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Vermont, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 43.871714, Longitude: -72.4716035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Maude A  Abt 1894Vermont, USA I31530
2 Beebe, Thomas  Abt 1776Vermont, USA I120836
3 Bush, Fairbanks  1773Vermont, USA I63257
4 Bush, Mary  1766Vermont, USA I63256
5 Donnelly, Edwin  Abt 1871Vermont, USA I166711
6 Donnelly, George  Abt 1873Vermont, USA I166712
7 Donnelly, James H  Abt 1870Vermont, USA I166710
8 Hill, Harry Alonzo  Jan 1881Vermont, USA I149476
9 Houlihan, M Helena  Abt 1906Vermont, USA I102267
10 House, Francis Verbeck  20 Apr 1873Vermont, USA I173340
11 House, James Mills  Abt 1831Vermont, USA I65323
12 House, Sarah  1804Vermont, USA I90296
13 House, William  Abt 1870Vermont, USA I96037
14 Howes, Addie A  Abt 1857Vermont, USA I62645
15 Howes, Alice  Abt 1862Vermont, USA I62646
16 Howes, Caroline A  30 Jun 1839Vermont, USA I169735
17 Howes, Catherine  Abt 1851Vermont, USA I166708
18 Howes, Elbert  15 Feb 1855Vermont, USA I169745
19 Howes, Ella A  Abt 1851Vermont, USA I62648
20 Howes, Ellen  24 Oct 1834Vermont, USA I169723
21 Howes, Emily Adeline  22 Feb 1836Vermont, USA I169733
22 Howes, Emma  27 Mar 1836Vermont, USA I169724
23 Howes, Fidelia P  4 Apr 1838Vermont, USA I169726
24 Howes, George H  1827Vermont, USA I90297
25 Howes, Harold R  Abt Jul 1915Vermont, USA I62642
26 Howes, Harvey  Abt 1806Vermont, USA I164735
27 Howes, Henry Jr  19 Jun 1816Vermont, USA I167058
28 Howes, Howard C  Abt Jan 1913Vermont, USA I62641
29 Howes, Julia Etta  21 May 1853Vermont, USA I169744
30 Howes, Lucy  Abt 1838Vermont, USA I166704
31 Howes, Luna May  25 May 1873Vermont, USA I172133
32 Howes, Mary Louisa  3 Jul 1807Vermont, USA I167053
33 Howes, Sarah  Abt 1833Vermont, USA I62657
34 Howes, Sarah Jane  1836Vermont, USA I90299
35 Howes, Sereno  17 Mar 1814Vermont, USA I167057
36 Howes, Susan  Abt 1845Vermont, USA I62649
37 Howes, Unnamed  10 Feb 1811Vermont, USA I167055
38 Howes, Unnamed  10 Feb 1811Vermont, USA I167056
39 Howes, Wesley Clark  13 Dec 1840Vermont, USA I169729
40 Howes, William  1838Vermont, USA I90300
41 Kilburn, Beatrice  30 Mar 1911Vermont, USA I124024
42 Lindsay, Benjamin Franklin  10 Mar 1880Vermont, USA I136423
43 Mott, Thomas  1823Vermont, USA I146758
44 Murray, Catherine Charlotte  17 May 1904Vermont, USA I94697
45 Norris, Hannah H  1804Vermont, USA I120840
46 Prentiss, Augustus  Abt 1828Vermont, USA I62685
47 Smith, Howard Walter  11 Jan 1930Vermont, USA I26528
48 Unknown, Sarah  Abt 1817Vermont, USA I128279


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Cyrus Henry  7 May 1934Vermont, USA I165055
2 Howes, Ellen  29 Jul 1852Vermont, USA I169723
3 Howes, Unnamed  11 Feb 1811Vermont, USA I167055
4 Howes, Unnamed  11 Feb 1811Vermont, USA I167056
5 Williston, Josiah Q  27 Aug 1854Vermont, USA I140154


