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Swindon RD, Wiltshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.3241025, Longitude: -1.9189085


Howse/Dunn MC
Howse/Dunn MC
25 December 1866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 Howes, Alma M  Abt Jun 1988Swindon RD, Wiltshire I58620
102 Howes, Cecil George  Abt Aug 1981Swindon RD, Wiltshire I78605
103 Howes, Eileen Ivy  Abt Jan 1999Swindon RD, Wiltshire I126695
104 Howes, Florence Gladys  Abt Nov 1908Swindon RD, Wiltshire I6083
105 Howes, Florence May  Abt Nov 1981Swindon RD, Wiltshire I78603
106 Howes, Frederick William  Abt Feb 1989Swindon RD, Wiltshire I57996
107 Howes, Gladys Edith  Abt Jan 1989Swindon RD, Wiltshire I129096
108 Howes, John Morgan  Abt Mar 2001Swindon RD, Wiltshire I78611
109 Howes, Joseph Richens  Abt Feb 1901Swindon RD, Wiltshire I8918
110 Howes, Leslie William  Abt Aug 1994Swindon RD, Wiltshire I94686
111 Howes, Lydia Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1974Swindon RD, Wiltshire I27493
112 Howes, Nellie  Abt May 1927Swindon RD, Wiltshire I39538
113 Howes, Robert James  Abt May 1993Swindon RD, Wiltshire I94749
114 Howes, Sidney  3 Sep 1980Swindon RD, Wiltshire I82726
115 Hows, Jonathan Victor  Abt May 1996Swindon RD, Wiltshire I91726
116 Howse, Ada Louise  Abt May 1975Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79205
117 Howse, Albert  Abt May 1970Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79264
118 Howse, Amy Dorothy  Oct 1991Swindon RD, Wiltshire I24165
119 Howse, Andrew Avenell  Abt Feb 1920Swindon RD, Wiltshire I8862
120 Howse, Archie  Abt Nov 1957Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79204
121 Howse, Audrey Alma J  Abt Sep 2003Swindon RD, Wiltshire I18472
122 Howse, Christabel Rose  Apr 1999Swindon RD, Wiltshire I118561
123 Howse, Dolores Valerie  Abt Feb 2001Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79947
124 Howse, Edith May  Abt Aug 1950Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79203
125 Howse, Edith Ruby  Abt Oct 1996Swindon RD, Wiltshire I4797
126 Howse, Edward  Abt May 1990Swindon RD, Wiltshire I27471
127 Howse, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Aug 1943Swindon RD, Wiltshire I70898
128 Howse, Elsie Nellie  Abt Nov 1991Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79206
129 Howse, Ethel Emily  Abt Feb 1923Swindon RD, Wiltshire I40589
130 Howse, Florence Jane E  Abt Aug 1996Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79945
131 Howse, Francis Walter  Abt Nov 1977Swindon RD, Wiltshire I4793
132 Howse, Fred  Abt May 1965Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79202
133 Howse, Geoffrey D'arter  Abt Feb 1982Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79524
134 Howse, Georgina Victoria F  Abt May 1953Swindon RD, Wiltshire I15867
135 Howse, Gertrude  Abt Nov 1978Swindon RD, Wiltshire I40697
136 Howse, Hannah Louisa Jane  Abt Nov 1954Swindon RD, Wiltshire I700
137 Howse, Henry Edward  Abt Nov 1962Swindon RD, Wiltshire I21404
138 Howse, Henry John  Abt Nov 1910Swindon RD, Wiltshire I12880
139 Howse, Herbert Lionel  Abt Nov 1949Swindon RD, Wiltshire I29304
140 Howse, Ida Ellen  Abt Feb 1981Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79269
141 Howse, Iris Joan  Abt Jan 2005Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79946
142 Howse, James  Abt Feb 1935Swindon RD, Wiltshire I40592
143 Howse, Joan I  Abt Aug 1920Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79526
144 Howse, John  Dec 1991Swindon RD, Wiltshire I13531
145 Howse, Joyce Victoria M  Abt May 2001Swindon RD, Wiltshire I28696
146 Howse, Malcolm John  Abt May 1979Swindon RD, Wiltshire I105600
147 Howse, Marjorie  Abt Nov 1968Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79528
148 Howse, Mary Maskelyne  Abt Feb 1907Swindon RD, Wiltshire I25114
149 Howse, Nancy Sylvia L  Abt Jan 2000Swindon RD, Wiltshire I79944
150 Howse, Reuben  Abt Aug 1994Swindon RD, Wiltshire I40698

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