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Sturminster Newton, Dorset



Location : Latitude: 50.91667, Longitude: -2.28333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beale, Anna Louisa  Abt May 1864Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33341
2 Beale, Annie Laura  Abt 1884Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33342
3 Beale, Barbara  Abt Feb 1899Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33343
4 Beale, Bertram  Abt Nov 1898Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33344
5 Beale, Bessie  Abt Aug 1870Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33345
6 Beale, Cyril Sidney  Abt Feb 1907Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33346
7 Beale, Dorothy  Abt Aug 1893Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33348
8 Beale, Ella Kate  Abt May 1888Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33349
9 Beale, Eveline Ethel  Abt May 1882Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33351
10 Beale, Florence  Abt Nov 1902Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33352
11 Beale, Florence May  Abt Aug 1885Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33353
12 Beale, George  Abt Nov 1872Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33354
13 Beale, Harry Stanley  Abt Feb 1892Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33355
14 Beale, Hector McDonald  Abt 1900Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33356
15 Beale, Henry  Abt Feb 1867Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33357
16 Beale, Henry  Abt Feb 1908Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33358
17 Beale, Hephzibah  Abt Feb 1877Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33359
18 Beale, Kate  Abt May 1874Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33360
19 Beale, Kathleen  Abt Aug 1894Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33361
20 Beale, Leonard George  Abt Jul 1890Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33362
21 Beale, Lilian Fanny  Abt Aug 1884Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33363
22 Beale, Marion  Abt May 1904Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33364
23 Beale, May  Abt Aug 1896Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33365
24 Beale, Muriel  Abt May 1901Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33366
25 Beale, Nathalie  Abt Jan 1911Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33367
26 Beale, Raymond William  Abt Aug 1908Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33368
27 Beale, Reginald James  Abt Aug 1897Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33369
28 Beale, Sidney Herbert  Abt Feb 1880Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33370
29 Beale, Violet Edna M  Abt Aug 1905Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33371
30 Beale, Vivien  Abt Nov 1906Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33372
31 Beale, William James  Abt May 1862Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33374
32 Brickell, Clifford Charles House  12 Mar 1904Sturminster Newton, Dorset I1221
33 Brickell, Eva Beatrice Marjorie  29 Nov 1906Sturminster Newton, Dorset I27276
34 Brickell, Geoffrey Robert Ira  16 Feb 1909Sturminster Newton, Dorset I8277
35 Coombes, Alfred  Abt Nov 1888Sturminster Newton, Dorset I27201
36 Crew, Albert James  Abt Feb 1908Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33380
37 Crew, Flora Mary  Abt Feb 1902Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33382
38 Crew, Helena Maud  Abt Feb 1905Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33383
39 Crew, William Seymour  Abt Nov 1909Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33384
40 Douch, Louisa  9 Feb 1871Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33508
41 Drake, Grace  Abt 1763Sturminster Newton, Dorset I697
42 Duffett, Sarah  Abt 1811Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33334
43 Elsworth, Cordelia  Abt 1859Sturminster Newton, Dorset I106024
44 Galpin, Susannah  Abt 1794Sturminster Newton, Dorset I10966
45 House, Ann  1786Sturminster Newton, Dorset I7657
46 House, Dinah  Abt 1807Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33388
47 House, Eliza  Abt 1833Sturminster Newton, Dorset I2540
48 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1796Sturminster Newton, Dorset I14463
49 House, Elizabeth  Abt May 1844Sturminster Newton, Dorset I35740
50 House, Ellen  Abt Nov 1893Sturminster Newton, Dorset I10556