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allard, Herbert D  Abt 1868Vermont, USA I60336
2 Allard, Herbert D  May 1870Vermont, USA I60336
3 Carr, Lewis Philip  Abt 1847Vermont, USA I118993
4 Carr, Lewis Philip  Jun 1847Vermont, USA I118993
5 Davis, Mary Ellen  Abt 1824Vermont, USA I62644
6 Davis, Mary Ellen  Abt 1825Vermont, USA I62644
7 Donohue, Marion Isabelle  Abt 1904Vermont, USA I72730
8 Hall, John Joseph  Abt 1896Vermont, USA I44049
9 Haseltine, Flora Emily  Abt 1863Vermont, USA I62637
10 Haseltine, Flora Emily  Dec 1863Vermont, USA I62637
11 House, Elizabeth A  Abt 1835Vermont, USA I65321
12 House, Ezekial Newton  Vermont, USA I63530
13 House, Haines  Abt 1823Vermont, USA I65332
14 House, Hiram  Abt 1803Vermont, USA I65315
15 House, Hiram  Abt 1804Vermont, USA I65315
16 House, James  Abt 1782Vermont, USA I63525
17 House, Julius  1802Vermont, USA I63460
18 House, Laura  Abt 1819Vermont, USA I65327
19 House, Royal Earl  9 Sep 1814Vermont, USA I63527
20 House, Royal Earl  Abt 1815Vermont, USA I63527
21 Howes, Addie A  Abt 1856Vermont, USA I62645
22 Howes, Charles  Abt 1819Vermont, USA I62643
23 Howes, Charles  Abt 1820Vermont, USA I62643
24 Howes, Charles Gilson  Abt 1883Vermont, USA I62638
25 Howes, Charles Gilson  Abt 1884Vermont, USA I62638
26 Howes, Charles Gilson  Mar 1884Vermont, USA I62638
27 Howes, Clara S  Abt 1849Vermont, USA I62647
28 Howes, Clara S  Abt Jan 1850Vermont, USA I62647
29 Howes, Douglas Edward  Abt 1925Vermont, USA I165437
30 Howes, Douglas Edward  Abt Jun 1925Vermont, USA I165437
31 Howes, Edwin Luther  Abt 1865Vermont, USA I125590
32 Howes, Edwin Luther  20 May 1865Vermont, USA I125590
33 Howes, Edwin Luther  Abt 1869Vermont, USA I125590
34 Howes, Frank Atkins  Abt 1854Vermont, USA I62636
35 Howes, Frank Atkins  Abt 1855Vermont, USA I62636
36 Howes, Frank Atkins  Jun 1855Vermont, USA I62636
37 Howes, Fred Smalley  Abt 1889Vermont, USA I62624
38 Howes, Fred Smalley  Abt 1890Vermont, USA I62624
39 Howes, Fred Smalley  Mar 1890Vermont, USA I62624
40 Howes, George  Abt 1831Vermont, USA I62656
41 Howes, George Wesley  May 1866Vermont, USA I62639
42 Howes, George Wesley  Abt 1886Vermont, USA I62639
43 Howes, Harvey  Abt 1805Vermont, USA I164735
44 Howes, Hilda Eunice  Abt Jul 1918Vermont, USA I62635
45 Howes, John Howard  Abt 1822Vermont, USA I62653
46 Howes, Leo Fred  Abt 1916Vermont, USA I62622
47 Howes, Leo Fred  Abt Jun 1916Vermont, USA I62622
48 Howes, Lucinda S  Abt 1824Vermont, USA I62654
49 Howes, Mary E  Abt 1828Vermont, USA I62655
50 Howes, Mary E  Abt 1831Vermont, USA I62655

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, George  14 Mar 1872Vermont, USA I120847
2 Howes, Charles  11 Aug 1881Vermont, USA I62643


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clymer / Howes  29 Dec 1833Vermont, USA F50941
2 House / Hoyt  26 Apr 1853Vermont, USA F51142
3 Walton / Howes  6 Jun 1836Vermont, USA F50937