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James Howes
James Howes
Surman index Card of Dissenting Ministers 
  9 Jan 2021


 Thumb   Description   Cemetery   Status   Linked to   Last Modified 
Ira Thom House HS
Ira Thom House HS
Holyhood Cemetery Located    3 Jan 2021
Elizabeth Singleton and Elizabeth Mary Howes HS
Elizabeth Singleton and Elizabeth Mary Howes HS
Port Fairy Cemetery Located    19 Dec 2020


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Samuel House BC
Samuel House BC
  3 Jan 2021


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
House, Ann Tuda 
b. Abt 1878  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, Maggie L 
b. Abt 1875  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, Charles T 
b. Abt 1873  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, Mary L 
b. Abt 1870  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, Mattie Chenault 
b. 20 May 1867  Allen, Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, John B 
b. Abt 1864  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, William D 
b. Abt 1860  Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
Brown, Elizabeth 
b. Abt 1836  Allen, Kentucky, USA  10 Jan 2021
House, Brelsford C 
b. Abt 1836  Sumner, Tennessee, USA  10 Jan 2021
Pawson, Elma 
b. Abt Feb 1906  Hull, Yorkshire  10 Jan 2021

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I183319  Brelsford C House  I183320  Elizabeth Brown    10 Jan 2021
 I28928  John William Pawson  I70606  Gertrude Minnie Howes  Abt Nov 1904  10 Jan 2021
 I183322  Louis Thompson House  I183325  Pauline Horne    9 Jan 2021
 I183322  Louis Thompson House  I183324  Virginia J Bradley  1 Jan 1929  9 Jan 2021
 I183322  Louis Thompson House  I183323  Mary Celia Boyd  22 Oct 1909  9 Jan 2021
 I183306  Luther Porter House, Sr  I183307  Lucy Harris  6 May 1932  9 Jan 2021
 I183318  Mattie Chenault House  I183321  Ella Read Dalton    9 Jan 2021
 I4152  Frederick Payne  I8023  Eleanor Florence Howes  24 Dec 1900  9 Jan 2021
 I183305  Luther Porter House, Jr  I183308  Jane Ann Stockton  28 Jan 1956  8 Jan 2021
 I168912  William Carver House, Jr  I183300  Nettie Lee Stevens  1 Apr 1944  8 Jan 2021