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hopkins, Eileen Louisa  3 Jan 2010Sturminster Newton, Dorset I156881
2 House, Thomas  Bef 1805Sturminster Newton, Dorset I21011
3 Howes, Emma  26 Dec 1966Sturminster Newton, Dorset I22577
4 Inkpen, James  Abt Feb 1882Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beale, Anna Louisa  Abt 1864Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33341
2 Beale, Annie Laura  Abt 1883Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33342
3 Beale, Annie Laura  Abt Aug 1883Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33342
4 Beale, Barbara  Abt 1898Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33343
5 Beale, Bertram  Abt 1898Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33344
6 Beale, Bessie  Abt 1870Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33345
7 Beale, Cyril Sidney  Abt 1906Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33346
8 Beale, Dorothy  Abt 1893Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33348
9 Beale, Ella Kate  Abt 1888Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33349
10 Beale, Eveline Bessie  Abt 1885Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33350
11 Beale, Eveline Bessie  Abt Aug 1885Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33350
12 Beale, Eveline Ethel  Abt 1881Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33351
13 Beale, Florence  Abt 1902Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33352
14 Beale, Florence May  Abt 1883Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33353
15 Beale, Florence May  Abt 1885Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33353
16 Beale, George  Abt 1870Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33354
17 Beale, George  Abt 1871Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33354
18 Beale, George  Abt 1872Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33354
19 Beale, Harry Stanley  Abt 1891Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33355
20 Beale, Hector McDonald  Abt Nov 1900Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33356
21 Beale, Henry  Abt 1866Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33357
22 Beale, Henry  Abt 1907Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33358
23 Beale, Hephzibah  Abt 1876Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33359
24 Beale, Hephzibah  Abt 1877Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33359
25 Beale, Kate  Abt 1874Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33360
26 Beale, Kathleen  Abt 1894Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33361
27 Beale, Leonard George  Abt 1890Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33362
28 Beale, Lilian Fanny  Abt 1884Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33363
29 Beale, Lilian Fanny  Abt 1885Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33363
30 Beale, Marion  Abt 1903Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33364
31 Beale, May  Abt 1896Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33365
32 Beale, Muriel  Abt 1901Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33366
33 Beale, Raymond William  Abt 1908Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33368
34 Beale, Reginald James  Abt 1897Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33369
35 Beale, Sidney Herbert  Abt 1879Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33370
36 Beale, Violet Edna M  Abt 1905Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33371
37 Beale, Vivien  Abt 1906Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33372
38 Beale, William James  Abt 1862Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33374
39 Coombes, Alfred  Abt 1888Sturminster Newton, Dorset I27201
40 Crew, Albert James  Abt 1907Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33380
41 Crew, Flora Mary  Abt 1901Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33382
42 Crew, Helena Maud  Abt 1904Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33383
43 Crew, William Seymour  Abt 1909Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33384
44 Duffett, Sarah  Abt 1810Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33334
45 Duffett, Sarah  Abt 1812Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33334
46 House, Dinah  Abt 1806Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33388
47 House, Eliza  Abt 1832Sturminster Newton, Dorset I2540
48 House, Eliza  Abt 1836Sturminster Newton, Dorset I2540
49 House, Eliza  Abt 1840Sturminster Newton, Dorset I2540
50 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Sturminster Newton, Dorset I35740

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Coombes, Alfred  13 May 1919Sturminster Newton, Dorset I27201
2 Curtis, Albert Victor  4 Aug 1918Sturminster Newton, Dorset I91239
3 Drake, Grace  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I697
4 House, Abraham  2 Dec 1838Sturminster Newton, Dorset I87189
5 House, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I14463
6 House, Frederick Harry  2 Apr 1911Sturminster Newton, Dorset I15960
7 House, Henry  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I3635
8 House, Henry  29 Dec 1814Sturminster Newton, Dorset I3635
9 House, James  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I10093
10 House, Jane  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I15150
11 House, John  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I18862
12 House, Mary  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I21728
13 House, Robert  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I24870
14 House, Robert  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I1226
15 House, Thomas  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I21011
16 House, William  10 Mar 1801Sturminster Newton, Dorset I5893
17 Inkpen, James  1861Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33407
18 Inkpen, Mary Alice Churchill Rose  2 Apr 1911Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33415
19 Short, Joe  2 Apr 1911Sturminster Newton, Dorset I33440


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Galpin  10 Jul 1837Sturminster Newton, Dorset F4192