudley  18 May 1926Southampton, Hampshire I64556
3 Childs, Bryant John  23 Aug 1920Southampton, Hampshire I158713
4 Eldershaw, Mary Ann  5 Jun 1921Southampton, Hampshire I20606
5 House, Edith  9 Jun 1934Southampton, Hampshire I58936
6 House, Ivor Thomas  2 Apr 1946Southampton, Hampshire I60361
7 Howes, Albertine  30 Apr 1925Southampton, Hampshire I25033
8 Howes, Albertine  19 Apr 1929Southampton, Hampshire I25033
9 Howes, Alfred Bishop  29 Sep 1920Southampton, Hampshire I7199
10 Howes, Emily  5 Aug 1953Southampton, Hampshire I19182
11 Howes, George  4 Jul 1939Southampton, Hampshire I23591
12 Howes, Nathaniel Joseph Victor  12 Jul 1935Southampton, Hampshire I40895
13 Howes, Rowland William  2 Aug 1919Southampton, Hampshire I76006
14 Howes, Rowland William  12 Jul 1921Southampton, Hampshire I76006
15 Howes, Veronique Thelma  1 Jul 1946Southampton, Hampshire I93110
16 Howlett, Emily  19 Jul 1920Southampton, Hampshire I21754
17 Howse, Constance Sybil  17 Jul 1936Southampton, Hampshire I15711
18 Howse, John Frederick  9 Sep 1960Southampton, Hampshire I78173
19 Howse, John Openshaw  15 Apr 1899Southampton, Hampshire I1977
20 Howse, Olga Mary  13 Mar 1947Southampton, Hampshire I33330
21 Howse, Olga Mary  17 Feb 1949Southampton, Hampshire I33330
22 Howse, Percival Philip  28 Feb 1950Southampton, Hampshire I38693
23 Howse, Percival Philip  5 Jun 1951Southampton, Hampshire I38693
24 Howse, Thomas  5 Jun 1921Southampton, Hampshire I22610
25 Howse, Vivian Elliot  27 Jun 1931Southampton, Hampshire I48709
26 Lloyds, Edwin William  30 Apr 1925Southampton, Hampshire I10219
27 Lloyds, Nancy Mary  30 Apr 1925Southampton, Hampshire I6608
28 Lloyds, William Christopher  30 Apr 1925Southampton, Hampshire I27794
29 Marchant, Arthur Neville  Abt 1945Southampton, Hampshire I122409
30 Maynard, Hazel Doveton  8 Apr 1909Southampton, Hampshire I64543
31 Oakley, Ernest  24 Jan 1895Southampton, Hampshire I78319
32 Obbard, Norman Buckle  1 Mar 1929Southampton, Hampshire I1512
33 Old, Joan Ellen  28 Feb 1950Southampton, Hampshire I124261
34 Old, Joan Ellen  5 Jun 1951Southampton, Hampshire I124261
35 Orsini, Riccardo  5 Aug 1953Southampton, Hampshire I100321
36 Standard, Nellie Lavinia Sarah  Abt 1945Southampton, Hampshire I122399
37 Tew, Mabel Bertha  Apr 1949Southampton, Hampshire I61818
38 Trowsdale, Winifred Marsh  9 Sep 1960Southampton, Hampshire I78179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Green, Percy Harrison  13 Apr 1903Southampton, Hampshire I38386
2 House, William Walter  1917Southampton, Hampshire I40745
3 Howes, Harry Hignell  19 Sep 1900Southampton, Hampshire I70042
4 Kimber, Mary Elizabeth  1917Southampton, Hampshire I40747
5 Major, Agnes Martha  1942Southampton, Hampshire I20183
6 Pitcher, Sidney James  14 Jan 1918Southampton, Hampshire I91234


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Britten / Prowting  Abt May 1920Southampton, Hampshire F11773
2 Gentry / Shillabeer  Abt Nov 1944Southampton, Hampshire F43944
3 House / Searl  31 Jul 1859Southampton, Hampshire F12092
4 House / Sillence  19 Jan 1840Southampton, Hampshire F12121
5 House / Skew  23 Jul 1843Southampton, Hampshire F12221
6 Howes / Clayton  Abt Nov 1921Southampton, Hampshire F17773
7 Sedgwick / Miller  Abt Apr 1926Southampton, Hampshire F9127